Gonna make some mad cheddar, yo.  Cheddar, Mr. White. Fat Stacks. Dead Presidents. Cash Money.  We’re gonna own this city.” – Jesse from Breaking Bad TV show:

I love that line.  I loved the show Breaking Bad.

And that’s how the title of this blog came to be.

Let’s make some fat stacks.

What’s FAT Stacks Blog all about?

The lion’s share of this blog outlines what I do to make money with various niche blogs.  These blogs are in run-of-the-mill niches… not the “make money online” or “internet marketing” niches.

You can see a real-life example of one of my niche sites here.

Fat Stacks is all about launching successful blogs… at least the way that works for me.

fatstacksblog.com also covers topics on being an entrepreneur, running a business, software, technology and pretty much anything having to do with digital entrepreneurship.

Who is this guy that likes Breaking Bad a bit too much?

I’ve been around the block working online for a few years in a number of niches.  I love publishing niche sites.  In 2009 the niche site concept appealed to me instantly.

That’s what I do… I publish informational and entertaining niche sites that generate revenue from ads and product promotion.  It’s the online magazine model and I love it.

This blog shares what I do to build successful, popular and profitable niche sites.

While I make money from Fat Stacks, the lion’s share of my revenue is from other niche sites not related to the “how to make money online” or “entrepreneur-related” niches.

I publish 16 other niche websites, 8 of which I feature in income reports.

What I share on this blog is how to make money in all kinds of niches.  It’s based on my real portfolio of sites.  In other words, Fat Stacks isn’t my only site.

In fact, FAT Stacks is just a side thing.  It’s a fun project.  I think it will make money (it better), but what I teach is based on creating killer magazine style sites in all kinds of niches as well as smaller, high-value niche blogs.

My background

When I like something, I tend to push the limits.  I loved school and ended up stringing together  a few degrees including B.A. (philosophy major) followed by an MBA and then a law degree in Canada.

After finishing my law degree, I practiced law for 6 years in British Columbia, Canada.  I focused on criminal defence and personal injury law (litigation), both of which I enjoyed.

This was when the Web was starting to grow quite fast.  The law firm I was at needed a website (many lawyers were just launching sites at the time).  I was tasked with hiring a web developer to get us online.

I found a very good company who knocked it out of the park. They were progressive at the time with SEO and blogging.  The website they built included a blogging platform, which was novel at the time.  They suggested I write extensive blog posts about the areas of law we practiced.  I started blogging weekly as much as I could (weekends and evenings).  Not only did it start working almost immediately (very little competition at the time), but I loved doing it as well.

I studied SEO and content production to further grow our law firm site.  Within months we were getting a lot of new clients every week.  I built out more websites (one for each practice area), all of which were a huge success.

At that point I built a non-law site which also took off.  That was the beginning of my blogging career.  By that point my law practice was very busy as was my blogging business.  I had to choose one; I chose blogging and never looked back.  Since then, I’ve launched several niche sites and blogs and continue growing them to this day.

A little more about me

I‘m a real person.

My real name is Jon Dykstra.

If I had made up all the anecdotes and stories to date, I‘d be much better off writing fiction.

It’s actually Jonathan but I go by Jon, Sir Jon, My Lord, His eminence or Your Worship.

Just the facts…

  • I love watching stand up comedy. My faves are Russell Peters (fellow Canuck), Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais (his stand-up is just as funny as his version of The Office). Denis Leary’s “No Cure for Cancer” routine is a classic. Ironically, I can’t tell a joke. Maybe that’s why I appreciate stand-up comedians so much.
  • I‘m an INTJ (Myers Briggs).
  • I‘m 45 years old. I‘m a Libra. I‘m not into Astrology, but some folks are so perhaps that sheds a little more light on me.
  • I grew up in the 80’s. Consequently, I enjoy the Netflix show Stranger Things for the nostalgia factor.
  • I grew up in Abbotsford, a suburb town 1 hour outside Vancouver, BC.
  • I was a philosophy major. I went to college in the USA. I have both Canadian and US citizenship.
  • I‘m terrible at math. Equally bad at coding.
  • I and my college buddies who are scattered throughout the US and Canada try to meet up somewhere every few years. I love those trips.
  • I waited tables for a few years during and after college. I then miraculously was accepted into a Canadian law school and became a lawyer.
  • I practiced law for 6 years until I was seduced into blogging. I mostly did trial work – criminal defense, family law and personal injury.
  • My first job was picking berries on berry farms surrounding Abbotsford. I hated it. I was in grade 5 or 6. In the 80’s you could start working at almost any age.
  • Shortly after retiring from berry picking (actually I was fired for berry fights), I got into the restaurant biz starting as a dishwasher. I liked the restaurant biz immediately and subsequently bussed tables and waited tables during my youth and into my early twenties.
  • I supplemented my income during middle school years selling firecrackers at Halloween. This was my first entrepreneurial endeavor. They were contraband in our province so the mark-up was great. I distributed my contraband to my customers (other kids) while doing my newspaper route. It was fun. Again, it was the 80’s where things like firecrackers, pellet guns, seatbelts, matches, cigarettes, trampolines with no safety nets, cycling without helmets etc. weren’t a big deal.
  • I‘ve been married for 11 years. We have two young sons (ages 8 and 5). We live in a North Vancouver suburb that is 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver.
  • I‘m a sauna fanatic. I haven’t been in one since COVID hit the world. I went to my local community center that had a sauna almost every day until it shut down. I miss it.
  • I‘m also a beach fanatic. We spend many days and evenings on beaches in the Summer.
  • I play tennis or squash weekly.
  • I play in a monthly social poker game. I‘m not very good. I lose far more than I win. I‘ll stick to blogging for income.
  • I mountain bike but cheat with an electric mountain bike.
  • Come winter, we ski weekly. We live 10 minutes from a ski hill. It’s a huge perk of living in North Vancouver. Whistler is 1.5 hours down the road. We ski there as well.
  • I love staying in hotels. It’s a hangover from my frequent road trip days.
  • I enjoy legal dramas – TV, novels etc. I‘m currently watching Goliath on Amazon Prime and reading John Grisham’s Camino Winds.
  • I also read plenty of historical fiction.
  • Julius Caesar is my favorite historical figure. He was quite the achiever. If you’re interested in Julius Caesar and the rise of Roman Republic and Caesar, read Colleen McCullough’s First Man in Rome series.
  • I‘m a horrible investor. I invest about as well as I play poker. Hence, I invest in index funds.
  • My first car was a red Honda Civic hatchback. I bought it used for $6,000 in 1996 (the year I graduated from college). It cost only $10 to fill the tank. I loved that car. I slept in that car on long road trips when I was broke.
  • My retirement plan is to be a blogger. Most days I feel like I‘m already retired which is good. I can’t remember a day since blogging full time that I didn’t want to come to work.
  • I used to have a fear of flying so I drove a lot. Now I fly and am more or less okay with it unless I hear an odd noise or turbulence gets out of control. If you have a fear of flying, you know what I‘m talking about. And yes, I know it’s irrational and that flying is far safer than driving.
  • Ironically, I love going to Air Shows. Abbotsford (where I grew up in case you missed that) hosts a huge 3-day airshow annually. We go every year. Next summer we plan to head to the world-famous Oshkosh, Wisconsin week-long airshow. We were booked to go this past summer but COVID rained on that parade.
  • I fall on the early riser spectrum waking around 6:30 to 7 am most days. I like early mornings but not too early such as 5 amI like watching TV or movies at night after kids are in bed too much to wake up so early.
  • Ironically, I‘m not active on social media for personal purposes. I‘m only interested in social media for business.
  • I loathe consuming content via video. I prefer reading every time. In fact, I literally can’t watch YouTube videos for learning. My heart rate increases due to skyrocketing impatience waiting for presenters to get to the point. I say this with the greatest respect for YouTubers – it’s not them. I know I‘m terrible at making vids and getting to the point as well.
  • That more or less covers it.

My goal

My goal with my niche sites is to grow all 7 of them so they each earn at least $10,000 per month from display ads and affiliate marketing.  I’m a long way off for several of them, well exceeded that with one and am getting there with others.


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  1. Hi Jon… Also loved “Breaking Bad” lol. I have a site that last month almost hit a million views and believe it or not, it happened without any $$$. Now, I don’t have any past experience in developing a Web idea but I was told during the development that this was a real good one and people were saying it would have big impact. Over stretched every dime to make it…

    I am hoping your as good a guy as I think( Girlfriend says you have honest eyes) and you have a moment to talk . I could really use a Mentor or Strategist or even Strategic partner. Maybe you can use me as a test sample or Guinea pig lmao, I’ve had worst done…

    Hope to hear from you

  2. Hi,

    Hope you are doing great Job.

    I am looking for some advertising opportunities and really impressed with the quality of your blog fatstacksblog.com and the way you have updated it.

    I was wondering did you allow Sponsored/Paid post on your blog. Can you please let me know with the price you charge for per post?

    Looking for your kind reply.

    Best Regards,


  3. Hi, Jon. I’m interested in buying Niche Tycoon. Is this method still work? Will you keep this course updated after I bought it? I’m still in high school, so maybe I will buy it the next month. Need your answer. Thank you 🙂

  4. I blog majorly in the music niche that I crossed 200k pageviews within 3 months. Though Google update affected it , left but it later picked up now having some good(though not much yet) from Bing now.

    Though about the mega site you talked about in your post ‘diversifying traffic’s hope you get the idea soon.

    Lastly, don’t mind if we exchange mail…think I can lend a hand to getting some search engine juice like you want.

  5. Hey Jon,

    Breaking bad is the I think the greatest evolution of characters I have ever seen done in a show. Love that you derived such inspiration from the show!

    I have found a few people on youtube and other sites that claim to make niche sites, but yours is the first I’ve taken the time to reach out to.

    I am intrigued at the idea and would love to chat more, I have developed 2 sites: a travel blog and a video editing website. Pinterest has been super helpful and I haven’t seen many use it as you have for your niche blogs.

    I don’t know anybody who does what you do and would love to hear more about it!



    • Thanks Cory. I send out email newsletters regularly so the best thing to do is sign up for the email. You can’t miss it – every popup box around here asks for an email. That’ll get you on the email newsletter.

    • Hey. I want to work with you. I read about yourself. Plz help me to learn about these things. I will be grateful to you.

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