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WriterAccess Review – Overhyped or Awesome Content for Your Website?

I'm currently using WriterAccess for top-notch articles. To date, I've ordered and received over 292 articles from this premium service. I've used this service extensively. Read my full review to find out how to best use this well-known content agency.

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UPDATE DEC. 19, 2019

WriterAccess is not my go-to writing agency.  I also hired one in-house writer but am ordering quite a bit of content for WriterAccess.  I pay $.06 to $.08 per word but am getting very, very good content on all kinds of topics for all niche sites.  It’s not often I require revisions.  Deadlines are almost always met.  I’ve very quickly put together a “favorite writers” list which is a list of about 15 really talented writers.


Clicking “Publish” feels good. I love it. I do it daily.

Because content earns money, every time I click “Publish” I enjoy a shot of excitement in the brain for what’s possible.

What exactly is possible with content?

Okay, most published articles aren’t life-shattering, but each piece of published content can be a mini-profit center.  Whether you monetize with ads, affiliate links or sell stuff, there’s possibility and potential.

Except there’s one problem.

It’s a lot of work to get from a blank screen to clicking publish.

You actually have to have an article.   These days, garbage content won’t cut it.   You need good content.

Good content means work.

The good news is you don’t have to do the work if you have some money.

There are literally tens of thousands of writers working globally who write content for a living. Some charge very little, some charge mid-range and some charge a king’s ransom. I’ve paid for all levels of content over the years.

You can hire writers directly or tap a content agency to access their pool of writers.   Again, I’ve done and do both.

Mostly though, I work with content agencies.

Why?  I like being able to order dozens of articles and have them returned to me quickly.

Content agencies also help me find better writers via auditioning and narrowing down my preferred writers.  It’s faster than hiring several writers individually.

One of my favorite content agencies for high-end content is Writer Access.

While I don’t get the lion’s share of content from WriterAccess, it’s the place where I get my super duper awesome high-quality articles from.  But, and here’s the bad news, I pay for it.  You get nothing for nothing.  I pay way above average, but the result is way above average.

WriterAccess Overview
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Variety of writing services

292 articles ordered and counting…

To date, over the years, I’ve ordered and received 292 articles. As you can see below, I’m waiting on two more.  I’ll be ordering more inside a month or so.

writeraccess account screenshot

What type of content does WriterAccess produce?

All kinds. You name it, they do it. Here’s a laundry list:

  • advertisements,
  • annual reports,
  • articles,
  • banner ads,
  • blog posts,
  • books,
  • brochures,
  • case studies,
  • catalog entries,
  • data sheets,
  • direct mail pieces,
  • email copy,
  • Facebook posts,
  • grants,
  • mobile content,
  • newsletters,
  • presentations,
  • press releases,
  • product descriptions,
  • proposals,
  • radio spots,
  • speeches,
  • traditional scripts,
  • Twitter posts,
  • video scripts,
  • web pages,
  • webinar presentations,
  • webinar scripts, and
  • white papers.

How much does WriterAccess charge?

The range is huge.

I pay $.43 per word. That’s not a typo.  A 1,000 word article costs me $430.  Keep in mind this is for some of the best writing I’ve ever published. It’s better than anything I could produce. The knowledge, research and most importantly the prose is second-to-none.  It’s better than print-magazine content.

However, you don’t have to pay that much.

Their lowest price is $.04 per word which is $40 per 1,000 words.  From there you can pay up to $2.00 per word.  IMO, anything above $.75 per word should be reserved for sales copy or highly technical content that requires a credentialed level of expertise.  You’re not exactly going to recoup the cost for a $1.00 per word from ad revenue (unless you get lucky).

Here’s a screenshot of pricing. Notice there’s a “Pro” level option.

WriterAccess content price range screenshot

What type of content do I currently order from WriterAccess?

These days, as stated above, I order only exceptional, top-notch articles from WriterAccess. I’m working with a very good writer who has an opinion column on one of my sites.  I’m doing this in an effort to elevate the site with some of the best articles in the niche.  This “column” is in addition to the usual lower-cost content I routinely publish (bread and butter content).

Another recent mega-project I used WriterAccess for was finding a credentialed person (i.e. someone who has training and credentials within a particular industry) to write a massive 12,000 word article.  The reason I turned to WriterAccess was I could search for writers with keywords looking for the right credentials and industry experience.  Here’s a screenshot of some of the filters.  I also use the keyword search field to further narrow my searches:

WriterAccess writer search filter


Is the WriterAccess managed service worth it?

I’ve also ponied up $349 per month for their managed service.  It was awesome, but I only used it for one month.

The reason I used it for one month only is I needed to find one good writer.  Within a month I found a fantastic writer so I didn’t need the service anymore.

My account manager found 7 potential writers for my niche and topics were the best-of-the-best in the niche.  She assigned each one article.  I assessed each article and one was an absolute stand-out.  I continue working with her to this day.  I don’t think I would have found the writer I’m working with had it not been for the managed service.

That said, now that I have this one writer, I no longer need an account manager.  I can take it from here since all I have to do is add topics/assignments.

Should you use WriterAccess’ managed service?

In my view there are two situations where a managed service is worth the money.

First, if you need to find an exceptional writer for your site, the managed service can help you out.  They helped me out.

Second, if you order a ton of content every month, the managed service can help coordinate everything with several writers.  This could be a worthy time-saving cost.

Otherwise, the dashboard is pretty easy to use so you can manage it yourself ( unless you just want to sit on the beach and not bother being involved in your digital publishing business at all) .

Does WriterAccess publish your content in your WordPress website?

Yes, there are several integrations including WordPress.  Check it out:

WriterAccess publishing integrations

While available in my account, I don’t bother with the integration.

What I normally do is click the “Source” button in the article deliver dashboard so I get the HTML version.  I copy that and paste it into the “Text” editor in WordPress so all the formatting is retained.  My instructions include formatting instructions for proper use of heading tags (i.e. heading 2, 3, 4 etc.).

How many revisions can you ask for from WriterAccess?

They offer unlimited revisions.  They also state that if you aren’t happy, you can reject it and not pay.  While they don’t say it, I suspect if you do this regularly, you may have a hard time having writers pick up your projects.

What else?

The service includes the usual content agency features such as archiving content, folders, writer communication and a robust content ordering dashboard where you can set up extensive and detailed content order templates.

Should you use WriterAccess?

My view is to try many writing sources until you’re happy with what you need.  I’ve used many writing services and freelancers over the years.  I continue to use a few different sources for all my content.  If you’re asking whether the content you can get from WriterAccess is good, yes it is, but you do pay for it.

=> Click here to try WriterAccess


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