Income Report for October 2021 (Niche Sites)

October Income Report Fat Stacks Blog

Starting this month (which wasn’t published until March 2022), public income reports will be in a new, condensed format.


I’m creating extremely detailed income, traffic and progress reports for Fat Stacks course members.  If you wish to get more details about my entire portfolio of niche sites including traffic metrics, monthly publishing volume, loads of content metrics, revenue details and expenses, you need to buy the Fat Stacks course bundle.  While the course bundle is closed more often than not, the best way to learn about when it’s available is to join the Fat Stacks email list (see the sign up box at the bottom.

Going forward my income reports will be revenue only with a few of the main revenue screenshots.  That’s it. I won’t include expense or content investment details publicly.  The only reason I continue with the “revenue” reports is they undoubtedly add credibility to Fat Stacks and sell courses.

The usual disclaimer:  The revenue set out below does NOT include revenue from Fat Stacks.  I do not believe that Fat Stacks revenue is relevant.  If it were, the Fat Stacks message would be “start a blog about starting a blog, sell a course about starting a blog in which the course teaches how to start a blog about starting a blog and selling courses about how to start a blog.”  It’s actually a ridiculous business model IMO… circular, self-fulfilling and pretty much akin to a Ponzi scheme. I want nothing to do with Ponzi schemes. Watch out for them… when dropping money on courses, is what you’re buying merely a course showing you how to sell courses on how to sell courses on how to blog?”  Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  • Revenue this month for my niche sites: $90,491 USD
  • Expenses: $12,313 (does not include content reinvestment)
  • Content investment: Must join the Fat Stacks membership for this information.

Some screenshots just so you know I’m not making this stuff up (some affiliate commissions not included):

Site 1

AdThrive ad revenue October 2021

Site 3:

Site 9:

Site 10:

Site 11:

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