Income Report October 2014: $40,616 Profit (2 Niche Sites)

Income Report October 2014This income report does NOT include revenue or expenses for this blog (FAT Stacks).  All revenue and expenses are for 2 of my niche sites (nothing to do with making money online or internet marketing niches) representing 2 distinct blogging models I use.

Why publish income reports?

If I’m going to blog about earning a livelihood from blogging and publishing niches sites, it’s only fair I prove I actually do earn a livelihood from blogging.  I’m only reporting income from 2 niche blogs – not everything I do.

About my 2 niche blogs:

Niche Blog B2C#1

One of my niche websites is in what I call a B2C (business to consumer) niche.  It’s a popular website that launched in February 2014.  Most revenue at this stage is generated from display ads.  Traffic sources are diverse – social media, organic search and paid sources (Facebook ads and Outbrain).  The display ads used for monetization in October were Adsense and

You can learn more about how I run this type of popular, highly profitable blog here.

Niche Blog B2B#1

The other niche site for which income is reported here is what I call my B2B niche blog.  It serves a very narrow audience and is monetized primarily through promoting products as an affiliate (on the blog and in the email newsletter).

You can learn more about this model here.

I publish other sites, including local websites; however, I’m focusing FAT Stacks at this stage on my niche site model.  Therefore, this income report only contains revenue and expenses pertaining to 2 of my niche sites (they are my 2 best performing niche sites).

FYI – assume outbound links on this page are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you click and buy.

October 2014

Revenue B2C#1 Niche Site (screenshots set out below:

  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &   $101,745.80
  • Affiliate Commission Revenue:  1,157.43

Revenue B2B#1 Niche Site:

  • Affiliate Commissions: 5,737.38*


Total Expenses in October:  $68,024.12

  • Profit for B2C#1 Niche Site:  $34,879.08
  • Profit for B2B#1 Niche Site:  $5,737.38

October Profit for Both Niche Sites:  $34,879.08 + $5,737.38 = $40,616.46

September 2014 Total Profit:  $51,036.54

Change from September to October:  -$10,420.38

Additional Metrics:

Google Organic Search Traffic (# of Sessions):

  • B2C#1: 123,644
  • B2B#1:  2,872

New Email Subscribers:

  • B2C#1:  3,071 less 424 unsubscribers = 2,647 net new subscribers (total email subscribers: 12,610).
  • B2B#1: 192 less 19 unsubscribes = 173 net new subscribers (total email subscribers: 3,471).


  • B2C#1:  51% (net income/total expenses)
  • B2B#1:  100%  (no expenses for this site other than $5.95 hosting).  All traffic is free.

Net New Facebook Fans:

  • B2C#1:  10,106 (total fans October 31: 78,043)
  • B2B#1:  None (am not active on Facebook for this niche)


1.  I live in Canada, which makes putting together a 100% accurate income report for a single currency a little difficult.  Some revenue is in USD while other revenue is in CAD.  Same thing with expenses.  My accountant reconciles this at tax time… which means it’s not reconciled for this income report.  Until a couple of months ago, this didn’t matter too much because the Canadian dollar was close to even with the USD. However, the Canadian dollar is dropping, which means my true profit is likely slightly less than reported above.

FYI: Adsense revenue is in Canadian. So too are Facebook ads expense, so it’s close to a wash. and commissions are in USD.  So too is the Outbrain expense, which is close to a wash.  In other words, with a lower Canadian dollar, the USD revenue is more in Canadian dollars, but then some of my expenses cost me more in Canadian dollars.

2.  The drop in income is a result of increased ad costs on a CPC basis with both Facebook and Outbrain during the last 2 weeks of October, which dropped traffic slightly.  I anticipated this as we enter the Christmas shopping season.  I suspect it will only get worse through December, which is part of business.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised I earned as much profit in October as I did.  Interestingly, the display ad revenue on my site did not increase on a CPC basis as much as my ad costs.

2.  Affiliate commissions for my B2C#1 website increased considerably in October, which is very good.  Over the next 6 to 12 months I will be focusing more and more on increasing affiliate commissions in order to diversify revenue.

3.  Going forward:

For my B2C blog, I’ll continue publishing 1 to 2 posts per day.  My team handles most of it as well as the social media and content generation.  My focus is on traffic and affiliate revenue.  Also, I signed up for a free trial of Qwaya software for managing and creating Facebook ads.  So far I really like it.  In November my free trial ends, but I’m certain I’ll keep it primarily because I can create so many ads so quickly.  My point about Qwaya is I’m going to use this tool to work on decreasing my FB ads by far more extensive testing and targeting.

With respect to my B2B blog, I have nothing planned for November.  It truly is a passive income source for me most months.

Since I recently launched FAT Stacks, much of my time will be dedicated to getting this site rolling.  It’s been a lot of fun launching it.  I don’t have huge aspirations for it; if a few people benefit from this blog and my guides, I’ll consider it a success.


The following are screenshots of my main revenue sources and paid ads expenses for October.  Please note I am not including screenshots for every dollar earned/spent; just the significant figures for the above income report.

Adsense Revenue

Adsense Oct 2014 Revenue $93,000 Revenue Oct 2014 Revenue $8,000

Facebook Ads Expense

FB Ad Expense October 2014

Outbrain Ads Expense

Outbrain Ads Expense October 2014

Quarterly commission check (previous quarter – still waiting on current quarter):

Quarterly commission check $13,952

Facebook Fan Growth (B2C Niche):

Facebook October 2014 Fan Growth to 78,000 Fans

* This amount is based on previous quarter’s revenue.  A significant portion of commissions are paid quarterly, which means I don’t know my total commissions for October yet.  I’ve yet to have a decrease, so the amount is likely less than it really is.  While I’ve never had a month lower than the previous, it’s also true increases are very incremental, so the true amount is approximately $200 to $400 higher.

My Guides

1.  FAT Stacks Authority Niche Advanced Guide

This guide explains in step-by-step detail how I launched a niche site and within 8 months hit 1.1 million monthly visitors generating $40,000+ net profit per month.  Click here to learn more.

2.  FAT Stacks “High-Value” Passive Income Niche Guide

This blogging concept has earned me thousands every month for many months like clockwork.  Each month my income goes up.  It’s a simple, yet brilliant blogging concept.  Click here to learn more.

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