3 thoughts on “Income Report for July 2020 (8 Niche Sites)”

  1. Fantastic revenue Jon – really impressive. I have 2 questions:
    1. I thought that AdThrive doesn’t allow any other ads apart from their own ads. But I see that you also use playbuzz.
    2. You’ve used to highly recommend Ezoic but you are now completely with Adthrive. Are they performing better than Ezoic? Was there any other reason for the move?
    As far as I’m aware both companies help you with the setup so it would be worthwhile sharing why you’ve moved.
    At the moment you are (also) recommending Ezoic but you stopped using them on all your sites so this raises some questions.

    1. Hey Jason, good questions.

      1. AdThrive does let me use Playbuzz which is great. It outperforms Adthrive’s video player and I think PB’s is a better player.

      2. Ezoic is great but IMO, AdThrive is better. It’s fully handled, revenue is great and AT can display ads on infinite scroll content. All my sites have infinite scroll (except Fat Stacks). Ezoic can’t display on infinite scroll.

      I still recommend Ezoic if not accepted into AdThrive.

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