Content Cost Calculators (Hourly, Per Word and Flat Rate)

Welcome to the Fat Stacks content cost calculators.

I order content from a variety of sources.  Each source charges for content in different ways which requires a different calculation to arrive at content costs.  Some charge per word, some charge flat rate, some charge per 1,000 words and some charge by the hour.

Instead of straining my brain, I created these calculators for my own use so that I can quickly calculate content costs into a universal metric for tracking.

My preferred content cost metric is cost per 1,000 words. Accordingly, the following calculators generate a cost per 1,000 words.

Here are the calculators:

1. Cost Per Word Content Cost Calculator

2. Hourly Rate Content Cost Calculator

3. Flat Rate Content Cost Calculator

1 thought on “Content Cost Calculators (Hourly, Per Word and Flat Rate)”

  1. Hi Jon
    Is the default (1300 words / 4 hours) in the hourly calculator pretty accurate? I’ve only ever ordered content by the word, but I’m at the point where I’m ready to employ people to produce content, and wondered what sort of ballpark figure of words per hour is normal.

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