Review and How I Earn $400 Per Day with Ads

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  • Customer Service
  • Ad Designs
  • Reporting


Amazingly I'm getting a higher RPM for some ad placements than all other ad networks I use. They perform extremely well when well-placed.

Mobile performance is outstanding.

My biggest and only beef with is the limited revenue reporting features. For example, you can't determine revenue on a URL by URL basis.

Customer service is amazing with a 24 hour response time.

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UPDATE December 23, 2015
I continue using ads on several sites.  In fact, on mobile I’m getting a higher RPM with ads than all other ad networks I’ve tried. is easy to work with.  Questions are answered promptly.  They are an integral part of my display ad revenue across several sites.

I’ve been monetizing with display ads for about 18 months.

To say I’ve researched the subject is an understatement.  I’ve purchased many courses and read countless blogs and forum threads on the subject all in an effort to improve my display ad revenue.

My efforts have paid off.  I generate over $100,000 per month in display ad revenue (profiting $40,000 to $45,000 per month).

There’s quite a bit of information about Adsense, but not so much about ads.  Sure, there are loads of bloggers trying to cash in on the “alternatives to Adsense” topic and include as an option… but very few people have demonstrated that actually makes them serious money.

I’m writing this to show you that (10% bonus revenue for first 3 months with this link) can generate a great deal of revenue for a website.

The following is a screenshot of my revenue (screenshot taken November 19,  2014): Revenue for November 2014

UPDATE – April 22, 2015

My revenue continues to grow and is becoming a more and more important revenue stream for niche sites.  Here’s an updated earning screenshot: earnings screenshot April 2015


As you can see, ads can generate some decent revenue.  I’m on par to hit five figures this month (November 2014) from revenue alone.  At this pace, I’ll hit 6 figures in 2015.

And get this, I place all my ads in the lower portion of my site reserving the top ad spots for Adsense.  If I couldn’t use Adsense, I’m sure would earn far more by being placed toward the top of my niche blog.

My 3 Most Valuable Tips for Getting to $400+ Per Day with Ads:

Watch the Video

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What do you do?

You sign up and use Criteo ads.

The Criteo ad network is basically an ad retargeting ad network for pubishers.  Their ads only display to visitors who have shown an interest in buying something at ecommerce websites (i.e. by visiting them and/or purchasing in the past).

For example, if a visitor recently visited some big online shoe store, the Criteo ad unit will be a grid of shoe pictures that the visitor was actually considering buying (i.e. by visiting those product pages).

Since these visitors are deemed higher-value visitors due to their surfing history, advertisers are willing to pay a higher amount to show their ads.  Criteo makes this possible.

Now here’s the deal.

Criteo will not display 100% of the time.  My Criteo ads display, on average, about 20% to 30%.  The good news is I set the CPM floor $.50 to $1.00 above what and/or AdSense would pay in that same spot.  This guarantees that I will earn more from that ad slot every time Criteo ads display.

Moreover, and I love this about Criteo, the CPM is almost always higher than the floor you set.  In fact, for some placements, it’s $2.00 higher than the floor I set.  This results in nice chunk of additional revenue I wouldn’t earn if I just displayed and/or AdSense.

The set up is simple.  You simply place your or any ad code to show up as backfill.  If Criteo ads aren’t triggered, your or whatever ad code you place, will show up.

Using Criteo is a no-brainer.  They also look good; usually a grid of products your visitors have shown an interest in.

I use Criteo for both ads and AdSense ads.  I suggest you do the same.

Is a viable alternative to Adsense?

No, it isn’t.  By this I mean that I would NOT earn as much with as I do Adsense if I placed ads in the premium ad spots on my niche sites.

Just so you know, I use in addition to Adsense.  Yes, I use both on every page.  And yes, I use the maximum number of ad units on each page resulting in 6 ad units per page (3 Adsense and 3  However, my niche blog articles are looooooong, incorporating a great deal of media and text.

That said, if you are no longer eligible to use Adsense, has proven to be the second largest display ad revenue source on my niche blogs, so it’s definitely worth using.  I’ve placed many ads from many networks on my niche blogs and consistently outperforms all of them except Adsense.

To be fair to, I’ve never actually tested swapping my Adsense ads with ads.  I know I should test, but I really don’t want to take a hit for even one day on my Adsense revenue. Benefits

1.  Dedicated customer service representative

With your account you get a customer service rep with whom you can email.  They respond within 24 hours (often much faster).  They will also make suggestions to improve performance.

2.  Ads comply with SSL certificate

In August 2014 I installed an SSL certificate on one of my niche blogs (to see if I would get more organic search traffic from Google who announced SSL certificates are now a positive ranking factor).  The biggest problem with SSL certificates is that many advertising networks’ ads are not SSL compliant.  I had to drop 3 advertisers.  Fortunately, ads are SSL compliant.  However, you do have to get your rep to provide you the ad code.

3.  High converting ad design options

The ad units look like navigation menus.  This is brilliant because it results in a very high CTR.  That said, it’s a 2-click revenue system, which means you only earn revenue on the landing page to which the ad sends visitors once the second link is clicked.

Nevertheless, when it’s all set up right and properly optimized, you can still earn great revenue despite the 2-click process.

4.  Large ad options

I love the 600×250 and 300×600 ad units.  They perform well.

5.  You’re permitted to place ads in sticky or fixed sidebar zones

This is a HUGE benefit.  You cannot place Adsense ads in a floating/fixed/sticky sidebar zone, but you can place ads in these zones.  One of my niche sites generates more than $4,000 per month with one ad units in the sticky zone – read more here.

6.  View live ad impression count

This feature doesn’t help you earn, but it’s kind of cool.  When you log into your dashboard, there’s a live impressions real-time counter.  You can actually see the number of impressions increase while in the dashboard. Wish List

1.  Real-time revenue reporting

You have to wait until the following day to find out how much revenue you generated the day before.  I don’t like this.  I like seeing how I’m doing throughout the day… especially when testing new ads.

2.  Better revenue metrics and data

The degree of detail in the reporting is pretty weak.  For example, you can’t track revenue on a URL-basis like you can with Adsense.  I love being able to see how much I’m making from individual URLs, but unfortunately I have to speculate with  Overall ,their reporting features aren’t nearly as detailed as Adsense.

3.  Many ads are a 2-click revenue model

I’ve alluded to this above.  For many of the ad formats, you don’t get paid until the second ad is clicked.  Obviously it would be better to get paid from the first click.

I didn’t get to $400+ per day with overnight

Similar to a lot of Adsense testing, I’ve done quite a bit of testing with in order to get my revenue to five figures per month.  My customer rep helped quite a bit.

Actually it’s kind of funny, because it’s my customer rep who went ahead one day with a different design and placed it on my site.  Anyway, I saw the different design and became alarmed.  BUT, I decided to let it ride for a day to see what happened.

As it turned out, the customer rep knew their stuff.  Their ad design dramatically increased my revenue.  Needless to say I’m using that design to this day.

What’s involved when optimizing revenue with ads?

You need to test a number of variables such as:

  • Ad style ( offers multiple templates to choose from for each size).
  • Ad sizes
  • Ad placement
  • Ad design (refers to font and colors).

With all of those variables, you can spend months testing.  That’s what I did with a lot of help and suggestions from my rep.

Tip to Make More with Ads

It took me a while to figure this out.

Most of the ad designs appear like website navigation menus.  This is great because with proper placement, the click through rate is very high.  The downside is you don’t generate revenue on the first click.  You only generate revenue on the second click.  When the menu-style ad is clicked, it takes the visitor to a landing page containing a long list of links.  Those links are ads.  When one of those links are clicked, you get paid.

One way to dramatically increase the number of second clicks (so you get paid) is to ask your rep to create the landing page so it appears like your site.  They did this for me very quickly.  The page shows my logo and uses my site’s colors.  This way it appears as my site, which dramatically increased conversion and revenue.

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Get All of My Ad Secrets for FREE

Learn and see screenshots of the exact ad designs, styles, placement and sizes I use to generate $400+ per day.

I reveal it all in my free special report.  I show you the exact ad design I use, where I place them (with one very cool placement that dramatically increased revenue), and style.  This special report is the result of a lot of testing.  It’s free.  It’s very valuable.

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  1. Really nice piece of information.
    I have recently started with and finding only text ads are being shown but i want to show only display ads on my website can you help me on that issue.

    • ads are by default text ads. The backfill will be display ads, but you can ask to turn that off. If you only want 3rd party display ads, I’m not sure they offer that. You’d have to contact them.

  2. Thanks for sharing ! In my opinion, even if is great; Adsense still the number one in the market. But, bloggers often search for alternatives as getting approved by adsense these days is really hard.

  3. Hey Jon, really appreciate the review. Been considering (just got approved) but curious as to their ballpark CPMs. I love that I can use 3 additional zones in addition to adsense, but want to make sure the CPM increase will justify potential cannabilization

    Also a side question, do you have an tech or suggestions on how to split test native networks (ie taboola, outbrain, etc)? I was looking at which looks great but a little concerned about the data/privacy and going with a company I know nothing about.

    • Hey Tom,

      I suspect the CPM increase will be worth it. I’ve talked to few publishers who haven’t benefited, but it’s true works better in some niches than others.

      I don’t use native ads much on my site so I don’t have any solid suggestions for split testing native ad networks for revenue.

  4. Dear Jon
    I’m surprised to seeing your report $700/day with Three years before when I started with I earned $300/month for few months. But from last two years I never could earn even $100/month. Sometimes I earn $100 hardly in two months. I’m sending you the link of my website please suggest me how can I earn minimum $500/month. Some of my friends websites having lower quality than mine earning more than $500/600 per month. I will be grateful if you can help me in this regard.

    • More traffic helps. Also, works great in some niches and not so great in others. It’s worth trying but if RPM is ridiculously low then there may be other other options. For example, works great for me but native ads don’t earn much at all for me. Each niche is unique.

  5. That’s crazy, I’ve been getting e-mails from for YEARS now asking for us to join their network for one our our blog networks. I always ignored their e-mails as they came off as kind of spammy and unprofessional. But after reading your experience with them, I’ll have to give them a try.

    I kind of wish I had saved their e-mails now. 🙂

    • I relate. I get emails from ad networks all the time. In my experience, is top tier with performance and customer service. I hope works out well for you.

    • Hey Jon,

      I’m not sure. They are pretty picky with overall website quality and traffic. I’d ask them. They never told me a minimum monthly page view threshold.

  6. Thanks a lot Jon for this review over I was just stumbling around and found some decent looking ads on a website, I searched and found it was using, that’s why I went on to look for any genuine review. Thanks again and cheers for such a great revenue.

  7. This post has given me reason to give a try, I have infact bookmarked the page. You seem to have some experience with as i see some people complain alot about them probably because they lack the requisite optimization knowledge that will put them in the fore front of earnings. Nice Post

    • Depends on the niche, placement, ad design, country and niche to name a few variables. It’s impossible to say without just adding the units to your site and finding out how much it earns.

  8. Hi, My medianet ad was performing for the first few days. but after that, it always showing my earnings as 0. Now i removed it. Is it by any mistake by me or something else.

  9. Do you ever experience high impressions and no revenue? Maybe I don’t understand the rev-share program, but I assumed it was impression based. There are days where I receive thousands of visitors but no revenue. I understand this if the traffic is questionable, but most arriving from Google or Bing.

  10. I have tried for a month now. My site gets 120K views a month but each day my revenue is almost always under $5.00. My niche is personal finance. I’ve contacted my rep and I haven’t gotten any response. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Any tips? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately the do not help. At all. That’s the point if you earn much. Thea are not interested in your revenue. A year ago I had to search for the alternative after they “missed” my 2nd payment.

  11. Hi Jon, thanks for your nice article. But, my cpm is showing $0 from last 5-6 days. Initially it was $2. Also, they are not replying my mails. I even found from Google search that many publishers have the same problem. I need your suggestions. Thank you very much.

    • I suspect your niche isn’t a good fit then. I’ve seen that in some niches while in other niches performs spectacularly. It’s odd, but that’s been my experience with my sites and sites owned by colleagues I know.

  12. I like the article. but i face similar issue with as other faces. After getting approved by them I earn good amount of money for first few days but later my earning drops to zero. However my blog traffic grows simultaneously. I also had contacted my account manager but get no satisfactory replied. Currently sticking with Adsense.

    • Hi Vishwajeet,

      I think then isn’t a great fit for you. is a strange beast – it can work tremendously well in some niches and not perform at all in other niches.

    • Hey Abdulkareem,

      It all depends if you’re using other ad networks and which ones pay the most. You want the best paying above the fold. I find can perform well in a sticky sidebar and just below the fold. It can perform very well above the fold, but that would not leave space for possibly higher paying ads (AdSense).

  13. Sir, I am really afraid, kindly help me. I constructed a website first I applied for google adsense they rejected thrice saying that Site does not comply with Google policies. approved my site but RPM is reducing daily. first it was $2 then 1.03 $- 0.08$- 0.03. and they are nor replying my mail also. Now I am unable to understand what to do. Kindly guide me. I am really impressed to read the above conversation.

    Thanks n Regards

  14. Hay Jhon , I’m very impressed with your review in but I am having problems

    1. My first create an account and be approved by and then I put my ad code on the web, the first day I get good earnings so the next day, but when the five-day want to make a payment they send you an email that the quality of traffic is low, and your account will be suspended if it does not improve.

    The question is all the sources that I get almost all of 100K impressions I got from the organic traffic and fb ads, but why say it in a low traffic quality. and finally my account suspended, after attempting an appeal is not served.

    2. I read a lot of reviews on forums that always make excuses for the publihser when 5 days before the payment.

    I always thought positive against though my account is suspended. And I try again to register the second and approved, and as usual back I put on my web. Day after day income entered in the dashboard, but the harsh reality back I experienced that I get the same email as the first account, and here I was not willing to re-register (and I declare that scam).

    • Hey Allarick,

      I’m sorry to hear your terrible experience. That’s not been my experience. I think you’re better off not using them if that’s the case. I can totally understand why you’re disgusted so you definitely want to use other ad networks. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  15. please jon i just recently join media net but dont undersatnd their earning calculation, my daily RPM on media net fluctuate between $2 to $5 but the total Rpm is $2.89. what i want to know is, does media net pay our total rpm or by my daily rpm earning.

  16. Very nice information you shared, i really appreciate your content, recently i have approved on my website but i m getting low RPM is there any tricks to increase RPM >?

  17. The has very poor customer care! I wrote 10 emails, but my “account manager” did not answer!

    RPM went from $2 to %0, although the traffic is good quality!

    I wont bother with them any more. Time waster, bad service, no payouts, the poorest customer care….

    Very, very bad…

  18. Very nice information you shared, i really appreciate your content, recently i have approved on my website but i m getting low RPM is there any tricks to increase RPM >?

    • One more thing i want add you more in the light of my experience IF you have US traffic on your website I recommended to use you can earn more then your expect I Garanteed

  19. Hay Jon,

    Today i have applied for Media.Net to my wonderful website, which serves Android, Apple, Technology & Reviews worldwide with monthly traffic more than 27k.

    My Adsense ADs are not performing well and my earnings are very low. I am expecting Media.Net should grow me in all the ways. Give me some the your best practice tips to improve all around.

    If it’s happen, i will re-post my feedback after a month. Keep watching.

    And all the very best for your big FATStacksBlog 🙂

  20. Jon, this review was just what the doctor ordered, as it appears my account was approved this evening.

    As I am brand spanking new in working with an ad network, wondering if I could pick your brain on a few topics…

    1. I really like how the ads can be customized to blend in with my website, however, can that not lead to any issues of deceptive clicks? Meaning, if the ads blend in TOO much, I don’t want my visitors being “tricked” onto a separate page, since they will become miserable, and most will not make that 2nd click, thereby driving the CTR down. I’m sure there’s a fine line, but what is that, in your opinion?

    2. Your tip about having your rep make the landing page mimic your website was TERRIFIC, but is that a standard service, or one they only perform for high traffic sites, like yours?

    3. In relation to the above…since you had a landing page made which mimics your website, do you feel this borders on deceptiveness, and does it piss off your visitors at all? I’m not judging, but only asking out of curiosity, as I do not want to risk upsetting my visitor base in return for some quick cash. Further, I wonder how far will allow a publisher to push the envelope in terms of “camouflaging” that an ad is not an ad, without getting banned.

    4. Suppose I have a nut or two that visits my website and goes click crazy, or, a competitor starts slamming my ads with fraudulent clicks, is there a way to single this user out? Or, is there a way to prove it is a rogue visitor to my site, and not myself?

    5. Are the ads by VERY closely matched to the publisher’s niche, or just decently, if that? I have EXTREMELY good, quality traffic, but if the ads aren’t going to be closely related to my niche, it will only piss my visitors off and drive my ad earnings down. If I start denying ads that are showing on my site (one’s which are totally irrelevant to my niche), has it been your experience that will work with a publisher, or will they be quick to shelve my account?

    Sorry for the laundry list of questions, lol, but as I said, this is all new to me, and I want to make sure I am armed with as much knowledge as possible. Appreciate your advice, Jon!

    • Hey Joe,

      If you’re worried about misleading visitors, just put “Advertisement” above the ad units. You can make them look different too. After that if someone clicks, you can assume they wanted to click. If you get readers complaining, you can remove them. I’ve never had one visitor complain about ads on my sites.

      As for blending the landing page, again that’s up to you. For me it makes sense so that people still think they’re on my site. I wish Google link units offered this; it would further improve performance.’s ads work really well in some niches and not so well in others. You’ll have to see if it’s a good fit in your niche.

      If someone starts clickbombing you, just tell your rep and they’ll take care of it. I don’t believe there are controls in the admin to stop this.

  21. Hi Jon,

    I have a query.

    My aim is to make around 2000+ dollars per month from Blogging through display ads.
    All through organic traffic.

    so the equation is like this, I have 10 domains and my aim is to make 2000+ dollars.
    That is to make on an average 200+ dollars / month from each blog/website.

    I am in the process of setting them up one by one. The websites will all go live by end of this month.

    I am interested in trying out MEDIA.NET for Display Ads.

    I have a question before I try it out

    1) How much approx traffic is required to make 200+ dollars per month from
    Tell me the higher side so that I will know what it takes to reach my goal.

    Thank you…

    You are just rocking in the display ad category. Some insane numbers out there to prove that

    • Hi,
      In order to go through this exercise, I need to make a few assumptions. I’m going to assume it’s mostly USA traffic and I’ll assume you’re in a niche that works reasonably well with Therefore, let’s assume a $2 RPM with all ads which is not out of the question… but it does depend on many factors.

      With a $2 RPM, you would need to generate 1 million monthly page views to earn $2,000 (1,000 x $2 = $2,000).

      Is there any reason you’re not using AdSense or perhaps give Ezoic a shot. is great, but it doesn’t pay as much as AdSense or in my experience Ezoic. I’d try those with

      If you can figure out how to hit a $10 RPM, which isn’t impossible, but again really depends on the niche, only need 200,000 monthly page views (200 x $10 = $2,000).

      The key is increasing traffic and optimizing RPM as much as you can throughout the process.

      I would also strongly suggest to focus on one or two sites at a time unless you have a big team building them up. It’s very difficult building up 10 sites at one time unless you have a team of writers and other help. Just my 2 cents’ worth.

      • Hi Jon,

        Thanks for your reply.

        1 Million visitors, OMG I am feeling low now.

        I recently got Adsense approval for my Youtube channel.
        Can I use the same Adsense account for my blogs?

        I am worried about Adsense account getting banned and if that happens will it affect my youtube

        • Hi AT,

          I’m not sure if you can use your YouTube AdSense account for your blogs. I did things the other way around… I had an AdSense account and then connect AdSense earnings to that AdSense account. I’d ask AdSense… see if they have a contact option in your account settings. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but I really don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction here.

  22. Very nice information you shared, i really appreciate your content, recently i have approved on my website but i m getting low RPM is there any tricks to increase RPM >?

  23. Ah to believe this paid post is to believe the Trump will shave his head. Shame on you for providing false info… I wasted 200k impressions for this.

  24. Wow…that is motivation,i wish i can do…i’m in debt right now…about 30k,unless Jon wants to help me with that debt…mostly credit card debt helping others, i need to get that paid down first i can pay him back if i can earn like this,it would be a dream come true.

  25. I joined Few months back. At starting it game me RPM of $2 for 1st week but after that my RPM dropped to $0. I contacted them, but still Earnings from is $0.

  26. Great post Jon! My site was rejected by because or non-sensitive content.
    Could you please give me an idea of what they mean by non-sensitive content? A million thanks in advance!

    • Hey Donald,

      Could it be the content is on topics that doesn’t wish to have their advertisers on? Other than that I have no idea.

  27. DO NOT USE It is a scam. We have used it and it only reports way less impressions than DFP’s serving of ads. The ones that got served, the RPM is only $0.09. It is a total scam. In addition, if you have earn $99 and then cancel your account, you can say goodbye to your $99. They will keep your $99 because you don’t meet their payment threshold of $100. This is the ONLY ad network that will NOT give your money back when you cancel your account. Avoid at all cost.

  28. Hi Jon, I am also using media. net and chitika ads on my blog –
    But through media. net, I am hardly earning $0.5/day!

    PLEASE review my blog and tell me that where I should place my media. net ads to get higher revenue.

    And media. net has poor customer service! Yes, it’s true! I am trying to contact them since past 4 months, But they never replied me! Actually I am not able to create new ad code on my Media. net account. Dashboard, reports, etc are working fine. BUT CREATE NEW ADS OPTION IS DISAPPEARED FROM MY MEDIA. NET ACCOUNT!


  29. I really appreciate your writing style, it’s really a great information, thank you for posting this post. I completely admitted myself with this article. Once again I just would like to say that keep it up like this and keep writing for us.
    bulk sms provider

  30. Currently, I am not having any published ads on my blog but soon will publish few of them and now I am planning to publish ads of Thanks for such an interesting facts about an Ads publisher.
    It helped me a lot

  31. Hi, I also just started with my website. Waiting for response from, Just want to know that as this post is little old. Is still making money as before or now you are seeing any changes in revenue?

  32. I really enjoyed your reading. is a really good Ad network. I have also used this ad network and get good income. But my other site related to sports niche is not approved.

  33. is no way near compared to Google Adsense. Adsense paid users just for views also. But for ads, we need to get clicks to generate revenue. So, I don’t consider as a good alternative for Adsense.

  34. Join the earn lot of money for them, but they are cheaters they will not pay to publishers. I have sent them emails for payment reminder so many times but they even not reply. Why so..? Certainly they have got the ads rates from the advertisers but not paid me,, this same things repeated with many publishers just find the payment reviews in will find lot of publishers like me..

  35. Hello Jon, is a good alternative to Adsense and I got my approval in a very short span of time and it’s no less than Adsense, CPC is quite high, I love it 😉 😉 😉

  36. Hi Jon!
    I really your article and it is helpful
    but now I now problem related to On March, 2018 I have earned $120 until day 2, April , 2018 they still not allow me to withdraw my earning. I don’t know why? If you have any idea related to this problem please, let me know.


  37. I applied for Medianet last week on Friday July 13, 2018 and they responded with approval of my account on July 16, 2018. This was my second attempt to apply for MediaNet since my first attempt was turned down in February 2018.

    I’m glad that my starting RPM is set at $10.34, which is pretty impressive. Adsense is great but you don’t know when you might be spammed. I have lost two adsense accounts in less than 6 months.

    Both spammed and since my website only receives around 100,000 views a month, even with evidence of where the spamming came from they did not bother to hear my appeal. Hopefully, MediaNet are not that mean.

  38. Thank you for such nice information. I got approval for media net in my health blog within 3 days. But my adsense got disapproved twice in two month. Don’t know what policies of Adsense I am not following.

  39. Amazing!!! I like this website so much it's really awesome. I have also gone through your other posts too and they are also very much appreciate able and I'm just waiting for your next update to come as I like all your posts.


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