EasyWins.io Review – Is this Blogger Resource Worth It?

Less is more.

One frequent bit of positive feedback I get about my courses is I get to the point quickly.

I do that because I can’t stand courses that are loaded with unnecessary info.

Now I get that courses that teach an entire system need to cater to beginners and experienced folks which means there’s often a ton of info the experienced folks don’t want, but that doesn’t mean you have to include a bunch of filler so you can claim there’s a gazillion hours of video.

One of the most refreshing paid info products out there that has absolutely no fluff or filler is EasyWins.io.

In fact, I’ve never seen an info product in the “how to blog” industry presented in the way EasyWins.io is presented.

What you get is access to an AirTable spreadsheet.

That’s right, the entire product is one large fancy spreadsheet.

What’s on the EasyWins.io spreadsheet?

This is where this product shines.  It’s a list of actionable things you can do to your niche website or blog geared toward:

  • Getting more traffic (on and off-site SEO),
  • Increasing revenue via ads and/or affiliate links,
  • Site structure,
  • Building authority, and
  • Improving content and content presentation.

The above list of “wins” are exactly what website owners need to focus on.

Who put EasyWins.io together?

EasyWins.io is an info product for bloggers put together by a successful guy named Mushfiq S.?

Who is Mushfiq you ask?

He has quite the pedigree in this blogging business.

The guy has flipped over 175 websites.

He buys, improves and flips websites for big profits.  Many with 6-figure exits.

How does he do that?

He improves the value of the sites he buys by implementing his list of EasyWins.io.

Which is why EasyWins.io is so awesome.

Yes, I have it and I found it helpful.

Why is EasyWins.io so good?

EasyWins.io is so good because it was not the result of some guy waking up one day deciding he wants to make money selling courses and then dreams up some theoretical tips to improve websites.

No, it’s not that.

Instead, EasyWins.io is the result of over 175 website flips.  Over the years, Mushfiq has honed the steps he takes with each site he buys to make them better and more valuable.

It’s those steps that make up EasyWins.io.

EasyWins.io is the result of real-world results.

And that makes it a truly effective info product that you can use as a terrific website improvement checklist and resource for every site you own.

Here’s what EasyWins.io looks like

EasyWins.io Example

Okay, that looks a bit simplistic, but that’s the beauty of how this product is structured.

The details are hidden so that it doesn’t get in the way if you don’t need the details but instead just need a “blog improvement” checklist.

Accessing more details:

When you click on the cells in the “Easy Wins” and “Details” columns, an informational popup appears with all the info you need about that particular tip.

Check it out.  When I click on the first listed “Easy Win” above called “Analyze amazon Sales and do one-off brand partnerships” I get the following popup:

EasyWins.io info popup example

And when I click the cell in the “Details” column for the same Easy Win, I get the following popup:

Easy Wins Details Popup for More Information

More info than meets the eye

As you can see, there is actually an absolute ton of info in this spreadsheet product.

Each Easy Win and corresponding Details has a popup with more info.

This is such a great way to present info because the meat of the information is immediately available as a simple list.  You don’t have to wade through a pile of course modules or videos to find that one thing you need to know right now.  Instead you just scroll through the list.

And it’s this immediate access to so much info that makes it a great website owner’s resource.

Picture it…

You just bought a new site or have an existing site.

You know you are leaving money and traffic on the table but aren’t sure where to start or what to do.

Enter Easy Wins.

You trust Easy Wins because it’s by a guy who has improved and sold over 175 websites.  It’s not by some guy who just assembled a bunch of tips he read on the Web.

You open your Easy Wins sheet in a separate tab and start implementing the relevant tips and steps to your site.

While it might take some time to do so, there are very good odds that when complete, your site will perform and earn better.

Are all the EasyWins.io tips relevant to every site?


I’ve yet to buy a course where every suggestion applies to me.

You have to be a bit discerning and apply that which only applies to you.

But that never renders a good course or resource useless.

In my experience, if I glean one or a few good tips from a course, that can be a huge benefit to my sites.

For example, consider infinite scroll.

In 2020 I deployed infinite scroll on all my niche sites.

It’s a relatively simple piece of tech to apply to any WordPress website.  For me, it was just a matter of using a theme with infinite scroll.

The resulting benefits were huge.  Time on site skyrocketed.  One site enjoyed a 330% increase in time on site.  The lowest increase was 58%.  Those are huge gains from one simple tip.

While not every tip in EasyWins.io will apply to your site(s), many will.

The presentation is almost as valuable as the info

Experienced website publishers may know some or many of the tips in EasyWins. I did.

However, the fact it’s a simple checklist is valuable in itself.

We live in an age of information overload.  This is definitely the case with publishing successful niche sites and blogs.  Everyone and their blog dog tells you how to publish a great blog… yours truly included.

But all that info, some of it good, is scattered all over the web.

What info from all over the web do you follow?  How do you collate it into a useful checklist?

That’s the problem Mushfiq addresses with Easy Wins.

Moreover, his condensed list of actionable steps isn’t based on “mmmmhhhh, maybe that’s a good thing to do.”

No sir, his tips are based on what he actually does with niche sites he buys to increase their value for a profitable flip.

But that’s not to say the info isn’t helpful… it is

I combed through every listing.  I discovered 9 very good tips that I implemented on all my niche sites.  These were very simple things to implement that cost me nothing except a little bit of time.  Small-time investment for big improvements.

Think about that.  I’ve been publishing niche sites full time for 9 years.  While I don’t know everything, I’m pretty good at this stuff and yet I discovered 9 very good tips to implement.  That means 7.5% of the tips presented were useful.  That’s darn good.  I suspect if you’re newer to this blogging business, far more tips will apply to you.

What tips applied to me?

Sorry, I can’t say.  That would be divulging paid-for content which wouldn’t be cool.

EasyWins splits up the win types which are clearly marked in the “Win Type” column into the following:

  • Traffic,
  • Site Structure,
  • Off-page SEO,
  • On-page SEO,
  • Authority,
  • Revenue, and
  • Basics.

You can filter by win type.

In fact, you can filter all the columns as you see fit to drill down.

For example, if you want to start off with the “Very High” win impacts, you can filter for those.  Bang them out, then rip through the “High” impact wins and so forth.

I’m a big believer in focusing on tasks that have the biggest impact first.  Always do this.

It’s like streaming TV.

I always watch my first choice first.


Because chances are before I’m done a series, a new season or new show that I’ll love will drop.

I have a long list of “B-list” shows and movies for backup, but I always watch my preferred first.

In fact, if I’m watching a B-list show and my favorite show drops another season, I stop watching the B-list show.

The same goes for what to focus on with your website.  Take care of the high impact stuff first.

How many tips did I find helpful

I found 9 tips to implement on all my niche sites (out of 120).

That’s actually really good.

It’s bittersweet though if you think about it.

In a perfect world, I’d have found none because that means I’m missing nothing on my sites.  Don’t overlook this.  If you are doing everything set out in the list, that doesn’t mean EasyWins.io was a waste.  Look at it as validation that you’re doing everything right.

The fact I found 9 tips to implement made the course very worthwhile.

And the best part is it took me 10 minutes to rip through the list to find them.

What don’t I like about EasyWins?

Actually, it’s not a dislike as much as suggestions for improvement.

First suggestion:  Create a column where we could check the boxes to the tips that apply to me so I can create my own custom checklist.

Better yet, I’d like to be able to add to the list.

I asked Mushfiq about this and he said I could do this but I need an Airtable account. I don’t really want an Airtable account.  It would be super cool if we could customize the sheet to which we have access.  However, I realize that’s not possible… but one can dream, right?

Second suggestion:  Add a “Content” Win Type because for me, content is such an important aspect of this online publishing business.  This is very minor and really just a terminology thing in the course, but if I owned EasyWins, that’s what I would do.

Is EasyWins.io Good?  Worth It?

Yes, it is.  I wouldn’t review it if were garbage.

It’s a checklist resource most niche site publishers and bloggers could benefit from.

If you find that you do everything necessary, chalk it up to validation you’re on the right track.

If you find only a small handful of tips you need to do, likely those few tips will make a big difference.

If you find you need to deploy lots of the tips, you’ll be grateful you have the resource at your fingertips.

EasyWins.io Overview
  • Quality of Info
  • Presentation
  • Price


Will EasyWins make me rich overnight?

No, it won’t.  EasyWins is a series of useful tips designed to improve your website’s traffic and revenue.  However, website improvements usually take time to materialize.  The one exception are the tips for increasing affiliate and ad revenue on webpages with existing traffic.

Is EasyWins.io suitable for beginners?

Yes, it’s a great resource for beginner bloggers.  It’s a simple-to-use checklist with expandable details for deploying the tips.

Will experienced bloggers find EasyWins useful?

I can’t speak for all you veterans out there, but I found 9 tips that I needed to deploy on my sites (which I did).

How is EasyWins delivered?

Once you purchase, you get access to an Air Table spreadsheet.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to have an Air Table account to access it.  The entire product is a very cool spreadsheet with expandable information boxes.  I love how this info product is delivered – it’s one of the big benefits.

Is EasyWins updated?

Yes, it is.  Mushfiq (the guy who put it together and sells it) updates it regularly.  I know because it’s been updated since I got it.

Does EasyWins deliver any information via video?

No, the info is not presented via video.  It’s a checklist of tips with expandable popup boxes with details.

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