Income Report Sept. 2016: $30,095 (2 Niche Sites)


Sorry for the delay in producing my September 2016 income report.  Yes, I’ll be adding June, July, August’s very soon.  I just wanted to get a recent income report published since recent income reports is what most readers care about.

I’ve been swamped building out 2 new niche sites using a totally new approach with which I’m very excited about. It took me months researching and testing and setting them up, but all that effort will be worth it.

I just added 23 new video tutorials to Niche Tycoon setting out my brand new niche website concept.


My income reports only include income for 2 niche sites.  This income report does NOT include revenue from Fat Stacks Blog.  I’ll probably add a 3rd at some point showcasing the new niche site concept I’m using, but that will have to wait until I formally launch those sites.  They’re still being built in the backend but should launch very soon.

Revenue and net income have more or less remained steady throughout much of 2016 with the usual fluctuations you can expect with publishing websites.

While net income is not going down, it’s not going up either.  In fact, the year-long plateau is one reason I decided to built out 2 new sites with a totally different concept in mind… a concept that I hope and believe will create a foundation for much better long term growth.

Overall, I’m pleased.  The 2 niche sites I profile in my income reports are cash cows.  Every business needs cash cows for baseline income and resources to invest for growth.  That’s how I view these.  The key moving forward will be growing new sites hopefully into much, much bigger sites than the 2 profiled here.

B2B Site Opportunity

One major change with my new B2C niche sites is that they’re actually hybrid niche sites which will also cater to their corresponding B2B markets.  I’m very excited about this hybrid model.

One major opportunity I’ve discovered pertaining to my B2B sites is another very good product to promote.  I’m just about to start promotion so I don’t know if it will knock it out of the park, but I’ve negotiated a referral deal with a very niche product and will commence promotion shortly.  This could help break the B2B plateau.

Other than that it’s been business as usual.  I probably have too much going on, but I can’t help myself.

Below are the income numbers for September 2016 for 2 of my niche sites.

Fat Stacks Income Report September 2016    
B2C Niche Site
Ad Revenue$19,829
Affiliate Commissions$2,135
Total Revenue B2C Site$21,964
B2B Niche Site
Revenue (affiliate)$9,400
EXPENSES (Both Sites)
Prorated Because I Use These Tools Across Many Sites
WPEngine Hosting$250.00
Amazon Server$569.00
App Version$4.99
Total expenses$1,269

FYI: My flagship product Niche Tycoon was just updated with 23 new video tutorials teaching my brand new B2B/B2C hybrid model (plus a whole lot more).


Below are a few screenshots of my larger revenue sources.  I have many revenue sources, but only include a few of the larger sources as a source of proof.

1. Monumetric Ads


2. AdSense


3. ($3,939)


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