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How I fixed 100s of broken links on my site in minutes

Swag is kinda cool.

While usually it’s a bag full of junk I’ll never use sometimes you get something that becomes part of your daily life.

For instance, when I leased my last car they handed me a swag bag. I almost said “keep it”. Then I had a change of heart. “I’ll take the bag” I said.

Who would have guessed? It came with what’s turned out to be the best travel coffee cup I’ve ever had. It’s stainless steel. Doesn’t leak. I love it. I use it daily.

That’s a big win for swag.

Recently I scored what I call “service swag“.

Somehow AdThrive invited me and one of my sites to get a free SEO audit.

I agreed. I figured it wouldn’t take up any of my time. I paid no attention to it really.

I didn’t expect much from it.

The phase 1 completion email arrived. I didn’t open it.

I’m too cool for SEO audits.

Phase 2 completion email arrived. I was eating lunch and bored so I opened it just to see what kind of SEO drivel it contained.

To my pleasant surprise, this audit was 10X better than an audit I paid $2,600 for a few years ago.

The depth of the info and simple “fix” instructions was amazing.

Turns out there was a decent pile of tech problems on my site. I wasn’t alarmed but the fact that the audit made the fix so easy is what drove me to take immediate action.

As sites grow, broken links and other basic tech problems arise. They should be dealt with regularly, but you know how these things go. You tell yourself next month but next month never comes.

Thanks to this free audit, my “next month” came and I took action.

The two biggest problems that needed action were:

  1. 100s of broken internal and outbound links; and
  2. A good number of affiliate links missing nofollow attribution.

​As I was reading the audit I was thinking this is going to be a nightmare of a fix.

Yet, I know enough SEO to understand that having broken links is a bad thing.  SEO largely hinges on links so if they’re broke, it’s not good.

I had never fixed broken links on this site.  It’s 6 years old with thousands of articles so I wasn’t surprised there were so many.

No matter how meticulous you are with your site (and I’m surely not), broken links materialize through no fault of your own.  They’re like the plaque of websites.  Plaque builds up no matter how diligent you are with teeth maintenance.  You can minimize it with proper care but in time you need to trot off to the dentist for a cleaning.  It was time I took my site to the “website dentist” for a cleaning.

The list of URLs with problems was long.

The last thing I wanted to do was comb through a few hundred posts fixing broken links and adding nofollow attribution to affiliate links.

I kept reading the audit.

Lo and behold the audit wound up with something to the effect, “most of the fixes needed are fairly routine. We understand you might not want to pay money for it, but if you can, we recommend BlogFixer which is a service that can handle all of the suggested fixes for a relatively low cost.

Things were looking up.

It gets better. The audit went further and said that I just had to mention the AdThrive audit service and all the info would be provided by the audit service to BlogFixer.

In other words, I didn’t have to get involved.

That was music to my ears.

I didn’t have to spend weeks fixing links and instead could resume my cushy days blathering on like this.

How much would it cost to fix all those broken links?

The only outstanding issue was just how much BlogFixer would cost to fix these issues.

I was envisioning another 4-figure invoice. I was prepared. I braced myself. Heart rate spiked. I was prepared to pay $2,000+ to fix all the broken links.

Given the horrible work involved, I probably would have paid that.

I emailed BlogFixer with the audit info.

They replied inside 24 hours with a … get this… a $275 quote to do it all.

Please note that was the cost quote I received. Your cost may differ depending on the scope of the job and/or number of technical fixes you require.

I clicked the link to the invoice.

Input CC info.

Clicked “Buy”.

Then confirmed purchase via reply email.


Hundreds of technical problems such as broken links fixed taking up only seconds of my time.

How long did it take BlogFixer to fix all the broken links (and other technical problems)?

They were completed inside one week.  I think it was 4 or 5 days, and two of those days was the weekend.  Talk about awesome.  I expected it would take a couple of weeks at a minimum, which would have still been well worth it.  They motored through the job fast.

It’s rare I can sing the praises this much about any service because so often services (which admittedly is difficult to run) deliver perfectly but I can say Blogfixer is about as perfect of a service I’ve ever used.  Reasonable rates.  Fast responses.  Quick turnaround.  No hassle on my part.  A job well done.  What more can you ask for?

It was a good day indeed.

And it was a great audit.

Service swag at its best.

And here’s the wind-up and pitch…

If you have broken links, improper link attribution or any other tedious technical problems on your blog (and I bet you do), hire BlogFixer and save yourself a nightmare of a job.

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