Income Report for May 2018 (2 Niche Sites)

May 2018 income report from blogging

May 2018 was steady eddy month.  Pretty much all numbers were similar to April except I took a hit on one affiliate promotion.  Traffic and display ad revenue more or less the same.  Monumetric went down due to adjusting placements, but I added to the mix and monkeyed around with ads in my email newsletters.

A merchant I promote as an affiliate went broke.  They were bought out of bankruptcy.  The new owners ended the affiliate program in  They tell me it’s temporary and that they’re setting up an in-house affiliate program.  I hope they do because it was the best affiliate opportunity in the industry.  Until then, I’ll be down about $2,000 to $3,000 per month.  Them’s the breaks in this business.

This is on the heels of another merchant that paid me substantial recurring commissions cutting my recurring commission from 35% to 20%.

Yes, I love affiliate marketing, but as you can see, it has its risks.

Good thing I make okay money with ads too and that I promote many merchants.  While I took a $2K hit, I’m not scrambling.


My income reports pertain to two niche sites I publish.  One is a broad-niche, wide appeal type of site monetized with display ads and affiliate offers.  The other site is a very focused niche site serving a particular business community.  It’s monetized solely with affiliate offers via an extensive email newsletter.  

This income report does NOT include any revenue or expenses pertaining to or a few other niche sites I own (one of which is growing fast which I’m excited about).  

The point of these income reports is to demonstrate that niche sites can be profitable and a good business.  They’re also popular articles which helps get more traffic to this site.

May 2018 Income Figures (USD)


Niche Site #1: Broad-Appeal Niche Site (B2C):

  • Display ad revenue:  $21,067
  • Affiliate commission revenue:  $4,693
  • Total revenue niche site #1:  $25,760

Niche Site #2: Narrow Niche Site (B2B):

  • Affiliate Revenue:  $4,765

Total revenue for both sites:  $30,525 (April 2018 = $32,174)


I do my best to attribute a portion of my overall expenses applicable to the 2 sites reported on in this income report.

  • Content: ,700
  • Hosting: $750
  • VA’s: $1,700
  • Software (AWeber etc.): $700 (my overall software expense is a bit higher than this, so I approximate the cost applicable to the two sites in this income report).

Total expenses:  $4,850 (April = $4,800)

Net Income

Net Income for the 2 niche sites:  $25,675 USD (April = $27,374)

Proof (Screenshots)

Below are screenshots of most revenue sources.  A few screenshots not included – I include some as proof of general amount of earnings.

Click to enlarge images.


AdSense ad revenue May 2018

Video Ad

Video ad revenue May 2018


Monumetric ad revenue May 2018


Amazon affiliate commission revenue May 2018


Shareasale affiliate commission revenue May 2018 affiliate commission revenue May 2018


Skimlinks affiliate commission revenue May 2018 ad revenue May 2018

Email Newsletter Ads

Email newsletter ad revenue May 2018

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  1. Thanks for sharing that, Jon. Can I ask what the video ads are? Are these video ads that are displayed on the sites or a YouTube channel that goes along with them?

    1. Hey David,

      I haven’t, but I did have a similar issue last year. I never could tell if it was Yoast SEO or a theme or a conflict between the two. Anyway, when I switched themes, the problem resolved.

    1. Hey Danny,

      I saw that recently. I guess it never worked out. They punted me a while ago and I have no idea why… I retain Amazon Associates account in good standing so I’m not sure what was up. Replacement? The usual suspects such as AdSense, premium ad networks, Monumetric, Amazon native ads,… this is all stuff I’ve used and/or am using.

  2. Thank you for the post. So, what will be the best ads placement for highest income from
    Also, how many daily views you have to reach this income.

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