Income Report for March 2018 (2 Niche Sites)

Fat Stacks Blog March 2018 Income Report: $24,381 from 2 niche blogs.

It’s been a while since I got around to updating income reports.  I’m quite a few months behind.

I’ll get them caught up but thought it best to start with most recent because that’s the most relevant.


My income reports only report income for 2 niche sites.  This does NOT include Fat Stacks income or revenue.  The point of these reports is to illustrate that niche sites outside of the “how to blog” or “how to make money online” niches can earn well.  

I choose to report on two sites because one is what I call a B2C niche and the other is a B2B niche (serves a business industry… again, not this site).  The two site models are very different so I think it’s helpful to discuss both in these reports.  I have other niche sites that aren’t included.  The point is not to divulge all income, but instead to show that individual niche sites can do well.

Most of 2018 has been good for my B2C niche site, but not so great for B2B niche site.

In 2017 I restructured much of my B2C site by improving existing content and adding new content.  It consumed most of my time and so I pretty much ignored this site (Fat Stacks) for much of 2017.

My focus in 2018 is to ramp up content, organic search traffic as well as Pinterest and other traffic sources.  However, my focus will continue to be organic search traffic by publishing a lot of long tail keyword targeted content.

My B2B site has not fared well in 2018 because the main merchant I promote cut my commission by nearly half.  While my income from that site is still excellent given I put very little time into it, it’s still a big drop.

Income sources:

  • My B2C niche sites earn from display ads and affiliate commissions.
  • My B2B niche sites earn from only affiliate commissions.

Income report numbers

B2C Site:

  • Display ad revenue March 2018*:  $17,157
  • Affiliate commissions March 2018**:  $5,576

* Ad networks include AdSense, Monumetric plus 2 others I won’t be revealing for now.

What about  I stopped using them and use Monumetric instead, but I will be starting some testing of with a new type of unit in a week or two.

**Includes merchants, Shareasale merchants, Skimlinks and Amazon.  I started using Skimlinks extensively in 2018 because it saves me a boatload of time by not having to input affiliate links.  I suspect (hope) the Skimlinks revenue will grow.

B2B Site:

  • Affiliate commissions March 2018:  $4,898*

*If you look atw older income reports, you’ll see this number was much higher.  The main merchant I promote reduced the commission by almost half.

Total Income March 2018 (2 Niche Sites):  ,531 USD*

*I live in Canada, so earning the lion’s share of revenue in USD results in a nice bump when income converted to CAD.  


My approximate expenses attributed to the above 2 sites were as follows:

  • Content: ,500
  • Hosting: $650
  • VA’s: $1,500
  • Software (AWeber etc.): $400

I say approximate because I have several other sites not included in this income report which also incur expenses.  I’m attributing expenses from my overall expenses to the two sites in this income report.

Total approximate expenses for March 2018: $4,050

Net income:  $24,381

Proof: Screenshots

Below are a series of screenshots supporting most of the income totals above.

1. AdSense

AdSense ad revenue for March 2018

2. Monumetric

Monumetric ad revenue for March 2018

3. Display Ad (Network not revealed)

Display ad revenue for March 2018

Display ad revenue chart for March 2018

4. affiliate revenue for March 2018

5. Shareasale

Shareasale affiliate revenue for March 2018

6. Amazon

Amazon affiliate revenue for March 2018

7. Skimlinks

Skimlinks affiliate revenue March 2018

33 thoughts on “Income Report for March 2018 (2 Niche Sites)”

  1. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the update. I was looking forward for an update on your income reports. Can you please tell us what your expenses were for March (sum only if possible) so that we can have an idea of the pure profit number.
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hey Harris,

      Good question. Approximate expenses (I have other sites so I’ll attribute expenses to these two niche sites only):

      Content: $1,500
      Hosting: $650
      VA’s: $1,500
      Software (AWeber etc.): $400

      Total (approx): $4,050

  2. I figured out what your largest site was a long time ago and have been following the changes you implement over time. It was amazing the number of times I have seen your theme change and all the various plug-in trials. It was like watching my wife try to figure out what to wear before a high school reunion, she tried on everything she had. LOL, But this is exactly why I follow you more closely than anyone because it makes it very clear you experiment to find out whats working and give us tested results based on real experience. So many internet marketers out there make it up as they go, dream up an idea and sell it as a proven method or just recite other things written on the web.
    Thanks so much for the valuable information you provide. Also the new design of the big site is the sharpest one I’ve seen. The schema theme and layouts look really great.

    1. Hey Daniel,

      thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’m constantly evolving and trying new things. I think it’s important to do that in this line of work. Everything is changing all the time. While my site has had its ups and downs over the years, overall it’s been a very lucrative site and continues to grow. I’ve definitely done some stupid things along the way but also some smart things. Yes, Schema is a great theme. I like most of what MyThemeShop puts out.

  3. Jon, I can’t wait to have you on the Go Build Your Business Podcast next week. Your style of building a business is awesome and very excited to share with my audience.

    Ken Baker

    1. Hey Ken,

      thanks for stopping by. I’m very much looking forward to the podcast. Thanks again for inviting me. Talk to you then.

  4. Weldone Jon,
    can you pls share with me some of what you went through before attain your present blog height—probably the mistakes you made and its correction.

    1. Hey Wizzy,

      that would be a massive article on its own, but a great blog post. I’ll start outlining something. Great idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Good update. How did your ecommerce trial go (you mentioned in past post about getting 1000’s product description s written). Do you have a review on Monumetric. I have a site that get about 1500 users a day and never tried aNY ad management service. What service would you use to test ad placements.

  6. Hi Jon,
    Thanks for the income report. It will help a lot to find resources from where we can earn money.
    It helps a lot to newbie bloggers like us.
    If you tell us more about your expenses then it helps more.
    By the way, thank you for this!

    1. Hey Robert,

      for now I’m not using Ezoic. I go back and forth over time. Monumetric, AdSense and two other networks are a great mix for me currently.

  7. Hi Jon, thanks so much for taking the time to post this. It really can be helpful to see how other sites do.
    I have a B2C site that gets around 10k visitors a day, and make around $10 per 1000k pageviews a day with ads.

    Would you mind sharing your approx traffic to your B2C site? This would be a helpful gage, as I’m about to begin a large increase in content generation it would be nice to have a rough ball park of traffic to aim for (or at least see what is possible with numbers.)

    Much appreciated!!!!

    1. Hey Cara,

      Congrats on the great site. My B2C gets 16,000 to 25,000 visitors per day. It varies throughout the week. I’m in a niche that pays fairly well for ads. I have another niche site (not included in these reports) that also gets decent traffic, but revenue per 1,000 visitors is much lower. Ad revenue varies greatly niche to niche so don’t compare. That said, it’s still good to do some ad testing trying to increase RPM… but at some point you reach a cap in any niche.

    1. Hey Anne,

      I believe through Monumetric. I just leave it up to the ad networks I use. I try different ad networks and stick with the ones that earn well. How they earn isn’t that important to me.

  8. Hi Jon! Would you know if skimlinks is good for an info educational site? I don’t really have product affiliate ads except as an amazon affiliate. Thanks!

    1. Hi Hayley,

      Check out Skimlinks merchant list. You can filter by category/niche too and if you find relevant merchants/stores for your site, then it’s a good fit. In fact, Skimlinks is useful for finding merchants to promote this way. They have over 20,000 merchants in the network.

  9. Hey Jon. Is that 16k-25k visitors or pageviews? It changes a lot. As AdSense for example pays based on pageviews, not visitors. If you could clarify that would be really helpful. Thanks.

  10. Looking at the Monumetric stats, it looks like your traffic is more desktop than mobile, am I right? I can get similar RPM only for desktop traffic, mobile RPM is much lower.

      1. Hi, my traffic is also from mobile. If you are getting 1.5+ RPM on Mobile than you are doing something great or your niche is very fruitful on mobile.

  11. Hi Jon,
    Why don’t you use header bidding?

    Instead of using each ad network in isolation – let them compete.
    I am aware that Monumetric does header bidding in the background but possibly doing it directly is better.

    You have enough traffic to support it.

    1. Hey James,

      One day I may use header bidding but right now my ad optimization is amazing so I’m good with it. I’m using two networks I’ve never revealed that are knocking it out of the park for me… better than ever. Monumetric and AdSense also working well for me.

    1. Hey Hayley,

      The ad blocker issue is anyone’s guess. It could be catastrophic or not so bad. To date I think it depends on the niche.

  12. Thanks Jon,

    I meant overall page RPM / CPM – you take all ad networks earnings per a specific month and divide it by the actual page views (from google analytics).. This gives you the real RPM / CPM (regardless of ad blockers).

    It’s a good umber to have as it gives you the true value of each page view.

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