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Income Report July 2019 (7 Niche Sites)

Here are the revenue and expense figures for most of my niche sites for July 2019. This income report does NOT include income from fatstacksblog.com. These are my other niche sites only.

Let’s jump straight to July’s numbers…

The usual monthly DISCLAIMER:  This income report does NOT include revenue or expenses from fatstacksblog.com.  I only include revenue and expenses from my other sites.  It’s not helpful for you for me to tell you how much I make telling you how much I make.  

All figures are in USD.

  • Niche_Site_1″>Niche Site 1 Revenue: $37,428
  • Niche Site 2 Revenue: $5,867
  • Niche Site 3 Revenue: $2,443
  • Niche Site 4 Revenue: $735
  • Niche Site 5 Revenue: $38
  • Niche Site 6 Revenue: $44
  • Niche Site 7 Revenue: $14

While my content orders were once again sizeable, I’m allocating the lion’s share of that content to my top 4 niche sites.  The bottom 3 don’t get much content at all – kind of kicking them along for now.

Total Revenue all 7 sites: $46,569 (June 2019 revenue was: $51,706)

This is my #1 ad network and you can learn more about the high-performing video ad unit I use here.   I also resumed Media.net – exit pop up ad and one link ad.

Expenses for all niche sites

I lump together all expenses for all 7 niche sites because it’s difficult, impractical and unhelpful to spend the time allocating each expense to each site.

Total expenses for 7 niche sites: $9,119

Net Income: $37,450 USD

Content investment in July 2019

I got a little carried away with content orders in July.  Hiring a new columnist plus placing a huge CDP order ended up costing probably more than I’ve ever invested in content.  Here’s the breakdown:

Total content investment for July 2019:  ,723

Net income after content investment: ,727 USD

I explain here why I extract content cost from expenses.

Revenue Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots that formed a significant part of my ad revenue in July 2019:


Adsense revenue july 2019 fs-min


Monumetric revenue july 2019-min

Video Ad

Video ad revenue july 2019-min