Introducing my 100% personalized, one-on-one mentoring where my sole aim is to help you build the best and most successful niche authority website possible.  

PLUS, I will reveal my niche sites (including my 2 BRAND NEW 2016 niche sites built in a totally new method) with you to further help you with building the best niche authority website you can.


This is your chance to work directly with me for 12 months where I personally work one-on-one with you helping you build your authority niche website.

In a recent Fat Stacks poll, 101 out of 264 people said they would pay $5,000 USD to join this mentoring program. I expect the seats will fill up quickly.

Here's the poll results (yes, I was pleasantly surprised):

Sorry, sold out. You can join the wait list at the bottom of the page.  I can then notify you when spots open up.

Student Results #2

Results & Testimonial

Scenario:  Student had existing website earning $600 per month.  Her primary goal was to grow RPM and traffic.

I told you you'd be the first person I contacted when I hit 20K pageviews a month and I got there yesterday. Dec. 13/16

Then on January 5, M.T. email me again saying:

Good news... I'm pushing 50K on pageviews over last 30 days.

- M.T.

Student Results #1

The following shows results from students who started joined my coaching with no website and built it up into a successful website working with me.

Scenario:  Student results number was a situation where he started a niche website from scratch in Spring 2015.

Within 3 months working with Jon, my niche website revenue doubled from $600 to $1,200 per month. - S. Stone

h) Paid Traffic:  We will work together to spike your niche site with paid traffic if this interests you.  There are several unknown variables involved, but I've done this extensively and will help with making paid traffic work as much as possible.  Making this work involves engaging content, proper on-site content formatting, exciting titles, excellent on-site monetization and plenty of ad placement testing.  

IMPORTANT:  PLEASE keep in mind I do not guarantee that paid traffic will work.  If your sole purpose for joining this program is to have a guarantee that paid traffic will work, please do not join.  I will  do all I can to make it work if you wish to run paid traffic to your site, but there are too many variables beyond my control.  I can merely set the stage for potentially making paid traffic work.

1. Fast-Track to Building a Great Niche Site

d) Keyword Research:  I will strongly recommend you pay some attention to building up long term organic SEO traffic because it's so valuable in the long run.  While I love engaging content and being able to pay for traffic, I would not be where I'm at if I ignored keyword research and some basic on-site SEO practices.

I've been building niche websites for years.  While I'm not perfect, I've learned a lot along the way and now publish several very successful niche websites.  I can help you avoid the many mistakes I made and help you focus on what worked the best for me.  INCLUDES INSTRUCTION AND GUIDANCE ON MY LATEST NICHE SITE MODEL NEVER TAUGHT BEFORE.

4.  Private Facebook Group

2. Frequent and Personal Instruction

f) Website Engagement:  I will help you set up your website for maximum engagement to help with page views per visitor, time on site, website loading speed and other important website metrics.

a) One-on-One 60 minute Skype calls every 2 weeks.  These sessions are for you during which you can ask questions or you can have me do screen-sharing tasks such as keyword research, niche research, viral content research, ad placement on your site, post formatting.  Yes, I will jump into your ad accounts and/or your site and help with tasks.  I will also do screen sharing of my web properties and various software products (i.e. keyword research software products).  Please keep in mind I'm not a coder, but I'm adept at post formatting and many other tasks to get a website up to snuff.

j) Free premium WP theme:  I have developer licenses with all theme companies whose themes I use (I'm currently using 3 different WP themes).  Because you are a client, I can provide you a copy of any theme by these companies for free.  I will of course help you get it set up if that's how you wish to use Skype sessions.

b) Email and Skype text communications:  You will be given my direct email address.  You can email me questions any time.  Student emails will be a priority and I will do my very best to respond same-day or within 24 hours during business hours.  Pinging me with text questions on Skype works well too.

When you join, you get the following:

3.  Topics We Can/Will Cover

e) Engaging Content:  We will work hard to create and publish engaging content that will resonate with social media and ultimately search engines.  This includes topics, headlines and content structure.

a) Niche Selection:  If you don't have a website, we will start by researching niches for you based on your interests and opportunities.

g) Social Media:  I will help you set up your social media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, etc.) as well as step you through social media posting ideas to help with organic social traffic.  I will also reveal some additional channels I'm using that takes very little time, increases social signals and helps drive more free traffic.

b) Full Website Reviews (ongoing):  I will be available to review progress on your site which we will discuss during Skype sessions.  If you have simple questions in between Skype sessions, I'm happy to respond so that you can continue progressing in between Skype sessions.

i) Monetization:  In my opinion, monetizing niche websites is my greatest strength.  Guidance and hands-on help with this is, in my view, worth the cost of this mentoring program.

Display ad monetization:  I will help you set up your display ads on your site to maximize revenue.  Obviously testing will be necessary; I will help with this.

I'm working with several ad networks.  I will explain all of them to you along with the why, where and how.

In fact, I've had a custom plugin developed to make unlimited display ad testing very easy.  This ad management feature is not available with any ad management plugin.  It's only available to mentoring students.  I will get a copy installed on your website.  In a nutshell, this custom plugin makes it possible to place as many ads (for testing) after any number of paragraphs and/or images).

Affiliate revenue:  I earn a very good living from affiliate promotion alone.  Affiliate revenue potential on niche sites is enormous.  I've developed some effective strategies to promote all kinds of products in all kinds of niches on auto-pilot.  I will show you everything I'm doing and help you get this set up on your niche site.  Affiliate promotion is one revenue stream you definitely want to take full advantage of.

This program is for you.  You tell me what you want to cover and your preferences and that's what we'll focus on.  I will make suggestions, but at the end of the day, you direct the focus.  That's one big benefit of the personalization I'm offering.

k) Other:  I'm here to help you. If you wish to cover other topics and strategies, I'm game... if I can help, I will.

c) Content:  One of the main reasons I've done well with niche sites is the content I publish.  Yes, I've made mistakes along the way and there are things I would do differently; however, at the end of the day, it's been my websites' content that forms the backbone.  I will help you come up with content topics and then how to structure that content on your site for maximum potential (i.e. engagement, search traffic and of course monetization).

You will gain access to my private Facebook mentoring group which is restricted to the mentoring program only.

Why work with me?

If you've been a Fat Stacks reader for any amount of time, you know I (Jon Dykstra) earn a very good living (low to mid 6 figures) from niche websites.

I'm not going to place earnings screenshots here because I don't want to give the wrong impression that you are guaranteed to make oodles of money.  I can't make that guarantee.

What I can guarantee is that I will work hard with you during our allotted time.  I will give your website and niche a lot of thought.  I will share with you everything I do.  I will make suggestions that I believe will work based on my experience.

I have over 1 year of income reports on my blog that more than adequately supports my being qualified to help you with your niche website.

I did not make the decision to offer this mentoring program lightly because to do this right requires a great deal of my time.  I gave it serious thought and given the many requests for this and overwhelming poll results (see above), I decided to ramp up my work hours a bit each week and increase outsourcing of my niche sites so that I can do this mentoring program properly.  I'm committed to it.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You must borrow the money to pay for it; 
  • Signing up will leave you with no money; 
  • You have no time to put into building a niche website; and/or 
  • You expect guaranteed and/or fast results.

8.  When do the mentoring sessions begin?


6.  Can you postpone participation to later dates and/or postpone Skype sessions beyond 12 months?

1.  How much money do you need to invest?

9.  Why do I do this if I have success with niche sites?

2.  Do I guarantee results?

7.  Can you do this if you're currently working a full time job?

No, I do not guarantee results.  I wish I could, but I cannot.  There are many variables beyond my control (traffic sources can dry up, revenue fluctuates, social media channels change reach algorithms, etc.).   All I can do is work as hard as I can and provide you the best information I have to help you build the best niche website possible.

9.  Will this be offered again in the future?

3.  What is the refund policy?

This is personalized mentoring for 12 months. I will customize the curriculum for every student. This isn't a class where you have to listen to me talking to other students. We're not following some template.   When we work together, it's just you and me.

The cost for this 12 month, one-on-one intensive mentoring is $5,000 USD.   

With respect to other costs, you will need website hosting ($5 to $10 per month).  Since you're a client, I can provide a premium WordPress theme (one of two I use these days.

I STRONGLY urge you NOT to join if you must spend your last dollar to enroll.  Please don't spend your last dollar because it's too risky.  I do NOT and CANNOT guarantee results.  I will work as hard as I can with you and give you the best information I can, but I cannot guarantee your investment will pay off.

Moreover, it helps if you have an additional $500 to invest as we go about building up your niche authority site.  This makes it much easier, but it's not a necessity.

There is no refund available.  Therefore, please be very, very certain this is something you want to do.

We will get started very quickly and I will put in a lot of work up front with each participant.  Therefore, due to the time requirements on my part upon enrollment, I am not able to offer a refund.

In most cases, no.  I've made plans to manage my workload in such a way so that a great deal of time is made available for you and other participants for the next 12 months.  It would be impossible for me to manage my online business by having students extend, postpone and/or delay their participation beyond 12 months.  

However, in some extenuating circumstances an exception may be made.  I do, however, reserve the right to conclude the mentorship upon the expiry of 12 months post sign-up.

Accordingly, it's important that you are certain this is something you want and can do now.

4.  What if you are already in the same niche as me?

Yes, you can, but you should be able to put in 10 to 20 hours per week.  If you can only spare 2 to 5 hours per week due to other obligations, this is probably not a good fit for you now.

Obviously this creates a conflict of interest.

In this instance, you would need to adjust the direction of your site (cover it in an angle that doesn't directly overlap with my site), start a new site or end the coaching arrangement (a refund will be granted in this instance).

Unfortunately, the conflict of interest is simply too great to overcome.  I can't possibly mentor someone that directly competes with me? I hope this doesn't happen, but it's possible and I apologize if it does happen.

The sessions will begin within one week upon signing up... often sooner.  Upon signing up and paying, we will schedule the first mentoring session.  I will also review your answers to some basic introductory questions so that we can hit the ground running during our first Skype session.

That said, if you opt for the program that requires a signed non-compete and non-disclosure agreement, we cannot begin until it's signed and returned to me.

5.  Do you need a live site to enroll and participate?

I don't know.  This is the second offering and as long as I enjoy it, I'll continue doing it.

Not at all. We can start from scratch, including niche research, brainstorming and selection.

1. I enjoy teaching one-on-one (but only a few students at a time).

2. I'm asked about coaching all the time, so why not include it as part of the Fat Stacks business.

3. I've outsourced much of niche site operations so I have the time.

4. I just added a totally new approach to niche sites in Niche Tycoon (my main course), so I'd like to help a few people make it work.

Enrollment Requirements

4.  Requires work:  I will not build your website for you.  This is not a done-for-you program.  I will work with you.  I will jump in the back-end of your site and help with certain adjustments.  I will roll up my sleeves to help when required, but I will not build it for you.  Therefore, just so you know, building a business around a niche website is a lot of work and requires patience.

1.  Sign a Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):  If you wish to see my niche sites, you will need to sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement.  While I'm keen to help people, I am not keen to invite more competition.  If you are okay not seeing my niche sites, you don't need to sign the NDA.

FYI, the NDA will also includes acknowledgment that you accept and agree to no refund option and no guaranteed resutls.

3.  No refund is available:  I want to be very clear here.  This is not something you can give a try and if it's not for you, get a refund.  The reason for this is I will invest a lot of time right off the bat.  Therefore, please be certain building a niche website monetized with display ads, and/or affiliate promotions is a business model you wish to pursue.

2.  Be committed for the next 12 months:  I'm not going to tell you what to do; however, the best way to take advantage of this opportunity is to ensure you have sufficient time to do the work required to build an outstanding niche authority website.  

In the event you choose not to sign the NDA, I do require you to sign a document setting out that you understand and accept that there is no refund and no guarantee of results.

Sign Up Now

Signing up is easy.  Simply click the "Sign Up" button below which will take you to the purchase page (Paypal).

Once you pay, you will be redirected to a page where I ask you some basic introductory questions so that we can get the ball rolling.

After you pay, you will be redirected to the questionnaire page.  Please fill in the brief form so I have your contact details.  Thank you.  

If you are not redirected after payment, please email me at info[at] and provide me your PayPal transaction information and we'll get it all straightened out.  Sometimes PayPal's post purchase redirect doesn't work.

Sorry, all seats are filled.

Join the wait list by filling in the form below and I'll notify you when more spots open up.  Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.. 

There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of using my products and services.

Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are based on actual individual results and/or estimates as may be stated. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels for yourself. If we know typical buyer results they are listed. Otherwise, we do not know typical buyer results and you should take that into consideration. As with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables beyond our control, including variables we or you have not anticipated. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each person’s results will vary.

There are unknown risks in any business, particularly with the Internet where advances and changes can happen quickly.

The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that we are not liable for your success or failure.

Adsense Disclaimer: This program includes information about using Adsense for revenue. Please understand that an Adsense account, or any ad and/or affiliate account can be terminated at any time. It’s not risk-free. I cannot guarantee that following what’s set out in the guide will prevent you from having any problems with Adsense.


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