Income Report for September 2018 (2 Niche Sites = $29,400 Net)

Biking to work

Is there anything worse than doing cardio in a gym?

Treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers and stationary bikes – I abhor them all.

I enjoy pumping iron for 20 minutes a few times per week but loathe doing cardio in a gym.

I also detest putting on 25 pounds over the winter.

All spring and summer I’m active with my kids.  We hop on our bikes and head to a park.  I invariably push and carry bikes and kids home which contribute to physical activity (we live in a very hilly area).  By this past July I had dropped 15 to 20 pounds of winter weight.

Summer is over, but I don’t want to put on weight this year.

I used to resolve to do cardio in the gym, but that never happened.

This year I’m doing something different.  I’m cycling to my office, which is 30 km roundtrip.  That’s 18.5 miles for those of you in the US.

I’ve been cycling to my office since early August 3 to 4 days per week.  I love it. I get 1.5 hours outside doing moderate cardio.

15 months ago I met a guy who told me he biked to downtown. I was amazed.  I then met another guy who did it.  That’s when I decided to give it a shot.  Other than being saddle sore for a week, it’s been great.

I’m saving a bundle on gas and parking too.  With Canuck gasoline at $1.60 per liter (that’s $6.01 CAD per gallon), driving is a luxury.

Perhaps there’s a weight loss course here? Actually, there’s a save money and weight loss course.  A $27 report that says “How can you lose weight, feel better, help the environment and save hundreds per month in gas money?  Simple. Bike to work.”

What does this have to do with income reports?

Nothing and everything.

Nothing in the sense it’s just me blathering on about some latest happenings.

Everything in the sense that my developing a new interest could be another four or five figure per month niche website or blog.

I could start a fitness/weight loss blog for dads over 40.  I’m in decent shape.  It would be more of a lifestyle type site.

I could start a cycling blog or bike review blog (please no, not another review site).  Actually, I’d be more interested in a gear and accessory site.  I don’t know much about bikes, but I love buying gear.

It’s really that easy to come up with a niche idea.

For now, my plate is full, but who knows where this cycling thing will go?  I ride trails too.  I just may have a future project.

What do you do?  Is there a website there?

Now to the income report for 2 of my niche sites.

The income report numbers (USD)


My income reports pertain to only two niche sites I publish.  One is a broad-niche, wide appeal type of site monetized with display ads and affiliate offers.  The other site is a focused niche site serving a particular business community.  It’s monetized solely with affiliate offers via an extensive email newsletter.  

This income report does NOT include any revenue or expenses pertaining to or other niche sites I own.  

The point of these income reports is to demonstrate that niche sites (or blogs) can be profitable and a good business.  They’re also popular articles which helps get more traffic to this site.


Niche Site #1: Broad-Appeal Niche Site (B2C):

  • Display ad revenue:  $25,658
  • Affiliate commission revenue:  $3,892
  • Total revenue niche site #1:  $29,550

Niche Site #2: Narrow Niche Site (B2B):

  • Affiliate Revenue:  $5,050

Total revenue for both sites:  $34,600 (August 2018 = $33,457)


I do my best to attribute a portion of my overall expenses applicable to the 2 sites reported on in this income report.

  • Content: ,800 (approximately)
  • Hosting: $1,200
  • VA’s: $1,700 (approximately – they all work on all sites).
  • Software (AWeber etc.): $700 (my overall software expense is a bit higher than this, so I approximate the cost applicable to the two sites in this income report).

Total expenses:  $5,200 (August = $5,200)

Net Income

Net Income for the 2 niche sites:  $29,400 USD (August = $28,005)

7 thoughts on “Income Report for September 2018 (2 Niche Sites = $29,400 Net)”

  1. Hi Jon
    It sounds you have been doing good, financially as per your income reports.
    One thing I want to say that if you can’t share the real sites, why share the income then?
    This report does nothing but frustrates the ones with no real online income.
    It hints that all one has to do after reading your ICs is contact you and pay for your master business plans.
    If you got no guts to share your realities, stop bluffing with FIGURES ONLY, frustrating people and lure them to hire your “valuable services”.
    You got fat stacks of money but everybody else doesn’t.
    May you have many more fat stacks
    Best regards

    1. Hey Ali,

      Good points and I agree with everything you say. I would love to disclose my sites because that would be helpful. The problem with doing so is that hundreds of people would copy my sites. Some people may engage in negative SEO by bombing my sites with lousy links. I would then need to waste time disavowing links. These are two headaches I do not need.

      In the past I stopped publishing income reports but brought them back because people asked me to. I publish them because they’re popular. Every now and then I include screenshots just to verify them.

      The income reports are also good at naturally attracting links to my site. I get invited into roundups which are easy and effective marketing opportunities.

      My main business is my niche sites. I really don’t wish to jeopardize them by sharing them publicly. If Fat Stacks were my main business, I’d probably be more transparent, but that’s not the case.

      Your comment is salient and I’ll give it some thought. I’ve toyed with shutting the doors around here anyway as it’s a bit of a distraction from my other sites. The only thing is I enjoy publishing it.

      1. Yes please don’t stop publishing on FatStacks!! Your reply to Ali was very professional, and way too nice… most understand why you don’t post your specific sites, and anyone who hets angry about that likely just doesn’t want to do the work on their own.
        Instead, they want to copy a site that is doing well.
        Your income reports are valuable and serve as good inspiration. If at all possible I’d be interested in traffic numbers and article numbers, then I can use that as a gage and inspiration to publish more.
        But, that’s up to you, keep up the great articles. And the sharing of your income is appreciated!

        1. Hi Maree,

          Thanks a ton for chiming in. I’m glad you find the income reports helpful and inspirational. I’d post traffic volume, but that would be against AdSense TOS since from that data, you could determine the RPM. AdSense doesn’t mind publishers sharing revenue figures, but they forbid sharing RPM data. As for the number of articles published, that’s a snippet of info I could include. In fact, your comment is giving me ideas to enhance the income reports which I may do for the net one. Thanks for your feedback and I really appreciate you liking the site. I’ll keep it going for now just because it’s fun and I meet a lot of great people through it.

  2. I know you must be Amazed that you only work 10hrs./week and can still make this substantial monthly income.

    That is a dream for a newbie like me. I finally started my blog but the bounce rate is high and almost no subscribers yet.

    Your reports are very inspirational and give me the motivation to hang in there. Keep em’ coming!

  3. It will be better if you can add websites traffic stats, how many articles did you post in that month, alexa rank, country traffic, niche etc in addition to the income report. Keep up the good work. Continue making tons and tons of money.

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