18 of the Best Push Notification Platforms and Plugins

Invest in the most suitable push notification platform and plugin for you and your users by exploring the best options for mobile marketing that will help you target the right audience and improve user engagement.

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Push notifications are a growing marketing tool that can improve user engagement and retain users for a longer period. You can also target the right users through the tool so that you attract the right audience for your product or service. This tool has many benefits which can help you improve traffic for your platform.

When iOS and Android notifications are used in the right way, they can be really useful to the user and blogger. However, it is important that they are interruptive, consistent, and annoying. This can have the opposite effect to the intended goal since it can result in higher abandonment rates. Push notifications need to be designed according to the specific wants and needs of the user instead of being pushy and aggressive.

This is one of the main reasons why it is better to use the right platforms and WordPress plugins to increase user engagement via push notifications. If you want to send push notifications, the best path to take is the right one.

We have compiled a useful list of plugins and platforms to help you excel at mobile marketing. Here are the best plugins and platforms for your push notification campaign.

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The WordPress plugins for push notifications can help you form a connection with your audience in an easier and efficient way. It is important to keep in touch with your users and customers so that your platform can continue to grow, despite the competitive structure of the internet.

For example, you can set up a push notification service to encourage people to subscribe to your blog if they open it. This can help you inform the audience of a new post on your WordPress site. This will increase traffic for your content, which is always a plus for bloggers. The scope of staying in touch with your users is really important, which is why you can install any of the following plugins to stay in touch with your audience.

Smart Notification WordPress Plugin

Smart Notification WordPress Plugin for push notifications

The Smart Notification WordPress plugin is designed to manage all the notifications required by your WordPress site, including push notifications. You can integrate different platforms such as Facebook, Messenger notifications, and even professional newsletter system through the plugin. It allows you to manage web push notifications, mobile push notifications, and browser push notifications as well.

Through the push notification plugin, you can access different options and tools which can help you increase the effectiveness of your site. This includes features like events management, subscribe and history pages, and a host of other amazing functions. It can also fetch GPS locations so that you can track where your audience is from. Developers can also customize the badge and sound that their notifications will make, as well as open options for device feedback. You can also receive analytics such as tracking clicks and views. It is compatible with all popular phone devices and browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

OneSignal Push Notifications

OneSignal Push Notifications

The OneSignal Push Notifications is one of the most popular push notification plugins for WordPress. It offers users a reliable free plan that includes all the necessary features you may need to excel at your online presence.

All you have to do is set up the plugin and your audience can affirm if they want to receive push notifications from your page. If they confirm, they will receive your designed notifications for new posts, upgraded products, etc. There are plenty of options to increase the insight of your blog and control how the notifications aware for the users. You can even change the language of the notification, depending on the visitors. There are options that you can use to customize your opt-in form, receive real-time notifications, and A/B testing.

Push Notification by PushAssist

Push Notification by PushAssist for push notifications

The PushAssist WordPress plugin is the best way to expand your eCommerce platform. It delivers on both functionalities and features that users will simply love. You can segment the users based on their traffic and clicks so that you can target them specifically. You can also send automated notifications and access analytics on engagement. The best thing about this plugin is that you can preview how the notification will look in real-time. This ensures that you can customize it using the opt-in templates to control the notification.


PushEngage for push notifications

The PushEngage plugin is designed for people who want to create a dedicated push notification campaign for browser push notification. You can easily install it on your website for better management of notifications. All you have to do is to create an account with PushEngage and use their API keys for WordPress website and plugin integration. The free plan of the plugin will work perfectly for 2500 subscribers but you will have to purchase the premium version for more followers.


PushCrew plugin for push notifications

The PushCrew plugin is a great plugin to form an efficient marketing strategy for your WordPress site. Their services aren’t just for WordPress but it has all the necessary functionalities you may need for it. The plugin will allow you to send contextual messages and triggered campaigns to the users. They have a free plan, as well as a premium paid version that you can opt for. The free version is enough for beginners since you can campaign for 500 subscribers.


PushUp for push notifications

The PushUp plugin for notification is only compatible with Safari, which can be great for developers who have a specific audience of Apple users. For example, you can send a notification to Mac users about your WordPress website on latest Mac upgrades. It has several nifty functions and features that make it really effective to launch a push notification campaign.

The plugin has a really handy publish option that allows you to select whether you want web notifications sent for a specific new post or blog update. You can monitor user engagement via the in-depth, real-time analytics that you get through the plugin. It also has a really intuitive backend interface which you can open through the WordPress dashboard, which makes it really easy to use.

Push Notification by Delite Studio

Push Notification by Delite Studio plugin

Delite Studio’s push notification plugin has become really popular among bloggers and WordPress users. The paid version of the plugin offers users the option to send unlimited notifications and even support cross-browser. The audience’s base can be connected with easily if you have the right plugin that can integrate multiple browsers and OS.

Even the free version has plenty of advanced features that you may not find in other plugins. This includes functions like a built-in central hub on your personal WordPress dashboard. You can manage all the notifications you want to send out in one secure location. You can also create some unique and beautiful apps through this plugin for better mobile marketing. You won’t need to go through the long process of creating a server-side backend if you use this plugin.

Roost Web Push

The Roost Web Push WordPress plugin is designed to help users send notification and target specific audiences. You can use browser push notification through Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. You can also personalize and customize the notifications depending on your personal preference and taste. This can also help you maximize the conversion rates since you can customize the notification according to the needs of your audience.

You can automate the notifications so that the audience receives a web push whenever you upload new content. You can also filter the audience based on different categories which allow you to target a specific audience according to their needs. You will also receive detailed analytics that you can use to manage your traffic.

Push Monkey

Push Monkey plugin for push notifications

The Push Monkey WordPress plugin is designed to keep your audience involved with your content. It informs the users that they have an abandoned cart full of amazing products waiting for them as well as any new content you have updated. This is an excellent plugin for WordPress pages that have an eCommerce business as well as blogs. This means you can use them for all sorts of websites and expand your empire.

The plugin supports all major browsers and devices; this means you will definitely be able to all types of users without an issue. There are also many different options that you can utilize to increase the engagement of your followers with the content. This maximizes conversions for your site and ensures more traffic. You can also invest in geo-location and segmentation so that you can send out the right notifications. You will also be able to access statistics and insights for post and campaigns. It also has WooCommerce integration options, so you can really enhance your earning programs.


iOS and Android mobile devices users still need a push every now and again to stay connected to their favorite WordPress sites. Every website, mobile app, and pages have their own unique audience and push notifications can really help you connect with them in a real way. There are plenty of platforms that you can use to get back-end tools, real-time data, audience segmentation, analytics, and insights.

They allow you a degree of personalization as well, which can really help you set your site or blog apart from the competition. Push notifications can engage the user and pop up at the right time so that the user clicks onto your page at once. It is important to find the right platform for your personal blog according to the audience you have.

Here are some of the best push notification platforms that you can connect with.


SailThru platform

The SailThru platform has become a really popular one due to its unique Rich Messaging feature. It has been praised by many different application developers as well for the simple-to-use SDK integration options. Other advanced features that can enhance the user experience and engagement are known as Message Personalization and Behavioral Triggering. These can really target the right user at the right time, which increases traffic by tenfold.

Urban Airship

Urban Airship platform

If you want the right platform to push notifications to iOS and Android users, Urban Airship is a must-have. It is a trust and viable solution to a lot of user engagement and experience issues that bloggers and website owners can face. It has a really unique multi-channel messaging option so that you chat with your users in different ways such as app messaging.

It includes the helpful feature of predictive insights so that you can change your tactics to get the best engagement and traffic. It unifies customer profiles so that you can target them according to their personal preferences. The best part is that the starter pack is for free!


Kumulos platform

The Kumulos platform is the perfect platform with distinct options to launch effective marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing has never been easier since you can launch push notification really quickly. You can also manage the push campaigns easily and collect reports on the results to improve traffic in the future.

Mobile marketing is also easier with Kumulos since you have the ability to design and run your own notification services according to your personal tastes. You can also open a portal for clients who sell products on your website so that they can construct, measure, and run their own campaigns.

It offers you:

  • iBeacon support
  • Geolocation technology
  • Segmentation
  • Channel building
  • Deep link
  • Emojis
  • Badge design
  • Greater engagement


PushWoosh platform

The PushWoosh platform is designed for Android and iOS users so that they can engage more with your site. It offers multiple options such as rich media features which ensure that you can push notifications that include embedded videos, images, CTAs, and other types of interactive content. It supports 21 different desktop and mobile platforms, so you will definitely be able to access all kinds of users. You can avail the free plan to start off as well.


PushBots platform

PushBots is a popular platform so that people can engage their audience via mobile apps. You can work on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as platforms like Google Chrome. The quick installation period barely takes 10 minutes and integrates quickly with other content. The basic pack is also free to use so that you can start expanding your site even as a beginner.


Leanplum platform

The Leanplum platform allows the chance for automation and personalization so that you can set yourself apart from the rest of the competition. You can literally tailor push notification campaigns according to specific users. For example, a user will receive notifications according to what they usually go for. This sort of personalization can really help you with conversion rates.

The automation is also really helpful for developers. It enables application developers to send different personalized app messages based on the attributes and behaviors of the user. For example, a user usually goes for nature articles while another usually looks up clothing. The two users will be targeted in a different manner according to their personal preferences.  The Lifecycle Engine feature for automation is renowned in the app developing community since it follows the users throughout their journey as a customer.



The Localytics platform was launched through a trial and tested process. This is why it is considered one of the most reliable and trusted push notification platforms. It has been regarded as one of the best for

the True Impact product it offers. It measures the full impact of in-app messaging and pushes notifications on how customers and users are interacting with the application. This ensures you know the full benefits and results of all your efforts and can change it accordingly.


The Kahuna platform has several benefits that offer the chance to change user engagement to positive rates. It is based on the user’s current state i.e. amount of use, abandonment, etc. This means that the platform will automatically identify users who aren’t active anymore and revive their activity through push notification campaigns. It will also act accordingly if the user is new or old.

Hence, when the user state changes, the Kahuna changes its tactics accordingly. This ensures that every type of user is campaigned for accordingly. You can also avail features like extreme personalization where you can customize messages according to content. This feature works around demographic segmentation, which can increase the audience visiting your WordPress site.


Catapush platform

Catapush is set apart from other platforms due to its ability to allow replies to the push messages. This two-way service allows increased interaction with customers via chat and app messaging. This can actually make users more loyal to the application and encourage engagement. Increasing such interaction with users is a really unique way to ensure traffic onto your site.


At the end of the day, the most productive way to target users is by using different techniques. These plugins and platforms can actually help you launch an effective and easy campaign that can target mobile users effectively. Since there is so much variety in all of these platforms, the best way to expand your service would be to try different free versions. The one which is more suitable for you and your users is the one you should invest in at the end of the day.

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