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16 of the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

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WordPress continues to grow into one of the world’s biggest internet phenomenon. It powers 27% of the internet and is available in more than 50 languages. It is used by people all over the world with a monthly viewership of 175 million. Since it has so many users and a huge audience, it has become the basis for many businesses all over the globe.

Bloggers are known for using affiliate marketing as a way to expand their profits. There are many affiliate programs but the most popular one has to be Amazon’s. This monetization method can even result in 6-7 figure salaries, especially if you know how to do it in the correct way. It can be really hard to find the right affiliate program that suits the niche of your website or blog. However, Amazon is such a vast conglomerate that people find related products quite easily.

Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins can help make it easier to partner with the online store. It can also make your site look more attractive to the buyer and they are really simple to use as well. Here are some of the best Amazon affiliate plugins you can use for your site.


AAPro plugin

The AAPro plugin has recently become quite popular for Amazon affiliate sites due to its powerful feature. The developers for the plugin tested it in detail to ensure that you can even make money on autopilot. The program comes with its own perfect WordPress theme that you can customize with unlimited design options. You won’t have to keep looking for a theme for your business since the modern and easy to use theme looks great with any business.

The plugin has a really great homepage designer with which you can customize the look of your website easily. It is designed to improve the SEO for the website, as well as work quickly so that users aren’t frustrated with the site. There is a comprehensive setting panel which allows users to set up the whole website in just a few clicks.

Most business owners also love the option of setting it on autopilot so that they can focus on all the other tasks that come with building your empire. All you need to do is to set up instructions on the AAPro dashboard, which means it will keep doing its job even if you are busy or traveling. It allows users the leisure of earning money in an easy way.

WooCommerce Amazon AffiliatesWooCommerce

The WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is an effective and interesting tool for affiliate marketers. It has been tried and tested by many bloggers, which is why it has become the most popular affiliate plugin. You can easily import products to the WooCommerce store to make loads of money in no time at all.

The plugin also does a keyword search and suggests more products for you that you can use to enhance the overall cash intake. This can actually make a huge difference to the business since you can sell even more products. The plugin also saves users a lot of time since it suggests the most relevant products that you can easily promote on your site through the Amazon link generation. It imports products and synchronizes them with the content and the keywords in your posts.

Amazon Associates Link Builder

Amazon Associates Link Builder plugin

The Amazon Associates Link builder is a free plugin for people who want to make quick and easy money. The plugin really helps users streamline the whole process of affiliate marketing. You can search through newer product, generate product links, add real-time prices, and put up product pages with ease. This allows you to have fresh stock on your blog so that you can attract more customers and users. The plugin also creates affiliate Amazon auto links for that you can use. You can also create custom ad units so that the site is user-friendly and search engine optimized.

EasyAzon: Amazon Associates Affiliate PluginEasyAzon: Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

The EasyAzon is a premium plugin which is available for active Amazon affiliates for free. The plugin can help you create easy text links that you can add to your content without having to go through a tedious process of sitting and creating links. The plugin is available in all locations where Amazon allows associate programs are present.

You can also improve your SEO since you can have no follow tags on the links. This ensures that the links open in a new window instead of loading over your site. This ensures that the traffic stays on your blog and users can continue to scroll and buy as they read through your article.

Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin

Amazon eStore

The Amazon eStore Affiliates Plugin is a really powerful tool that you can use to create an online Amazon store on your website. The plugin offers you the chance to integrate other useful tools like Visual Composer and Slider Revolution for free so that you are able to form the perfect, powerful affiliate marketing site. You can easily import Amazon products on your store so that the users can interact with them as they please.

GeniusLinkGeniusLink plugin for WordPress

The GeniusLink plugin can help you boost sales through its helpful features and powerful functionality. You can get affiliate commissions by the dozen through the plugin. The best tool is “link localization” where it converts the general links into localized links that target specific Amazon locales. The Amazon Link Engine of this plugin has been used by thousands of different associates all over the world for years. This tool has been hailed by many as the best thing to happen to online marketing.

WooZoneWooZone plugin for WordPress

The WooZone has tens of features that can help you become the best eCommerce business online. You can easily import products without having to use confusing API keys. It also has a content spinner so that you can stay on top of your game with regards to your posts. It even imports products automatically, which means you don’t have to spend the entire day on one article to optimize it for the website.


AdSanity manages advertisements on WordPress sites in an easy and creative manner. The plugin is designed to completely enhance the ads on your page so that you can garner more traffic. You can create as many ads as you want through the free plugin and put them on rotation so that a different one shows up each time.

The plugin also allows you to check the complete statistics of the advertisements so that it is easier for you to track traffic. This allows you to make changes on the fly so that you can generate more buyers and make more profits.

Once the plugin is activated, the admin settings allow you to manage all the advertisement related issues in one location. This makes it easier and quicker to control all the different elements of Amazon affiliate advertisements. The plugin also has a sidebar widget option through which you can single ad or group ads, according to your preferences. You can also add an end date for any advertisement you upload and it will remove the ad automatically.

This plugin is popular since you can create any number of ads you want, resulting in more traffic.

Amaplug Amazon Affiliate PluginAmaplug Amazon Affiliate

The Amaplug Amazon Affiliate Plugin has all the features you will need to create a profitable Amazon store on your website. The plugin supports all the Amazon functions you will need to integrate different network sites for all countries. This means you will be able to create an Amazon site for any country where Amazon is active.

The plugin is really simple and easy to use. Even a beginner will find that they can use the plugin to turn their website into the perfect Amazon affiliate program. It also users the flexibility to highlight Amazon products in the exact way they want so that they can acquire more profits.

Amazon Link EngineAmazon Link Engine

The Amazon Link Engine is a really powerful WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates who want to make good profits from their platform. www.amazon.org has become a huge part of the international community, which is why it is localized for every country in a different manner. If you want to earn a commission for international sites as well, then Amazon Link Engine is the place to go.

When you install and begin to create with this plugin, you will find that product links are localized instantaneously. Link localization ensures that the users from different countries don’t have any problems with the products or delivery when they are ordering through your website.

Easy Affiliate LinkEasy Affiliate Link

The Easy Affiliate Link is another plugin which can help you with link clacking and link management. It also ensures that you can leave some of the links uncloaked so that you adhere to the Amazon policies. The plugin has many useful features like categorizing the affiliate link so that you can easily track of each click by your users. You can also keep an eye on the traffic via the monthly statists and lifetime statistics. This can actually help you improve your site according to the preferences of your users so that you can end up with more profits over time.

WP Offload S3 LitedPress Image Alt Title:  

It is very important to consider the user experience when you are designing your Amazon affiliate website. The loading time of the site is one of the largest factors that contribute to good or bad user experience. This is why you need to ensure that you create an Amazon affiliate program that can offer your users a simple and quick experience. This will ensure that they continue to browse on your site so that you have increased traffic.

The biggest elements that take time to load are images and videos. This plugin can make it easier for your website to look interesting and attractive without the increased loading time. Bloggers and business owners who actively manage Amazon associate stores will really enhance the user experience of this site through this plugin. This is because this plugin uses a unique Amazon S3 server to upload the images and videos to the site. This ensures that the images and other attachment don’t take long to load at all.

Amazon Auto Links Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

Amazon Auto Links Amazon Associates

The Amazon Auto Links plugin is a free tool for Amazon affiliate associates. This is a very useful tool for people who want to make sure that their website is up to date with fresh products. It can be very hard to do this manually since you have to go through and remove all the outdated products’ links manually, which can be very time-consuming. This plugin will ensure that you can manage this site easily so that all old products are replaced with updated ones automatically.

You can also use the plugin to customize how the products are displayed on your page. You can change image sizes, link style, link localization, and a whole lot more to ensure that your website looks perfect.

Amazon Link

Amazon Link

Amazon Link is a simple plugin for people who want to keep their Amazon store in perfect shape. You can add Amazon product links to your WordPress site even more quickly with this plugin. This ensures that you can stay more active on your website and get increased traffic. The product links can be in different styles so that it is more interactive such as full-sized images, thumbnail images, simple text links, Amazon flash widgets, and complex templates. This ensures that your page has variety and different ways to target customers.

If you want an amazing Amazon affiliate website that will help you maintain your standing in the eCommerce market, then you definitely need to take a look at these plugins. They can help you enhance the look of your website, as well as make it easier to put out content. You can also use them to improve SEO for your WordPress site and increase traffic on your posts. Amazon affiliate programs can be amazing since there are products available in every niche market and these plugins can help you make your dream website come true.

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