Income Report January 2016: $32,429 (2 Niche Sites)

Income Report for Fat Stacks Jan 2016

2016 started off better than expected with a net income from 2 niche sites of $32,429.


Please note this income report pertains solely to 2 niche sites of mine.  One site is a large B2C website serving a broad audience.  The other site is a focused B2B niche site (not Fat Stacks).  This income report does NOT include net income/revenue from Fat Stacks (which continues to grow due to the popularity of my authority website course (now called Niche Tycoon)

This income report also does not include my local offline marketing clients or any other niche sites (I’ve expanded my niche site portfolio in recent months).

Here are the numbers.

January 2016 Income Report:

Niche Site #1 (Large B2C Magazine Style Website):


Display Ad Revenue:  $23,972.80 ( revenue alone was $8,702.61).

Affiliate Commission Revenue:  $4,855.48

Total revenue for site 1:  $28,828.24

I explain how I generate this revenue from these types of sites in my guide here.

Niche Site #2 (Targeted Niche Site):

Affiliate commission revenue:  $9,796.72 (this is total affiliate revenue for site #2).

I explain this model here.


Expenses (applicable to both Sites):

Total Expenses in January 2016 (both sites):  $7,028.61

Net Profit for Both Niche Sites:  $32,429.97

Screenshot Proof

Here’s a few screenshots of my larger revenue sources just so you know I’m not making this stuff up  🙂 .



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