1 thought on “My writer is going ballistic…”

  1. Sir,

    Today my website ranked for seed keyword monthly volume 50,000 for USA data center in google in page 3. Wow, i made this site to targeting 100s or 1000s of seed keywords in future. Yes it took more than a year to rank.

    I come to your website every one or second day to find something in your articles. So, that i can work. Previously my site rank for smaller seed keywords with search volume of 2k or 3k. I think if your article rank for article title for number 1, 2, 3 than after few months to one year, your site may rank for seed keyword also.

    Still long way to go, My site is only 18 month old. I am only working for broad type sites. Tough job to go in broad but i hope rewards will be more. Like your best sites.


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