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ConvertBox Review – Is It Really an OptinMonster Alternative?

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So the other day I’m browsing the famous Fat Stacks forum when I noticed that a member mentioned they’re using ConvertBox for quizzes.

Any mention of online quizzes gets my attention.

I love using quizzes for visitors, especially to help visitors buy the right product and then getting them to click through to Amazon or some other merchant.  These things work like gangbusters.

Until recently, I used OpinionStage, which is great but I was having some issues with it on my sites.  Moreover, OpinionStage costs something like $90 per month for a business plan which I need due to page view volume.

The mention of ConvertBox on the forum included that member saying it’s currently available for a lifetime purchase.  I pay for enough monthly subscription software to realize that one-time-purchase opportunities are great if it’s something I think I’ll be using.

It gets even better.

Not only does ConvertBox replace OpinionStage but it replaces OptinMonster email sign up forms which costs me $59.  I should say “which did cost me $59/mo.” because I cancelled my subscription and switched to ConvertBox.

Yes, the email sign up forms you see on this site (Fat Stacks) are courtesy of ConvertBox.  I will never have to pay for email sign up forms again.  It’s music to my ears.

How much is the ConvertBox lifetime pricing?

Before I ever get too excited about lifetime pricing, it helps to know what the actual cost is.  After all, at some point it doesn’t make any sense.  In the case of CB, their lifetime pricing does make sense.  I opted for the pro version which is good for 500,000 monthly page views and use on up to 50 sites.  At nine months, I’ll be ahead compared to if I stuck with OptinMonster.

  • The basic lifetime price is $395 which is good for 250K monthly page views and 10 sites.
  • Pro is $490 which is good for 500K monthly page views and up to 50 sites.

The extra $95 was a no-brainer for me.

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Is ConvertBox as good as OptinMonster?

Yes, CB is as good as OM.  In fact, dare I say better?

The reason I say better is twofold.

First, it’s easier to design forms and get them up and running.  CB’s design and deploy process is a tad more intuitive.  This is my opinion.  Whenever it comes to interface, we all have our opinions.

I remember when I started with OptinMonster and I found it difficult to get my forms created.  I managed in the end but it took time and I was no newbie to email sign up forms at that time.  I had used other options in the past like Thrive Leads.

Second, ConvertBox also makes it easy to create high-converting quizzes that are lightning-fast on websites.  As soon as a user clicks the button, the next set options displays instantly instead of grinding.  I love it.  These suckers get people clicking to Amazon like nobody’s business.

Let’s a take closer look at what ConvertBox offers.

Email Sign Up Forms

Watch my video stepping you through how easy and powerful ConvertBox is:

The number one reason to get ConvertBox is to deploy a variety of email sign up forms on your site.  I don’t recommend deploying every option, but a few is good.

FYI, the welcome scroll mat outperforms all other forms combined.

Here are your options in CB:

Overlay Forms

Overlay forms of those that pop or overlay content. These are your options in ConvertBox.

ConvertBox overlay email sign up forms

Embedded Forms

The following embedded forms can be deployed in content, bottom of content, top of content and sidebar.  These are non-popup options.

ConverBox embedded email sign up form options

Form Design

CB offers a variety of templates for every form type but you can customize any of them.  In fact, there’s a full drag and drop builder that allows you to add text, buttons, videos, images, etc.  You can create any form design you like.

Powerful Display Options

Once your form is designed, you have many options for where and when your form displays.

Where refers to where on your site it deploys.  It could be embedded in a post, bottom of a post, top of post, middle overlay, etc.

When refers to how you time the display whether it’s a popup timed after a certain number of seconds, length of content scrolled through, exit intent, or immediately upon arrival.  Or, you can embed it into a post so that it displays when visitors get to the stipulated area.

You can also control by various visitor types, devices and by taxonomy (categories and tags).  The options are endless for you to attract subscribers surgically.

I find the taxonomy control very useful for quizzes on niche sites so that I can show relevant quizzes to visitors.

Speaking of quizzes, let’s cover that next.

Am I getting as many subscribers with ConvertBox as OptinMonster?

Yes.  I deployed ConvertBox on Fat stacks on June 23, 2020.  At first there was a spike but it settled down.  It’s not higher but not lower either.

ConvertBox vs OptinMonster email sign ups


The best way to explain an online quiz and how it looks/operates, is to present you a real quiz.

The following quiz is created with ConvertBox.

Slick, isn’t it?

Check out these interaction results on two different niche sites.  Many of those interactions result in clicks to Amazon.

Example #1:

ConvertBox Quiz results #2

Out of the 478 interactions, 441 clicked through to Amazon.  You can dig further into the quiz data to see exactly which quiz result buttons get clicked the most.  Check it out:

ConvertBox quiz clicks to Amazon

Example #2:

ConvertBox Quiz results

Is ConvertBox Reporting Good?

Yes, it’s good.  Above are screenshots of the quiz data.  Below is the overall stats screen for Fat Stacks email sign ups:

Email sign up form data analytics for ConvertBox

When you click into “Stats” for a particular form, you get the following:

Individual email sign up form reporting in ConvertBox

What about split-testing forms and quizzes?

I’ve not created any split-tests yet, but you can split test sign up forms and quizzes with ConvertBox.

Is support good?

It’s pretty good.  There isn’t a live chat option which is the gold-standard.  However, they have a sizeable library of tutorials and if/when you submit a support ticket, they typically respond within a day.  I’ve submitted two support tickets so far and both were answered within a few hours.

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My Pick

Right now you can get lifetime access to ConvertBox. Pay once. Use forever. Don't hesitate. It's a no-brainer given what this software can do.

Get the Lifetime Offer Here
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