How many article revisions can you ask for on WriterAccess?


Short answer: As many as you need as long as the requests align with your original instructions.

In other words, you can’t change the scope of the assignment after it’s been submitted.  That makes sense. If I were a freelancer, I’d be choked if some client wanted something totally different after I submitted my work.  Not fair.

This is why your instructions are important. Long ago one of the reasons I got frustrated outsourcing content was because my instructions were lacking.  Without guidance, writers can only guess as to what you’re looking for.

On the balance, WriterAccess has a pretty generous revision policy for clients.

Can a writer on WriterAccess refuse to do a revision request?

If the request is not aligned with the initial instructions, yes, they can.  WriterAccess higher-ups will be the final arbiter in this situation.  However, if the request is aligned, while nobody can actually force a writer to write, if the writer refuses, they are penalized on the platform.  What penalized means, I have no idea.

Can a client fire a writer who submitted work even if the writer wants another crack at the assignment?

Suppose the client has requested and received multiple revisions and it’s clear that it will never be up to snuff, can the client have the assignment sent to another writer?

The answer is “maybe”.  Again, WriterAccess higher-ups will step in and make the decision.  I’ve had this scenario happen one time.  The writer was just not for me. The style was horrendous; it meandered and in my mind was nonsensical.  She had 4 stars too.  It was one of those bad-fit situations. Anyway, WriterAccess had it assigned to someone else.  Don’t count on this and certainly don’t make a habit of requesting this.  If you find you are consistently having to have writers removed from a project, perhaps WriterAccess isn’t the right platform for you.

What percentage of delivered articles do I send back for revision?

I don’t track it precisely but I’d say maybe one in thirty articles.  That’s 3%.  Most of my revision requests ask for some minor adjustments.  Once in a while and this is pretty rare thanks to my content briefs being pretty decent these days, and that is a writer misunderstood what I was looking for.  I actually don’t like asking for revisions because if I were a freelance writer, the last thing I’d want to do is have to dive back into work that in my mind was out the door and off my plate.

Where did you get your info for this article Jon?

The above info is based on my extensive use of the WA platform.  I also asked my WriterAccess rep these questions.  I was curious. I thought it was good info for a blog post for anyone using WriterAccess. I suspect these questions and answers are relevant to writers on the platform as well.  I know as a writer I’d want to know the answers to these questions as well since they impact both client and writer equally.

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