Tailwind Review Reveals 54% Increase in Pinterest Traffic in 30 Days

Pinterest traffic growth chart a result of using Tailwind

Tailwind Ratings Overview
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Overall, good feature set and will save a lot of time for $9.99 per month.

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After I published my popular post about how I used MeetEdgar and Viraltag for automating much of my social media article and again after my 8 Pinterest Marketing Tips article, I received several emails and comments about Tailwind.

I had tried Tailwind a long time ago when I gave Hootsuite a shot.  Because I wasn’t too keen about Hootsuite, I stopped using Tailwind and never bothered to check it out again until I was reminded about it from readers.

UPDATE MAY 1, 2018

This is a huge update.  About 6 weeks ago I started using Tailwind again.

Why did I switch from Viraltag to Tailwind?

The answer: Tailwind has a feature called Tribes.  Tribes are the same as Pinterest group boards except it’s easier and faster to get into Tailwind Tribes.

As soon as I joined Tailwind, I revved up pin production and applied to every Tribe relevant to my niche.  I created a 4 week schedule that included repinning from Tribes.  I then submitted many pins to Tribes.

Here’s a 30 day Pinterest traffic graph:

Pinterest traffic growth chart in part a result of using Tailwind App software

That 30 day growth amounts to 54% increase in traffic to my site (from 3,200 clicks to 5,200 clicks per day).  Since Pinterest visitors visit on average 2.99 pages per visit, that’s more than 15,000 daily page views.



The first thing I did when I checked out Tailwind was look at their pricing plans.  I can see why it’s popular; it’s much less expensive than Viraltag.  That said, I think Tailwind has funky pricing.  There’s a free option which you can use until you’ve scheduled 100 pins, then it’s $9.99 per month and then it jumps spectacularly to $799/month.

Viraltag, while it has higher base pricing, it doesn’t jump so high like Tailwind.  That said, for most bloggers and niche website owners and small business owners, the $9.99 Plus plan with Tailwind will be more than adequate.

Because I wanted to thoroughly cover the better Pinterest management software options, I decided to reboot my Tailwind account and see what it has to offer.

Here’s a video showcasing the main Tailwind features.

Video Review

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Key Features:

Tribes:  Now that Tailwind is well established, their Tribes feature has grown into a very effective Pinterest traffic tool.  Tribes are the same as Pinterest Group Boards, but easier and faster to get accepted into. Tribes is Tailwinds best feature.

Queue scheduling:  The Tailwind queue scheduling is just like many other social media software apps.  You set your posting time-slots upfront and you’re done.  As you pin, those pins will drop into designated Pinterest boards according to your preset queue schedule.

Tailwind Queue Scheduling Screen

Visual Schedule:  Another feature I like about Tailwind is it offers a visual schedule of your pins.  Check it out:

Visual Schedule of Pins in Tailwind

Manual scheduling:  You can bypass the queue by manually scheduling pins in bulk or individually.  This is an important feature because if your queue is loaded yet you want to get some images pinned quickly, you can use the manual scheduler.

Tailwind Manual Scheduling Feature

Bulk pinning:  The bulk pinning is done via a Tailwind Chrome extension.  It works very much like Viraltag.  Watch my video above in which I go through the entire process.  One thing Tailwind does better than Viraltag is speed.  Tailwind’s bulk pinning screens load faster.  That said, Viraltag has an interval scheduler which enables you to pin many images at set intervals such as every 3 minutes, every 2 hours, every 24 hours – whatever interval you want.

Tailwind Bulk Scheduler

Granular Pinning Control:  Even when bulk pinning, you have full control over editing descriptions and to which boards each image is pinned to.

Pinterest Board Lists:  This is a nice feature.  What it does is enable you to create lists of boards grouped together.  The reason this can be helpful is if you often pin the same images to the same set of boards, you can select the Board list instead of selecting multiple boards each time.  Over time this adds up in saving you time, which is what software like Tailwind is all about.

Reporting:  Like most social media software, Tailwind includes pin performance reports.  You can quickly check the number of repins, likes and comments for individual pins in your Published pins screen.  In fact, Tailwind’s reporting is pretty cool.  There’s a “Pin Inspector” area that makes it easy to really dig in to check many performance metrics.

Smart Pins:  Tailwind will also schedule pins at times that perform the best automatically.  This can be a very smart approach since engagement and performance can vary widely throughout the day and night.

Re-scheduling capability:  You can go into your Published pins and choose to re-schedule select pins.  While I’m not big on re-scheduling or recycling pins, sometimes it’s a good thing to do.


After you click “Re-Schedule this Pin” you get to the following screen for scheduling:

Tailwind Rescheduling Screen

Pin FROM Instagram:  This is a new feature which makes it possible for you to pin from your Instagram account.  If you’re a big Instagram user and you put all your images on Instagram, this feature saves you a lot of time because pinning will happen automatically as you post to Instagram.  Please keep in mind this is not posting to Instagram.  Tailwind does not do that (while Viraltag does).

Save Images as Drafts:  If you’re just surfing and don’t want to take time to finalize images for Pinterest, you can save images as Drafts.  You then go into the Drafts screen later and finalize the drafts for pinning. This is a great feature when you’re surfing for fun and don’t really want to make the effort to set images up for Pinterest (i.e. edit descriptions, select boards, etc.).

Tailwind Benefits

More exposure and traffic:

Not only does scheduling pins help traffic, but being able to quickly and easily join relevant Tribes can have a huge impact on growing your Pinterest traffic.


In addition to the obvious time-savings in-depth reporting, one of Tailwind’s best features is how fast it operates.  It’s faster than Viraltag, at least the bulk pinning screens are faster.  I’m really impressed how quickly Tailwind operates.


Tailwind’s lower priced tiers are very reasonable – free and $9.99 per month.  After that it’s expensive, but the free or $9.99 options will serve most niche website publishers.

Moreover, it isn’t cheap to join Tribes, but still very much worth it.


No interval scheduling:  The only reason I list this as a weakness is because Viraltag has this feature and I love it.  Interval scheduling is the ability to schedule pins to drop at set intervals such as every 5 minutes or every 5 hours.

No image cropping/editing:  It’s nice to have the built-in image cropping/editing option.  Again, Viraltag has this and I find it great for cropping images so they’re vertically oriented instead of horizontally oriented.


The Free plan lets you schedule up to 100 pins for free.  After that you pay.

The $9.99 per month deal is quite good for what you get.  However, it costs extra to join Tribes.

If Tailwind has all the features you’re looking for, it’s a good deal.  However, if you like the features Viraltag offers that Tailwind doesn’t have, then you’ll need to pony up a few more buck each month for Viraltag.

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8 thoughts on “Tailwind Review Reveals 54% Increase in Pinterest Traffic in 30 Days”

  1. I’ve been using Tailwind for about a year now. Happy with it. Try adding Tailwind Tribes into the mix. It works very well with one of my niches (though not so much with another).

    1. Hey Anne,

      If there are relevant Tribes that are active, it’s worth using. I believe you gain some access to Tribes with base Tailwind subscription.

  2. Hi Jon,

    Actually the free version allows you to put images to queue and pin them manually (after the 100 pin limit is over).

    I have a few questions if you don’t mind:

    1) where do you find images to pin?
    2) if you pin images from other websites to your own boards, does it help in increasing your followers?


    1. Hi Harris,

      1. I ask for permission to use images. Most say yes as long as I provide attribution. I also have a Shutterstock subscription. There’s also a few free image sites and affiliate merchants often permit use of images.

      2. Yes, it can help, but I don’t do too much of it. I focus repinning of other sites via Tribes in Tailwind.

  3. Pinterest has been such a valued website for me from a long time and I always thought of someone to operate my Pinterest account during my off hours. I used PinPinterest and I was shocked to see its results. It’s like an automated assistant helping me and reducing my working load with ease and with so many interesting features.At first look I found it very simple, hardly enough to do the job but as I started exploring it, I knew I was wrong! It does all you need from getting followers to un-following people, it does it all. In fact, I used similar tools before and resulted in getting banned by Pinterest but as of now its two and a half years and I have never ever been banned by Pinterest for using PinPinterest as my automated marketing tool.

  4. Thank you! Can we use it for multiple accounts?

    Hi thank you so much bro!
    Just wonder can we use it for multiple Pin accounts?

  5. hello

    I have no original content. I can’t do anything about it. because I’m not a content producer. but with tailwind I can capture traffic by pinning some photos that other people share. so I can actually drive traffic to my own website with the “pin to pin” strategy. When I do this, can pinterest ban me?

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