4 Website content writing cost calculators (Hourly, Per Word, Flat Rate, A.I)

Need to estimate your website content writing costs? Content is the lifeblood of the internet so here’s 3 content calculators you can use to estimate the cost of an article or a group of articles.

website content writing cost calculator thumbnailI order content from a variety of sources.  Each source charges for content in different ways which requires a different calculation to arrive at content costs.  Some charge per word, some charge flat rate, some charge per 1,000 words and some charge by the hour.


Instead of straining my brain, I created these calculators for my own use so that I can quickly calculate content costs into a universal metric for tracking. My preferred content cost metric is cost per 1,000 words. Accordingly, the following calculators generate a cost per 1,000 words.

Here are the calculators:

1. Website content writing cost per word calculator

This is for those agencies that charge per word:

2. Hourly rate content writing cost calculator

This is for the agencies that charge per hour.

3. Flat rate content writing cost calculator

This is for the agencies or freelancers that prefer to charge for the completed article:


4. A.I. Content Writer cost calculator

My favorite A.I. writer is Koala. It’s not only gives GREAT output, it also makes content extremely cheap. You can check my Koala review for more details and other features I can’t live without.



P.S: You can get 5000 words for free (No login, no credit card required) here.


How to thrive as a content writer in the Age of A.I.


For the past decade, being a content writer was a good vocation. Everything changed with the advent of A.I. content writers like Koala. Is there longer no hope for content writers? The answer is, it depends.

What A.I. writers did is eliminate bottom-of-the-barrel content. If that’s you, your job just got replaced by a button push. But if you take this course (Web Copy Masterclass) and niche down, you can still make a lot of money with by writing and editing A.I. content. While general content agencies are not doing well, boutique (and high priced) content agencies didn’t feel a thing.

So if you are a content writer and clicked on this content writing costs calculator to figure out how much you can make, better level up your skill now


1 thought on “4 Website content writing cost calculators (Hourly, Per Word, Flat Rate, A.I)”

  1. Hi Jon
    Is the default (1300 words / 4 hours) in the hourly calculator pretty accurate? I’ve only ever ordered content by the word, but I’m at the point where I’m ready to employ people to produce content, and wondered what sort of ballpark figure of words per hour is normal.

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