premium SEO newsletter review – what’s in it for you?

Opportunity doors opening to beautiful valley

What could be better than being self-employed selling services you love to provide?

How about selling the knowledge that’s behind those services?

That’s Eric Carrell’s and Sebastian Schäffer’s next venture.

These two guys are powerhouse link builders.

They aren’t your run-of-the-mill “selling guest posts for $120” guys.  They’re in big demand.  So much so you have to hand over $5K per month just to hire them.  It must be nice to be able to command that and get it.

Recently, I hopped on a call with Eric and he told me they’ve only had one client stop using their service.

That means every client they land pays them $5K per month like clockwork.

Sweet business, right?

Now it’s sweeter.

You have an opportunity to tap their link building expertise via their monthly newsletter.

It’s not $5K per month either.  Of course, the newsletter doesn’t come with DFY links.  But it does come with monthly link building opportunities.  As in they spoon-feed you high-quality link opportunities in the newsletter.

I’m not a link builder or SEO.  I’m just a website publisher but I do pay attention to SEO since Google showers well over 1 million monthly visitors onto my sites.  I kinda have an interest in growing that traffic.

So after speaking to Eric, I got on their newsletter and already received my first edition.

It’s very good.

I learned some useful SEO stuff.

What really impressed me were the link building opportunities served up on a platter and the monthly link building hack.  They explain how to land those links too.

These aren’t PBNs or some spam site that’ll post a link for $5.  These are huge sites with lots of traffic and authority.  The email explains how you go about scoring the links.

IMO the link opportunities (5 to 10 of them) and monthly hack are what make this newsletter worth paying for.

The other stuff is cool; it’s like a current SEO news primer but the big value is the link building opps.

Consider the cost savings if you take advantage of the link building opps.

If you land just one of those links each month, that’s conservatively a $150 value.

The newsletter costs you $9.

You can do the math.

Piggyback on their blood, sweat and tears

Good SEOs make big bucks.

It’s tough work. You need to be smart.  You need to put in the hours.  You need to constantly stay up-to-date with what’s going on.  You need to land clients.  Most who start bail for one reason or another.

Eric and Sebastian stuck because they love it. You have to love it in order to succeed.  When you succeed, you can succeed big because of the insane value good SEOs bring to the table.  One top ranking for a client can be worth a fortune.

With their newsletter, you get to piggyback on the blood, sweat and tears they put into finding link opportunities each month.

It’s a win/win.  They leverage their effort and time selling their knowledge.  You get high-value info for the price of two lattes.

PLUS… get a monthly link building hack you can scale

Link building sucks because it’s tedious work.  It’s hard to scale.

In addition to 5 to 10 monthly link opportunities for quick wins, you also learn what Eric calls “link building hacks you can scale.”

It only takes one hack that you run with and scale to yield huge results.  Early-adopters of various link-building tactics have made millions.

For example, you just know some folks were doing broken link building before it became standard practice.  And you just know they milked it for years until it was publicized.  While most amateurs were writing guest post after guest post, early-adopters were building hundreds or thousands of links via the broken link method.  Of course, since that’s been done to death and preached about by every SEO blogger in recent years, it’s not as effective as it probably was when we didn’t know about it.

Or so you may have thought.

In the first email newsletter edition, Eric reveals a clever approach to broken link building where you really don’t have to spend much time to find some good opportunities.

Imagine getting in on the ground floor of some effective link building hacks (or just one effective hack that works for you)?

Can you cancel or are you stuck paying in perpetuity?

You can cancel any time.

You do have the option to save annually and pay for a year up front.  Personally, I never pay annually unless the deal is too good to pass up.  In this case, I prefer month-to-month.

What if you don’t build links, is it worth it?

No, it’s not worth it if you don’t bother with link building.  That $9 is better spent on whatever it is you do for traffic.

The value is in the link opportunities and link building hack revealed each month.  The rest of it is good, but not worth paying for.

If you don’t build links, save your money.

If you do build links or want to, it’s well worth $9.

Is it worth it if you build links for clients (i.e. run an SEO agency)?

IMO, yes.  In fact, you’d probably get loads of value out of it because you can use the link opps for more than one client.  Charge the client whatever you charge times the number of clients.

What if you’re a niche blogger?

It’s still worth it IF you build links and IF you actually do build the recommended links.

How many link building opportunities are in each newsletter?

It’ll range from 5 to 10 each month.  They’ll span a variety of niches.  This plus the monthly link building hack forms the guts of the newsletter.

Why on earth am I talking about link building when I don’t really do it for my niche sites?

I’m telling you about this because I get asked all the time by readers how to build links.  My usual response is “I don’t really know.”

I know enough to be dangerous so I don’t say anything except try guest posting.  That’s pretty lousy advice, isn’t it?  Everyone and their dog does that.

My point is a good number of Fatstacks readers do build links and so this is helpful if you’re one of them.

Not much risk

It’s $9 for the first issue.  You either get hundreds of dollars of value out of it or not.  The potential upside warrants a $9 investment IMO.

=> Learn more about the newsletter here.


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