Income Report for August 2018 (2 Niche Sites = $27,257 USD Net)

Photo of Osoyoos Lake in British Columbia
Osoyoos Lake in British Columbia

British Columbia is an interesting mix of geographies and climates.  In Vancouver, where I live, it’s wet much of the year.  It’s literally a rain forest.

350 km east it’s a desert.  In that desert is a mid-sized lake called Osoyoos lake.  It actually extends into the USA.

Being a shallow lake in a desert climate means it gets warm in the Summer.  Hordes flock to the place including us for 6 days in August.

This year, like last summer, massive forest fires throughout BC and other regions north of us created a thick cloud cover in Osoyoos and much of BC.

Check out how thick it got:

thick smoke from forest fires in BC in the summer 2018
Thick smoke from forest fires in BC in summer 2018

Despite smoke and a NAFTA deal seemingly up in smoke in August, we had a great time in Osoyoos.

Aside from those 6 days, I toiled away on my sites (except this one as you can tell by this income report delay).

Here are the income numbers for August 2018 for 2 very different niche blogs I publish.

The income report numbers (USD)


My income reports pertain to only two niche sites I publish.  One is a broad-niche, wide appeal type of site monetized with display ads and affiliate offers.  The other site is a focused niche site serving a particular business community.  It’s monetized solely with affiliate offers via an extensive email newsletter.  

This income report does NOT include any revenue or expenses pertaining to or other niche sites I own.  

The point of these income reports is to demonstrate that niche sites (or blogs) can be profitable and a good business.  They’re also popular articles which helps get more traffic to this site.


Niche Site #1: Broad-Appeal Niche Site (B2C):

  • Display ad revenue:  $24,029
  • Affiliate commission revenue:  $3,322
  • Total revenue niche site #1:  $27,351

Niche Site #2: Narrow Niche Site (B2B):

  • Affiliate Revenue:  $5,106

Total revenue for both sites:  $32,457 (July 2018 = $33,025)


I do my best to attribute a portion of my overall expenses applicable to the 2 sites reported on in this income report.

  • Content: ,800 (approximately)
  • Hosting: $1,200
  • VA’s: $1,700 (approximately – they all work on all sites).
  • Software (AWeber etc.): $700 (my overall software expense is a bit higher than this, so I approximate the cost applicable to the two sites in this income report).

Total expenses:  $5,200 (July = $5,200)

Net Income

Net Income for the 2 niche sites:  $27,257 USD (July = $28,005)

2 thoughts on “Income Report for August 2018 (2 Niche Sites = $27,257 USD Net)”

  1. Ack, sorry to hear you had these awful fires again this year. We were driving through British Columbia last summer (all the way through, actually, crossing from the US into the Yukon and finally Alaska). This wasn’t our first visit to Western Canada either. It’s terrible what these fires are doing to the air quality. Last year we had to cut our stay short just to run away from the fires.
    Thanks for sharing the report and I’m glad to see the old blog name back up! I like it better!

    1. Hey Anne,

      It’s particularly bad for people who visit from far away. BC is a great place but the smoke was so thick for many weeks you couldn’t appreciate the place. Your road trip, other than the smoke, sounds great. We also did a road trip a few years back from Vancouver to the Yukon. Quite a drive.

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