How much money can you make with Mediavine in 2022?

Making money from a laptop blogging

In theory, you could make $30 million or more per month with Mediavine (MV).


I’m not kidding.  Ad revenue has no ceiling. The more traffic you get the more money you make.  There are sites that get a billion or more monthly visitors.  With Mediavine, assume $30 per 1,000 visitors, which is very much in line with what many MV publishers earn, one billion monthly visitors would earn $30 million per month.

Of course, building a site or portfolio of sites hitting 1 billion visitors is highly unlikely.  Don’t count on that happening. That’s why I prefaced my answer with “in theory”.

Actually, asking how much revenue you could earn with Mediavine is the wrong question.

The better question is how much is the ad revenue per 1,000 visitors (RPM) with Mediavine?

Once you know that, you’ll know how much your site will earn if you switch to MV.

Sounds nice and simple but it’s not.

It’s not that simple because different sites earn different RPMs.

I have 8 sites with MV. My RPM range is $11 to $43.

That’s huge.  That means if traffic is equal, one site earns 4x the lowest RPM site.  If your future one billion visitor/mo. site earns $10 RPM, a $40 RPM site need only 250 million monthly visitors.  Now that’s not so much.

Here are screenshots from several of my sites monetized with Mediavine

The following are screenshots of MV RPM and revenue figures from my sites with MV:

$43 RPM isn’t the most I’ve seen earned with Mediavine

I own a forum with a few thousand members who are bloggers and niche site publishers.  Many earn with MV.  Some have posted screenshots of their RPMs which can get as high as $70+.  Now that’s some serious earning power from ads.

Can you earn with affiliate revenue if monetizing with Mediavine?

You bet. Mediavine has no problem with publishers also incorporating affiliate links in content to earn affiliate revenue. I do it. Most pubs do. I should say that my affiliate revenue is a very small percentage of my overall revenue.  The lion’s share of my revenue from my niche sites (not Fat Stacks) is from Mediavine ads.

With a good affiliate site, you can easily push ad RPM north of $100.

Let’s recap how much money you can make with Mediavine:

First, revenue per 1,000 visitors is the key metric.

Second, MV’s RPM can range from $5 to $70+.  I’ve heard anecdotally of higher than $70 RPM (but haven’t seen supporting screenshots).

Third, based on my eight sites with MV, my average RPM is around $30.  This means, IMO, a $30 RPM is easily within reach with many niche topics.

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