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Taking the Next Step – How to Scale Content Creation with an Agency

Image source:  Imgur This is a guest post by Vincent D'Eletto, founder of Word Agents. Quick Navigation What is a Content Creation Agency?How To Use an Agency to Scale QuicklyCreate a Content

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4 of the Best WordPress Table Plugins I Use Across My Niche Sites for Various Purposes

As a Joe-Blow reader of websites, I love tables and charts.  Tables and charts distill a lot of information into something I can glean quickly.I also think they look great as long as the right

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How Frequently Should You Publish Blog Posts to Grow Traffic?

Hey, I’m on a roll here at Fat Stacks.  Several posts published in a very short time and I’m LOVIN’ it.  But maybe, this isn’t good.  Anyway, blogging frequency is what I want

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User-Generated Content as a Content Strategy for Niche Websites?

After Google Penguin crashed my affiliate niche site party in 2012, I had to figure out a new way to build successful niche sites. I spent quite a bit of time researching social media traffic and analyzing

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25 Blogging Hacks to Pump Out More Awesome Content Faster (without Spending a Fortune)

When you publish websites, your product is content. If you get a lot of traffic from social media, especially posting to your own social media pages, you need a lot of content to post more frequently. If

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My 15 Favorite Article Writing Services for Website Content

As a niche website publisher who uses content marketing for traffic, I have extensive web content needs. There’s no way I could publish all the content I want to publish each day on my own.  Accordingly,

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My $13,000 Affiliate Marketing Store Gamble: Boom or Bust?

In December 2015 I mentioned in a Fat Stacks email newsletter that I was planning to try something different with affiliate marketing on my biggest B2C website. After 2 years, affiliate revenue accounts

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Long vs. Short Content for SEO? My 25 Top Traffic Posts Examined

Does word count matter for SEO? Many SEOs say yes.  I think it does to a certain degree based on the data I set out below from one of my B2C websites. This post provides word count data on my the top

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How to Embed Facebook Posts onto Your Website (Should You?)

Did you know Facebook now makes it easy to embed Facebook posts onto your website? I have no idea how long this nifty feature has been around.  I discovered it yesterday. How to embed Facebook posts

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Foolproof Method for Writing Epic Cornerstone Articles Website Visitors Love

Sometimes simple eludes us. It has me, that’s for sure. I’ve written and published well over 1 million words online.  It must be 2 million plus.  I don’t keep track, but it’s

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A Better Type of Infographic for Improved On-Site SEO, Backlinks & Social Sharing

One thing I’ve learned about publishing image-rich websites is that text still counts for organic search engine rankings. While infographics can be a great content marketing tool for back links and

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Does Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique Work? 3 CASE STUDIES

Do you know what I hate? I hate doing a ton of work for nothing. The irony is that building an online business often requires doing more stuff that fails than what works.  That means I’ve done

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How to Make $10,000 Per Month Online (As FAST as Possible)

$10,000 per month is an amazing online income milestone to hit because it’s a comfortable income for most people in any country. It’s also an important milestone to hit because if you can

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