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What Types of Niche Sites Do People Want to Build? Survey Results

What type of niche site do you want to build? Let me guess.  The type that makes money, right? Me too. Can you be more specific? Do you want to make money with ads, affiliate offers or both? Do you ...
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Pop-up ad on website

How to Use Pop-Up Ads, Slide-In Ads and Opt-In Forms for More Money without Totally Disgusting Your Visitors

Have you ever tried watching 2 or more TV shows on 2 or more televisions at the same time? I'm not talking about watching sports which you can scan among multiple games. I mean a show with a story to ...
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My Content Workflow (from Keyword Research to Publish)

This article is part 3 of a 3 article series: Part 1: How Much Content Do I Publish Each Day? Here’s a Typical Workday Part 2: My Chaotic Project Management System While I disdain spending too much time on organization, I'm a ...
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My Chaotic Project Management System and Free Tools I Use for Managing My Niche Site Business?

This article is part 2 of a 3 article series: Part 1: How Much Content Do I Publish Each Day? Here's a Typical Workday Part 3: My Content Workflow (from Keyword to Publish) My home office is a disaster.  Notes, ...
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How to Make Boring Content Interesting (Or Less Boring)

Do you know what sucks about the death of Facebook for publishers? No more clickbait in our News Feeds.  That and the loss of millions of website visitors to our sites. I'm being a bit tongue and cheek, but in ...
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The Facebook Party is Over… End of an Era

Clickbait Facebook posts earned Scott DeLong millions of dollars.  He started and grew ViralNova.com.  With uncanny timing, he sold it for $100 million in 2015. 2015 was about the time Facebook started reducing reach. While the party wasn't entirely over, cracks were ...
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Pros and Cons of Having Additional Niche Sites in Your Hip Pocket (so to speak)

I like publishing bigger sites with huge growth potential.  In fact, I LOVE it. There are pros and cons to my preference for building up large sites, as with anything. I own a few such sites (one very big and ...
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My 17 Favorite Article Writing Services for Website Content

My 17 Favorite Article Writing Services for Website Content

As a niche website publisher who uses content marketing for traffic, I have extensive web content needs. There's no way I could publish all the content I want to publish each day on my own.  Accordingly, I rely on several ...
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Arms race

Should you get into a link building arms race with other sites?

Recently I dropped to #2 in Google for a fairly high search volume keyword for which I ranked #1 for quite some time (2 years+). The site that dethroned me is a narrower site niche-wise.  In fact, the entire site ...
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Publish content on blogs

How Much Content Do I Publish Each Day? Here’s a Typical Day

The Washington Post publishes 1,200 pieces of content per day.  That's more than I publish in a whole year. The NYTimes.com publishes 230 pieces of content per day. Buzzfeed publishes about 222 pieces of content per day. What about me? ...
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Image of a digital photo gallery

Pros and Cons of Dynamic Photo Galleries with Faceted Search

I'm a website gadget junky.  I like trying new things such as navigation features, monetization options, content designs, etc. It's not the best use of my time, but I've come up with some cool stuff over the years because of ...
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Ad A/B testing illustration

Ezoic vs. AdSense Auto Ads: Important Differences You Need to Know

On February 20, 2018 AdSense rolled out its new Auto Ads system to all AdSense accounts. By that date I had had tested Auto Ads for a tad over two weeks while it was in beta.  I usually test AdSense ...
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Win-Win link building promotion deal

Super Easy Free DA 31 Link This Guy Got Just for Asking (and you can do the same… maybe)

I get pitched for guest posts 4 to 10 times per day across all my sites.  Because I do accept guest posts, I check most of them... eventually. Sometimes someone sends me such a great email that I check the ...
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Long Tail Keywords vs. Link Building ROI (5 Scenarios Analyzed)

Long Tail Keywords vs. Link Building ROI (5 Scenarios Analyzed)

If the response from email readers who enjoyed this post in their inbox is any indication, you're gonna love this post. Many readers replied liking it.  Here's one: "Awesome piece of content. In fact, this could be your best piece ...
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Cease and desist

Lawyer Comes After Me with Nasty Cease and Desist Letter Threatening to Sue for Embedding YouTube Video

"Trademark and Copyright Infringement." That's the subject to an email I recently received. That got my attention. Being a website owner who publishes a lot of photos on my sites, my heart rate spiked.  Even though I have written permission or ...
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Free content written on a blackboard

Do Guest Posts Actually Rank, Get Traffic and Make Money?

Can guest posts you publish on your site get traffic and make money? You bet they can. I have a good number pulling in traffic daily.  One is a top 100 article on my site, which is great.  Here are ...
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Bus with website advertising

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Successful Niche Site?

Guess how much money I lost on my first niche website? It'll blow your mind.  Looking back I was clueless. I'll tell ya.  I spent $6,000 and in the end earned $60.   What did I buy?  I paid $6,000 for ...
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Freelance writer typing

How to make $50,000+ Per Year as a Freelance Writer

This blows my mind.  The gig economy is estimated to be 34% of the economy (as of May 2017).  It's expected to grow to 43% by 2020. I kind of find that hard to believe because most people I know ...
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Man writing on laptop fast

How to Write Killer Articles Really Fast (12 Steps)

I was never a particularly good writer in school despite getting okay grades. The thing was I didn't realize I wasn't that great of a writer until I showed up to college. My first semester I enrolled in a writing ...
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Photo of Instagram on mobile phone

Is Embedding Instagram Posts for Content Bad for SEO?

I took a gamble with my newest niche site launched in early 2017 by relying so much on embedded Instagram posts.  I started building it in earnest about midway in 2017. It's another image/gallery website. For this site my best ...
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