6 thoughts on “Is breaking up a big niche site into several smaller sites a good idea? I did and here are the results (CASE STUDY)”

  1. Hi Jon,

    I just discovered your blog and noticed the PWA guide where you really recommended using this method to improve traffic and earnings.

    I was planning to use it on my blog, but then I checked fatstacksblog.com on my iPhone, and found out it’s a regular website that doesn’t look and functioned like an app.

    Did you remove the PWA from your websites? If so, why?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Jake,

      Yeah, I stopped using the PWA. It was not an easy decision. I liked the PWA. The reason I stopped is I switched to Ezoic then AdThrive for ads. FYI, Fatstacks was never PWA, just my niche sites.

  2. Man, you’re not kidding about movie review content. That’s the hardest niche to monetize I’ve ever seen. I had what I thought was an awesome movie review site — I had an editor and 3 movie critics on the team. I sank a fortune into that site before I gave up on it and moved on to greener pastures.

  3. What in God’s name were you thinking when you went for that movie review niche?

    Lol… It’s a deserted niche that has no income coming to it and even which massive traffic, you’ll still be earning peanuts

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