Income Report for April 2019 (7 Niche Sites)

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April was tax month (in Canada) which can be a very ugly time of year for self-employed folks.  As a self-employed person, I’ve learned to set aside money each month and pay installments throughout the year to avoid a monster tax bill in April.  Since I actually listened to my accountant last year about making installment payments to the tax folks, April wasn’t the nightmare it’s been in the past.

Now down to business.

When it rains, it pours.  Due to other priorities, I’m cranking out 2 income reports in a row both of which are overdue.  I wish I could say April’s report was as good as March’s income report, but sadly I can’t.  That said, April was still quite good.

I’m streamlining these reports while every few income reports I’ll insert screenshots just so you don’t think I’m making this stuff up.

In April I invested quite a bit more than usual into content in April in an effort to beef up my content inventory and to increase the number of articles that I publish weekly.  I got a little carried away but it’ll reduce May’s content investment so it evens out in the end.

DISCLAIMER:  This income report does NOT include revenue or expenses from  I only include revenue and expenses from my other sites.   I don’t really see the point of disclosing revenue on the very blog that discusses how I run niche blogs and websites.   

Below I enumerate each niche site and will use the same numbers (i.e. Site 1, Site 2, etc.) in each income report so you can see progress or lack of progress.  Some will do well and I expect some to not do well.

All figures are in USD.

Niche Site 1

Total revenue:  $37,695

Niche Site 2

  • Display Ad revenue (all ad networks):  $128
  • Affiliate revenue: $5238

Total revenue: $5,366

Niche Site 3:

  • Display Ad revenue (all ad networks):  $1,530
  • Affiliate revenue: $152

Total revenue: $1,682

Niche Site 4

  • Display Ad revenue (all ad networks):  $400
  • Affiliate revenue:  $63

Total revenue:  $463

Niche Site 5

  • Display Ad revenue (all ad networks):  $33
  • Affiliate revenue: $0

Total revenue: $33

Niche Site 6

  • Display Ad revenue (all ad networks): $28
  • Affiliate revenue: $0

Total revenue: $28

Niche Site 7

  • Display Ad revenue (all ad networks):  $4.52
  • Affiliate revenue: $0

Total revenue: $4.52

Total Revenue all 7 sites: $45,273 (March 2019 revenue was: $48,258)

Expenses for all sites (except

I lump together all expenses for all 7 niche sites because it’s difficult, impractical and unhelpful to spend the time allocating each expense to each site.

Total expenses for 7 niche sites: $8,568

Net Income: $36,705 USD

Content investment in April 2019

Total content investment:  $11,900 – sizeable investment in content this month in an effort to publish more but also build up a solid inventory of content.

Net income after content investment: ,805 USD

I explain here why I extract content cost from expenses.

11 thoughts on “Income Report for April 2019 (7 Niche Sites)”

  1. Hi Jon are you still using Ezoic on tour biggest site? If not can you explain why? How media net is going? Do you use it?

    1. hi can you please tell me how much approx do you make per 1000 visitors from display ads? like $5-$10 or $40

  2. Hi Jon,

    Excellent results. I was wondering what’s the traffic source of your sites? Do they all rely on paid traffic?

    1. Hey Charles, in April I did some FB post boosts but only a few thousand dollars worth. My main traffic sources are organic search and Pinterest.

  3. Jon, What do you think about Pinterest? What are the niches you would suggest to build up keeping Pinterest in mind?…except Mommy blog?

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