Gonna make some mad cheddar, yo.  Cheddar, Mr. White. Fat Stacks. Dead Presidents. Cash Money.  We’re gonna own this city.” – Jesse from Breaking Bad TV show:

I love that line.  I loved the show Breaking Bad.

And that’s how the title of this blog came to be.

Let’s make some fat stacks.

What’s FAT Stacks Blog all about?

The lion’s share of this blog outlines what I do to make money with various niche blogs.  These blogs are in run-of-the-mill niches… not the “make money online” or “internet marketing” niches.

It’s all about launching successful blogs… at least the way I do it (it works for me).

Who is this guy that likes Breaking Bad a bit too much?

I’ve been around the block working online for a few years in a number of niches.  I love publishing niche sites.  In 2009 the niche site concept appealed to me instantly.

That’s what I do… I publish informational and entertaining niche sites that generate revenue from ads and product promotion.  It’s the online magazine model and I love it.

This blog shares what I do to build successful, popular and profitable niche sites.

While I make money from Fat Stacks, the lion’s share of my revenue is from other niche sites not related to the “how to make money online” or “entrepreneur-related” niches.

I publish 7 other niche websites, which I feature in income reports.

What I share on this blog is how to make money in all kinds of niches.  It’s based on my real portfolio of sites.  In other words, Fat Stacks isn’t my only site.

In fact, FAT Stacks is just a side thing.  It’s a fun project.  I think it will make money (it better), but what I teach is based on creating killer magazine style sites in all kinds of niches as well as smaller, high-value niche blogs.

My goal:

My goal with my niche sites is to grow all 7 of them so they each earn at least $10,000 per month from display ads and affiliate marketing.  I’m a long ways off for several of them, well exceeded that with one and am getting there with others.

  • Rob says:

    Hi Jon… Also loved “Breaking Bad” lol. I have a site that last month almost hit a million views and believe it or not, it happened without any $$$. Now, I don’t have any past experience in developing a Web idea but I was told during the development that this was a real good one and people were saying it would have big impact. Over stretched every dime to make it…

    I am hoping your as good a guy as I think( Girlfriend says you have honest eyes) and you have a moment to talk . I could really use a Mentor or Strategist or even Strategic partner. Maybe you can use me as a test sample or Guinea pig lmao, I’ve had worst done…

    Hope to hear from you

  • Scott says:

    Hi Jon, what are some of your niche sites? I’d love to take a look. Thanks.

  • Tony says:

    Hi, Jon. I’m interested in buying Niche Tycoon. Is this method still work? Will you keep this course updated after I bought it? I’m still in high school, so maybe I will buy it the next month. Need your answer. Thank you 🙂

  • Yusuf says:

    I blog majorly in the music niche that I crossed 200k pageviews within 3 months. Though Google update affected it , left but it later picked up now having some good(though not much yet) from Bing now.

    Though about the mega site you talked about in your post ‘diversifying traffic’s hope you get the idea soon.

    Lastly, don’t mind if we exchange mail…think I can lend a hand to getting some search engine juice like you want.

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