Income Reports June 2016 to April 2017

Welcome to my niche site income report page.  This income report page is a little different than most in that it consists of a simple table setting out monthly net income for 2 niche sites (Fat Stacks is not one of the niche sites).

I’m going with this dumbed-down format because it’s much faster to update the table instead of drafting a new post each month.  Moreover, it gives you a chance to see revenue over time which I think adds some valuable information.

Since most readers simply want the numbers, there’s really no need to add a bunch of info each month.  Besides it’s better to keep this updated in a more timely manner than fall behind due to the fact publishing full income report posts takes too long (and really is a boring task).  The fact is I spend 90% of my time on my niche sites, not this blog.



These income reports do NOT include the revenue/net income from this site (  In fact, these reports do not include revenue from all my niche sites, including income from local lead gen sites which is a different model that I don’t discuss much on this blog (I focus on ad / affiliate niche sites).  Instead, I feature only income from 2 niche sites, which are very different.

The reason I publish this income report chart is to demonstrate that a niche site can generate a decent monthly income and the reason I include 2 niche sites instead of 1 is that I publish 2 very different types of niche sites and so I include both for illustration purposes.  My intention is that this is inspirational to anyone at the beginning stages of building a niche site.

The 2 Niche Sites Explained

The 2 niche sites, which I refer to in the table below each month are different.  One is what I refer to as a B2C website.  This type of website is a broad-appeal, higher traffic website that does reasonably well for traffic from Facebook and Pinterest and Google search.

The other site, which I refer to as a B2B site caters to a distinct business community.  It’s an info-style website offering information to a business owner audience.

The reason I distinguish these 2 sites is they are quite different.  Here’s are the differences:​

FeaturesB2C SiteB2B Site
MonetizationDisplay ads and affiliate offers.Affiliate offers via email newsletter.
TrafficPinterest, Facebook and Google search.Google search and email.
AudienceBroad appeal to consumers.Focused appeal to distinct business owner audience.
Content Volume2 to 6 new posts per week.Very seldom. Once built more or less runs itself.
Revenue PatternCan be volatile due to seasonal issues, traffic fluctuations, etc.Fairly stable... slow growth but steady.

Here’s the table with most recent numbers at the top. I’m kicking it off with where I left off with income reports as individual posts in 2016 which was June 2016.  You can access my older income reports (before June 2016) here.

Income Report Table

MonthSiteNet IncomeNotes
May 2018B2C & B2B SitesSee ReportRead full May 2018 income report here
April 2018B2C & B2BSee ReportRead full April 2018 income report here
March 2018B2C$22,733
Decent numbers in March 2018. Affiliate income made up 24% of overall B2C site revenue which is good... it's growing in both absolute numbers and relative to display ad revenue. Read full March 2018 income report here
B2B$4,898Big drop in B2B due to main merchant I promote as affiliate cutting affiliate commission by nearly half toward end of 2017/
April 2017B2C$16,986.35Traffic continued to grow in April. Ad revenue RPM very solid despite no nessie arrows. Nessie arrows were on for about a week, and RPM did increase, but not by huge amount.
B2B$9,255Slight drop in B2B revenue.
March 2017B2C$14,398.65Traffic continues growing. Spent quite a bit of time optimizing site speed. Results decent. Added many user-friendly features.
B2B$9,560Revenue flat for B2B. Not putting any time into it.
February 2017B2C$12,799Traffic growing very well throughout February since malware/spam attack.
B2B$9,557After several years focusing on promoting one product on the B2B, I've successfully started promoting another complementary product. This is also recurring and like the first product, will take some time to grow, but in a short amount of time I've generated several sales so it looks promising.
January 2017B2C$8,143Happy to report B2C site was largley reindexed toward end of December. Traffic levels slowly restored throughout the month of January. In fact, traffic levels pre-hack and deindexation restored quickly.
December 2016B2C$5,408Successfully got B2C site reindexed in late December. While revenue way down, its restoration is promising for the future.
November 2016B2C$16,518OUCH!!! B2C website deindexed in late November for spam content resulting from nasty malware attack (as best as I can determine). Turned out my site was hacked. Fixed issue within 3 weeks. Fortunately Google responded quickly and only lost 3 weeks.
October 2016B2C$16,880
September 2016B2C$21,055
August 2016B2C$18,908
July 2016B2C$15,609
June 2016B2C$19,438

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