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Income Report August 2015: $34,654 (2 Niche Sites)

Income Report August 2015


Profits increased nicely in August.  Being back full time has given me time to get some great paid traffic campaigns rolling again and keep the content mill cranking out plenty of new content.

More importantly, my paid campaigns generated a very good ROI.  The downside is I didn’t ramp up the paid traffic budget too high (yet).

Another negative is that affiliate commissions for the B2C site dropped quite a bit.  Traffic and clicks remained stable to those posts, but for some reason conversion wasn’t as good in August.  I’m optimistic affiliate commissions will bump up nicely through the fall and into the holiday season.

Overall, August was a good month.


Please note this income report pertains to 2 niche sites of mine.  It does NOT include net income from Fat Stacks (which is growing very quickly due to the popularity of my authority website course (now called Niche Tycoon) or my local offline marketing clients.

Currency Conversion

Due to Canada’s plummeting currency in relation to the US dollar, I’ve converted all revenue and expenses set out below to USD.  Living in Canada, this means I enjoy a very nice currency conversion, but since the USD is a dominant currency and it is valued much higher than than Canadian currency, I’ve converted all figures in this income report into USD.

Here are the numbers.

August 2015 Income Report:

Niche Site #1 (Large B2C Magazine Style Website):


Display Ad Revenue:  $48,395

Affiliate Commission Revenue:  $2,583

Total revenue for site 1:  $50,978 USD

I explain how I generate this revenue from these types of sites in my guide here.

Niche Site #2 (Targeted Niche Site):

Affiliate commission revenue:  $8,226 USD (this is total revenue for site #2).

I explain this model here.


Expenses (Both Sites):

Total Expenses in August 2015 (both sites):  $24,549 USD

Net Profit for Both Niche Sites:  $34,654 USD


Display ad revenue increase:  Since display ad revenue/profits is my bread and butter for my B2C site, August was a great month, especially since much of the ad revenue profits was generated from organic search traffic.  Going into September, I do hope to increase paid traffic, not only for more profits, but also to increase overall traffic throughout the site.

This will be a new strategy for me (buying traffic just for traffic’s sake) to see if it will help grow organic traffic.  I have a hunch it will, but it will be impossible to prove it.  If I break even on the traffic, that’s good enough.  These traffic focused campaigns are in addition to my paid campaigns set up strictly for generating profits.

B2B Niche Site:  This site was down for much of August due to technical issues.  However, it continued to generate a great revenue due to the way it generates commissions.  For the past 1.5 to 2 years I’ve done very little to this site, but over the next 6 months I have some plans to work on really ramping up my B2B niche sites’ profits by overhauling the design, improve the email funnel, start more B2B sites and incorporate additional affiliate promotions.  While these sites don’t enjoy explosive growth, they are consistent earners and do increase profits month after month.

SEO:  In August I started some off-page SEO campaigns for my B2C sites, but I’m not sure it’s the direction I’ll continue with.  I’ve not seen any benefit (I know SEO takes months to generate results).  The quality of the SEO work is good, but I’m considering to invest my current SEO budget into paid traffic for traffic’s sake as mentioned in comment #1 above.

Our Top Pick


  • Keyword research (my methods for uncovering low competition KWs),
  • On-site SEO,
  • Systematizing content publishing,
  • How I attract thousands of links naturally, and
  • My dead-simple Pinterest strategy for Pinterest traffic.

Reduce Outsourcing Cost:  Over the last several months I’ve been spending $7,800 USD per month on outsourcing (content and social media primarily).  Come October, I’ll be reducing that by one-half because I can slow down content production.  I have a lot of content and I’ll still publish 1 long post per day (6 times per week), but I think the $3,500 can be deployed elsewhere.

Local Marketing:  I don’t blog about my local marketing (and don’t include this revenue in these income reports), but it’s an arm of my online business I’m putting time and money into.  I have a few clients who pay me for leads and new customers.  There’s quite a bit of opportunity I haven’t taken advantage of yet so I will be working on increasing these few campaigns over the next 6 months.  If they work out really well, I may work on growing this portion of my business.


My courses:

Niche Tycoon:  Extensive 110 page guide stepping you through exactly how I launch and build highly profitable niche websites.

Niche Sniper:  A guide revealing how I generate $7,000+ per month in passive income with focused niche sites in specific types of niches.

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    • Hey huw,

      Thanks for getting Niche Tycoon. I have no worries about my site. It’s huge with a lot of info. But, I agree there are many thin viral sites out there that may not be acceptable in the future. I definitely recommend publishing info-rich sites with high engagement. That’s what I do and explain in NT.

    • I’ve never used BlogSpot blogger. I believe you can put adsense on it, but I prefer building sites on my own self-hosted domains with WordPress (self-hosted version).

  1. Hi Jon,

    Great work! I find your site today and I’m thinking on buy your Niche Tycoon Course, but I have a few questions:

    – Do you share your public profile for facebook ADS?
    – Do you share any of your sites?

    Best Regards,

  2. i’m ready to sign up for hosting but when i got to the bluehost there is an option for wordpress hosting. Do you think i should get that plan instead of shared plan?

  3. Hi Jon,

    I bought your Tycoon course this weekend and its awesome, I would class myself as a marketer who focuses on SEO really, but a site I am currently doing (8 month old) I know is ideally placed for social, its visual and people are talking about the subject non stop here in the UK.

    Here’s my problem,

    I am currently testing ads in FB and I am really happy with the results from a CTR and cost point of view. It’s scalable. My main issue is my site is monetized to a merchant, no adsense. Now with organic traffic, it’s been fairly simple thus far, the more traffic the more commission.

    But how will I know if the FB traffic is converting at all. It may be great it may be terrible and I won’t know as I can’t put a pixel on the merchant site.

    If my commission goes up it will be a good sign, but my organic traffic goes up every month so I would still be lost.

    How do you tag amazon sales to your social traffic. I am not with Amazon on this one but it’s similar. Any help with this I would appreciate. I am really excited at the thought of scalable paid traffic.



    p.s keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Jon,

    Thanks for the another inspiring post! Every once and a while I have a list of about 30-40 blogs (including yours) that I would go and visit so I read their success stories – and I gotta tell ya, as a fellow blogger that really gives me a stimuli to continue what I am doing with my blogs. It is really said that I am still far far away from calling my blogging endeavors a full-time job….and I have to do the 9-5 dead-end job to pay for the bills…:(

    Quick three questions, hope you can help a fellow Canadian:

    – For one of my niche blogs that is essentially dedicated to a single person, I am really running out of content. I probably have material to produce another 30-40 posts, but then…I’ll just run out. What do you suggest – should I branch out and make the blog more versatile – ie. including other topics on other famous people that share similar characteristics with my main topic, or I will ruin my already established blog reputation?
    – On another blog which is in a competitive niche (health niche), I have compiled an ebook that has quite interesting recipes on one specific disease on which my blog is focused on. Close to zero success selling this ebook on Amazon – even though I am part of Kindle Select platform, where I have had my ebook for free two times. Just 60-70 copies downloaded for free, and that was it, no sales have followed afterwards. So since I see you’ve become an expert on getting good ROI from using the major ad platforms – what would you suggest me to do, or in other words which advertising method would be more suitable for my particular case (ie facebook ads, google ads, etc.)?
    – How many articles do you publish a month for your blogs, and what is their length?

    Thanks a lot for all of the great output that you share with the rest of us and good luck in your future business initiatives!

    Cheers from rainy Vancouver

    • Hi Baba.

      1. Single person niche blog: It’s hard to advise without seeing the blog. If the person’s name is in the domain, that makes it harder to branch out. If the person’s name is not in the blog, you could definitely expand.

      2. I’m not really into selling digital products much except for the couple I offer on this blog. I’m also not expert with Kindle. Basically I can’t really advise on this issue for you. Sorry.

      3. I publish 25 to 50 articles per month on my main B2C niche. I hope to increase that. Across all websites it ranges 30 to 90 articles per month… depending on what I have going on.

      You’re welcome for the info. Thanks for being a loyal reader – I really appreciate it.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply Jon! Yep 25-50 articles is what I call solid! Unfortunately the max I was able to do was 15 – yeah good sized articles with 1000-1500 words, but still…can’t do more…due to work 🙁 Next thing on my list is to try and do a couple of facebook ad campaigns and will throw in $20-$30 per campaign just to test the waters if some yield better results than others.

        I see from your reports that your main expense is namely for facebook ads – can you share some of your expertise? For example in order to find your best ROI how many campaigns (ei different versions promoting the same product,service, or blog) do you launch? Which days are more profitable – or I should say people are more inclined to click on ads – week days, weekends? What gets more attention – post ad, right side bar ads? What type is more interesting to people – to click on an image, video? Any suggestions would be of great help before I launch my “humble” campaign with few hundred bucks.

        Thanks man!


      • The profit is real. There are many other successful ecommerce entrepreneurs that hold Jon in high esteem. Nobody in their right mind is going to share their niches as that is the same thing as giving you their house alarm code and the combination to their vault. Can’t expect that from anyone. Have to take a leap of faith to a degree at some point in life.

  5. Hi Jon,

    Im really happy with your posts. Some things that you ve said become facts to me. I have a question? Adsense TOS ake you not to publish your web, but as i dont know which one it is.. may you tell me if its above 10% o 12% in US?

    Thanks for you time!

  6. Jon, I love how you are so transparent about how your doing it. Awesome leadership! Excited to work with you as my mentor. Authority niche websites are where it’s at. Not just that you returned my email within a few short hours. How many other self made ecommerce millionaires would do that. Much respect. Jordan


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