2 thoughts on “Will AI Content Affect Niche Sites? Blogs? Is There an Opportunity Here?”

  1. I think one would be much better off to create content that builds a genuine rapport and connects with your following on an emotional level above all else. After all AI is a lifeless, purely data-driven algorithm, with an incorrigible flaw or virtue depending on your perspective: feelings, as trite as it might sound. Even if it becomes super advanced down the road I don’t think it will be indistinguishable from humans. Machines surely will be able to do a lot of things more efficiently and cost effectively but I highly doubt they will ever perfectly emulate every facet of human existence be it physiologically or mentally. What we have now could be described as augmented intelligence at best, no more than a fancy calculator if you will. I would even go so far as to say that time travel is technologically more feasible than creating a perfect non-biological replica of a human being.

    We also should bear in mind that the kind of AI mentioned in your blog post is strictly limited to written content. Can you gear it towards creating highly engaging and personalized/humanized visual content such as an youtube video with a “real” face in it cracking witty jokes and stuff? Injecting human DNA like this has always been and will always be, a good means to hold one’s ground in a never ending struggle for relevance which especially holds true for the digital realm. In that regard, I won’t bring up anything new by saying that the only way to maintain the upper hand is to build a brand and an audience that is attracted to your particular way of expressing things. The stronger and more pronounced your unique *human* value proposition, the less anxiety regarding robots putting you out of business.

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