Income Report December 2015: $28,198 (2 Niche Sites)

Income Report for Fat Stacks Dec 2015


December is good and bad.

Affiliate commissions go up, but paid traffic is difficult to generate profits.  I didn’t even bother in December 2015 with paid traffic.

This December was particularly difficult because I didn’t recover the 20% lost organic search traffic from August and September.  This has been a huge frustration.  Moreover, from October through December I invested a lot of time into more content in an effort to improve organic search traffic.

While organic traffic levels are stable and quite high relative to most other sites, they’re still down from peak levels and there’s no sign of improvement.

That said, overall net profit wasn’t bad for organic traffic only.  I have no complaints.


Please note this income report pertains to 2 niche sites of mine.  It does NOT include net income from Fat Stacks (which continues to grow due to the popularity of my authority website course (now called Niche Tycoon),my local offline marketing clients or any other niche sites (I’ve expanded my niche site portfolio in recent months).

Here are the numbers.

December 2015 Income Report:

Niche Site #1 (Large B2C Magazine Style Website):


Display Ad Revenue:  $21,511.72 ( revenue was $7,420.84)

Affiliate Commission Revenue:  $4,360.50

Total revenue for site 1:  $25,872.22

I explain how I generate this revenue from these types of sites in my guide here.

Niche Site #2 (Targeted Niche Site):

Affiliate commission revenue:  $9,355 (this is total revenue for site #2).

I explain this model here.


Expenses (Both Sites):

Total Expenses in December 2015 (both sites):  $7,028.61

Net Profit for Both Niche Sites:  $28,198.60


Organic search traffic:

Organic search traffic still not recovered from the 20% drop in August to September 2015; however, it didn’t drop more either.  It’s plateaued about 20% down from the August 2015 peak.  I continued working on regaining organic search traffic throughout December.

Paid traffic profits

I spent nothing on paid traffic in December and expect spending even less in December because ad prices are simply too high.

Purchased my first website

In October or November I started looking for a new site to buy.  I wanted to buy a site because I wanted a site with established authority that I could leverage and make far more profitable than it was… and do it quickly.

In early December I found a very good site.  I did my due diligence.  It was the first time I ever bought a site so I probably missed some due diligence.  I ended up buying it and am very excited about it.  I haven’t done much with it but have big plans for it in 2016.  I’ll be publishing posts about this in 2016.

Affiliate commission growth

Affiliate commissions, as expected, popped nicely in December 2015.  I topped $4,000 from my B2C site which is fantastic.  I just may one day hit my monthly goal of $10,000 in affiliate commissions from the B2C site.  I have to admit I was hoping I’d be there already… but sometimes plans just don’t work out how we’d hoped.


My courses:

Niche Tycoon:  Extensive 110 page guide stepping you through exactly how I launch and build highly profitable niche websites.

Niche Sniper:  A guide revealing how I generate $7,000+ per month in passive income with focused niche sites in specific types of niches.

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