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Meet Jon

Hi, I’m Jon Dykstra, publisher of Fat Stacks and many other profitable niche sites.

I’ve been publishing niche sites full time since 2012. Until recently, most of my 1 million+ monthly visitors came from Google search. Actually, that’s still the case, but traffic is growing leaps and bounds thanks to Pinterest as well as organic Facebook posts.

Lightbulb Moment

When I started publishing niche sites I did what so many did and that was focus on affiliate marketing. It worked but eventually I stumbled onto something so much better.

I got tired of publishing all that “buyer intent” content… you know what I’m talking about… reviews, comparisons, best-of roundups. It was boring. It was competitive. It veered on spammy. It wasn’t terribly lucrative.

These were not authority sites. These were bridge sites.

In 2014 I bit the bullet and launched an authority site. I wrote on any topic relevant to the niche. Soon traffic grew. I put AdSense ads on the site and started earning some great revenue (way more than affiliate revenue). I haven’t looked back.

My SIMPLE Strategy

Once I realized ads pay well, I could publish on any topic I wanted within in the niche. And publish I did. I stopped all link building and focussed on great content.

Quickly, I discovered that more obscure topics targeting low competition keywords were getting by far the most traffic.

That’s when I honed my traffic strategy focusing on low competition keywords that didn’t require link building. I published as much content as I humanly good.

My strategy evolved into the following:

Low competition keywords
+ Lots of good content
+ Incorporating linkable assets (visuals & charts)
+ Display ads for monetization
= High traffic, high earning authority websites.

That is the very strategy I use to this day on every niche site.

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