Resources and Tools I Use for Publishing Successful Niche Websites

Tools and Resources

UPDATED December 3, 2018

While WordPress is dang good for building websites and it includes plenty of bells and whistles, it doesn’t quite do it all.

For additional design, functionality and of course content generation, I rely and use a fleet of various tools that primarily consist of software.

Here’s what I’m using these days.

Ad networks for monetizing niche sites:


Content sources: Content Development ProsHuman Proof Designs, WriterAccess, Textbroker and Textun

WordPress themes:

Pinterest and Instagram posting: Tailwind

Landing pages: Thrive Architect (Note that I do not use this for blog posts for reasons set out here.  Just sales pages and landing pages such as email sign up pages).

Poll and Quiz Surveys: Opinionstage

Title Testing in the SERPs: A/B Rankings

Amazon product tables: Table Labs

Amazon image embedding via API:  AMZ Image Plugin

Online course platform: Teachable

Stock photo sources: Shutterstock and iStockphoto

Ad management plugins:  Advanced Ads and Ad Inserter

Email autoresponder: AWeber

Email optin forms:  Thrive Leads

Email formatting software:

VA network for hiring VA’s:

Image customization:  Canva

Keyword research:

Recommended Courses:  My course, this course, these courses and this course. Read about all 7 of my favorite courses here.

Please assume the links are affiliate links.

Fat Stacks quote from Breaking Bad by Jesse Pinkman
  • Justin Bilyj says:

    I went ahead and got the plugin, but noticed it doesn’t post multiple reviews per post/page. Have you figured a work around that for multi-item comparisons? I know there’s another plugin (WP Review Pro) that does comparison review tables in addition to post/page reviews, have you checked that one out?
    Right now the only work around I can figure for multiple reviews is making a post no index no follow etc. that covers that particular review you want, and recall it in the post with this shortcode;

    [wp-review id="XX"]

    The XX being the previous review post you used this in. I heard for some it doesn’t transfer the same color etc.
    Appreciate the awesome resources page!

  • Mark says:


    My site has a lot of external links (non-affiliate) to several merchant. Now I’m planning use Skimlinks or Viglink to monetize them.

    Can I use Elf Links with Skimlinks or Viglink?

    My concern is, if Google don’t recognize the Elf Links, how will Skimlinks or Viglink find them?

    Kind Regards,


  • Stephen says:

    Hey Jon– AudienceBloom seems like a cool service. How much does it cost? Didn’t want to go through the whole lead gen process, and they don’t advertise their pricing. Also, in terms of outreach to get links and guest post spots, are there any tools or processes you use to streamline that whole workflow?

  • Charles says:

    Hi Jon,

    Is there any reason why you haven’t mentioned about Google Adsense in your list for the Monetization?

    Thank you!

  • Kat says:

    Hi, have you tried Ampedsense plugin for split testing ads?

  • phil says:

    Is niche sniper suitable for a newbie? Will you teach everything step-by-step in an understandable way for a newbie?
    I already have a blog on health (natural remedies for diseases) will I be able to use it or do you recommend to start a new one?

    • Jon says:

      Yes, Niche Sniper if newbie friendly. It’s a pretty simple concept that’s worked great for me for years. Niche Sniper is based on the first blog I every launched and still own.

  • Resourceful and impressive information. I appreciate this!

  • Brian says:

    Do u still use human proof designs for writers. You mentioned them before as good choice especially for gallery posts

  • Nish says:

    Hi Jon,

    Was trying to find a good review of Authority site system and was led here… very cool site and lots of good info 🙂

    Quick question – Do you still recommend those same courses? I’m a total newbie and looking to get into AM.. I just want to make sure i invest in the right course/person…

    Would you still recommend those same 3 courses ? Any other courses you would recommend for beginners?

    • Jon says:

      Hey Nish,

      Yes, I recommend all 3 still. They’re solid. All different, but all focus on how to build a successful authority site.

  • Marcella says:

    I loved this post! Have been keeping up with your blog for a while
    now and yohr always puttting out some great articles.
    I shared this on my instagram and my followers loved it!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • You had switched all your sites to Publisher theme by Better Studio. But, now you seem to have again changed Fat Stacks over to Schema.
    What went wrong with Publisher?
    Please share your experience and you may want to update your recommendations.
    Best wishes

    • Jon says:

      Hey Pradeep,

      thanks. I will update this. I did switch away from Publisher because the AMP thing wasn’t working so for now I’ve bailed on AMP. I hope one day Google offers a really simple solution for publishers to get on AMP. Until then, I’m off AMP. I also had some issues with images on Publisher. I never totally figured out what went wrong, but when I switched back to MyThemeShop all problems went away.

  • Gabor says:

    Hi Jon,

    Great site and articles! One fast and maybe a dumb question, but can the Schema theme fit 728×90 wide ads out-of-the-box or only the WordX. Thank you for the reply in advance. Which one would you advise more for someone just getting into building a niche content site?


    • Jon says:

      Hey Gabor,

      No, Schema needs to be adjusted. There’s a thread in support forum that provides the snippet of CSS code or just submit request. Their forum support is outstanding. WordX does fit 728 x 90 out of the box so if you prefer less hassle, go with WordX. Both are great.

      The reason I went with Schema is I wanted to test the gray background with white content area. Turned out ad revenue dropped with that configuration so I made it white background and white content area with Schema instead of switching themes.

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