Income Report 1: Feb 2014 (Launch) – Sept 2014: $163,043.40 Profit

Income ReportThis first income report is for one niche website I launched in February 2014.  It does not cover all of my online enterprises.

It does NOT include revenue/expenses from this site (FAT Stacks Blog).

I launched the niche site for which this income report covers in February 2014.  You can learn more about my strategy and methods here.

Because I launched FAT Stacks nearly 9 months after I launched my niche site, this income report includes revenue and expenses from February through September 2014.

Affiliate Disclaimer:  Assume all links in this report are affiliate links.  The affiliate links are to software products and services I use extensively.  I like them and recommend them.  I could not succeed without them.

Here it goes…

February 2014 (Niche Site Launched):


  • Display Ads:  $281.88


Total Expenses:  $1,487.83

Feb Net Loss:  -$1,205.95

March 2014


  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &  $33,733.35


Total Expenses:   $10,424.57

March Profit:   $23,308.78

April 2014


  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &  $42,733.53


Total Expenses:  $19,175.84

April Profit:  $23,557.69

May 2014


  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &  $57,987.54


Total Expenses:  $26,727.01

May Profit:  $31,260.53

June 2014


  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &   $49,226.42


Total Expenses:  $35,076.51

June Profit:  $14,149.91

July 2014


  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &  $55,648.58


Total Expenses:  $39,150.79

July Profit:  $16,497.79

August 2014


  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &  $62,481.29


Total Expenses: $42,288.56

August Profit: $20,192.73

September 2014


  • Display Ad Revenue (Adsense &   $108,308.70


Total Expenses:  $62,943

September Profit:  $45,365.70 + $5,670.84 = $51,036.54

FYI: I earned an additional $5,670.84 from another niche site (it’s a different type of site – learn more about it here).

Additional Revenue Sources During the First 8 Months:

  • GumGum Ads:  $3,474.46
  • Affiliate Commissions (mostly Amazon):  $1,395.52

Total Additional Revenue:  $4,869.99

FYI:  I love GumGum in-image ads (because they earn a lot of incremental revenue), but they’re working on getting their ads SSL certificate compliant.  As soon as they’re ready for SSL certificates, I’ll be adding their ads back on my site.

Additional One-Off Expenses During the First 8 Months:

Total additional Expenses:  $14,953.78

TOTAL REVENUE (1 Niche Site) Feb. through Sept. 2014 : $415,446.30

TOTAL EXPENSES  (1 Niche Site) Feb. through Sept. 2014: $252,052.90

NET PROFIT (First 8 Months for 1 Niche Site):  $163,043.40

Other Stats:

  • Total page views (just this one niche site) from February 2014 through September 2014:   3,876,083
  • Total organic search traffic:  286,613
  • Total email subscribers: 9,560

Room for Improvement:

  • Affiliate commission revenue.  This will be a big focus for the remainder of 2014 and throughout 2015.

Additional Comments:

While outsourcing to LongerDays is a significant additional expense, doing so has cut the amount of time I need to work on this niche site by at least 60%.  It’s enabled me to launch FAT Stacks.  I’ve also been able to scale up my niche site with their help.

Display ad revenue includes YouTube ad revenue (which isn’t much at this time, but it’s growing every month).

Why don’t I reveal the URL of my niche site?

I’ve spent a great deal of time considering this issue before launching FAT Stacks Blog.  I decided not to reveal my niche site.  My decision is largely based on the advice of the folks at Adsense who suggested it could result in problems such as click-bombing.  Since the niche site that is the subject of these income reports contributes quite a bit to my livelihood, I decided not to risk revealing the URL.  If it earned $2K to $5K per month and I ran it as a case study in support of FAT Stacks, I may have decided otherwise.

Again, please keep in mind this is an income report for 8 months for 1 niche site.  Revenue is not included from other niche sites, including Fat Stacks Blog.

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