Income Report for September 2022 (Niche Sites)

Here’s the total niche site revenue and my expenses (does not include content investment). Note that these figures do NOT include Fat Stacks revenue or expenses.

  • Revenue: $93,951
  • Expenses: $26,359

My expenses exploded because I decided to hire a service to do some HARO links for me across a good number of newer/smaller sites.

Content investment: You must join the Fat Stacks course for this information where I break down content investment and return in extensive detail for each site in my portfolio.

Other details about my portfolio?  Gotta join the course. That’s where I put all the details.

Mediavine Screenshot

My sites also earn a tad from Amazon and a few bucks from a smattering of affiliate programs so the following isn’t the entire revenue but it’s the lion’s share.

September 2022 Mediavine Ad Revenue

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