3 thoughts on “Shotgun vs carpet bomb content strategies”

  1. When looking for those “good keywords that are easy to rank,” do you also consider the relative value of those keywords (for example in terms of what Ahrefs calls the “cost per click”)? Let’s say two possible keywords each have an equally low keyword difficulty of 3, but one has an estimated cost-per-click of $5 and a search volume of 1000, whereas the other has a measly cost-per-click of $0.10 but a search volume of 100,000, then where does your preference lie? Do you always lean towards volume volume volume? Or a mix of high-volume keywords plus a few lower-volume but high $$ words? I realize the cost-per-click metric is based on estimated Google Ads value and as such is kind of an apples-and-oranges comparison, but it still generally speaks to how valuable the term is.

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