Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin Earned Me $4,011 Profit in 30 Days On 1 Niche Blog (3 Minutes to Implement)

$4,011 Profit in 30 Days Using the Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

Imagine a world where cool developers didn’t create plugins for WordPress.  I can’t.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve benefited from plugins on WordPress over the years.

Yeah, I know these developers are making money in one form or another.  I also know that WordPress makes boatloads of money by creating an open platform that makes it easy for 3rd party developers to contribute plugins and other website functionality.

Nevertheless, can you imagine how much money has been made from website publishers using WordPress and free plugins?  I bet it’s astronomical.  It must be into the many billions.

I’m happy to get a small sliver of that.

This post is all about how one free plugin helps contribute $4011 per month in profit.  That plugin is the Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) plugin.

Watch the Video for All the Info

Screenshot Proof

Below is a screenshot of the revenue of the last 30 days from one Media.net ad unit that I place in the Q2W3 Fixed Widget zone.  That placement with the sticky zone earned me a whopping $4,011 over the last 30 days (this revenue is from one of my niche sites – it’s not revenue from Fat Stacks blog).

Media.net revenue of $4,000 per month using the Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

What does Q2W3 Do?

It’s simple.  This plugin enables you to create what’s called a fixed, floating or sticky zone in your sidebar.  Once installed, you can choose which widgets you’d like be “sticky”.

What is a sticky or floating or fixed sidebar zone?

It’s a zone in the sidebar in which the content sticks to the screen so that as a visitor scrolls down your site, that sticky content remains with the visitor.  It’s absolutely ideal for display ads, affiliate banners, CPA banners and of course opt in forms.

You can see it in action on this site.  Scroll down and watch the sidebar.  You’ll see that the bottom content of the sidebar stays with you.

CAUTION: You CANNOT place Adsense ads in a sticky zone.  I repeat, do NOT place Adsense ads in a sticky zone.  However, you can place Media.net ads in these zones.  It’s brilliant and it’s by far my best earning Media.net ad unit.  If you monetize with display ads, you have to do this because it will add a lot of revenue to your site (assuming you have traffic).

Q2W3 Installation and Settings

This plugin is ridiculously easy to install and set up.  Install it just as you do any other plugin.

As for settings (found in the Appearance Menu), it will vary whether you have a responsive website or not.  The following is a screenshot of the settings I use for my responsive websites (with the Eleven40 Theme by StudioPress).

Q2W3 Fixed Widget Settings for Mobile Responsive Website

FYI, you will have to tinker a little bit to get the header and footer margins just right.  It will depend on the height of both your header and footer.

Once installed and configured, you simply apply the “Fixed Widget” option to the widget you wish to be sticky.  Allocating widgets as sticky is done in the WordPress widget panel on a widget-by-widget basis as follows:

Q2W3 Fixed Widget Set Up

Can you dedicate more than one widget as sticky?

Yes.  You can choose as many as you like to be sticky.  However, ensure that you don’t exceed the height of the typical screen for your sticky zone otherwise display will overlap and it’ll look terrible.  Don’t be greedy… just place your most valuable content in the sticky zone.

Do You Want to Know the Exact Design, Size and Style of the Media.net Ad that Generated This Amount of Revenue?

If so, get my free special report “Display Ad Secrets”.  I show you not only the details for my Media.net ad in the sticky zone, but all the details for all my Adsense and Media.net ads.  It’s a great report based on me generating over $100,000 per month in display ad revenue.

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