Income Report April 2015: $61,102 (2 Niche Sites)

Income Report for Fat Stacks April 2015

April was a great month profits-wise.  Profits were up, mainly due to switching to responsive Adsense ads and focusing on attracting more mobile traffic.  It was a new record.

Toward the end of April I started working with Ezoic (read my full and updated Ezoic review) to improve my display ad revenue.  I’m still in the early testing phases, but results are looking very, very good.  RPM is increasing daily and rapidly.


Please note this income report pertains to 2 niche sites of mine.  It does NOT include net income from Fat Stacks (which is growing very quickly due to the popularity of my authority website course) or my local offline marketing clients.

Revenue and expenses are a mix of Canadian and USD currency.  My income reports do not reconcile the two (I deal with it at tax time).  For a long time this didn’t matter because the Canadian dollar was the same as USD; however in recent months, the Canadian dollar has dropped in relation to USD considerably.

Niche Site #1 (Large Global Online Magazine Style Website):


Display Ad Revenue:  $193,067

Affiliate Commission Revenue:  $2,367

Total revenue for site 1:  $195,434

I explain how I generate this revenue from these types of sites in my guide here.

Niche Site #2 (Targeted Niche Site):

Affiliate commission revenue:  $6,848 (this is total revenue for site #2).

One merchant I work with for Niche Site #2 is running a great promotion, so I spent a few hours promoting this offer in April and will do so again in May 2015.  That’s about the extent of what I did for this site in April.  I explain this model here.


Expenses (Both Sites):

  • LeadPages:  $67
  • AWeber:  $288
  • Bluehost:  $5.95
  • WebSynthesis Hosting (Synthesis review):  $147.00
  • Dropbox: $10.99
  • LongerDays (outsourcing services):  $5,575
  • Stock Photos:  $266
  • Quickbooks:  $7.29
  • GoodBarber App Maker (monthly subscription):  $48
  • Amazon S3 Server: $2,252.62
  • Facebook Ads: $113,664
  • Bing Ads:  $3,041
  • Outbrain Ads:  $15,816

Total Expenses in February 2014 (both sites):  $141,181.56

Net Profit for Both Niche Sites:  $61,102.03


1.  Mobile Upgrades:  My site was mobile responsive before Mobilegeddon; however, as stated above, switching to responsive Adsense ads and attracting more mobile traffic improved my profits in April 2015.

2.  Monetization Testing  and Improvement:  I started working with Ezoic in April.  This negatively impacted profits in the beginning, but as testing goes on, Ezoic is proving to be a terrific asset to my B2C niche site.

3.  More Outsourcing:  In April I increased my outsourcing budget again and have been able to hand off every task for running my B2C site except for media buying and affiliate link management.  This has freed up my time even more to focus on monetization and traffic.

4.  Organic Search Traffic:  Organic search traffic continues to grow steadily.  I’ve enjoyed no major bump, but it does increase week-after-week.  Currently, organic search traffic to my B2C niche site is 6,800 to 8,800 visits per day.  In April I went back and did more internal linking in an effort to improve organic search traffic.  I’ve noticed no difference at this point.

Going Forward…

Pagination:  It’s May as I write this income report and I can tell you I’ve decided to test pagination and its impact on revenue.  I’m manually paginating select high-traffic posts to see if it increases profits.

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Screenshots (Just the Big Ticket Items):

Adsense Revenue

Adsense Earnings April 2015 Revenue Earnings April 2015

Facebook Ads Expense

Facebook Ad Expense April 2015

Outbrain Ads Expense

Outbrain Ad Expenses April 2015

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