4 thoughts on “Am I anti-link building?”

  1. Really interesting take, Jon. I know that for lots of authority site builders, they love creating content, but hate (and I mean hate) the process of building links. So the idea of creating a great site but passing on link-building is really appealing.

    Am I right that you feel the same way for both affiliate / niche sites and authority sites? It seems like with niche sites, you can create 50 sites and see which sticks. But with authority sites, there’s more in-depth content creation (longer articles, more articles, etc.). Do you recommend / use the same no-link-building strategy for authority sites?

  2. I’ve started a niche site and I intend to not build links. I mainly target low competition keywords, so far I’m 4 months in and I’m beginning to rank for a few keywords with no link building. Let’s see how it goes from now onwards

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