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How I Got 102,509 YouTube Views for Free (Plus How I Make these Videos in 10 Minutes)

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Resulting in 5,868 page views on my niche website (all free traffic) by creating simple videos in 10 minutes!

100000 YouTube Views in 11 Months

For my niche sites, YouTube is a long term strategy, much like other social media channels such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+.

I say it’s a long-term strategy because it takes a little while to get some traction on a channel, build up subscribers and of course you need to create and publish videos.  However, once you get views, they just keep on coming and their free.

Currently I have 103 videos for my niche channel.  I plan on at least another 100 by the end of 2015.

Views, traffic and YouTube Adsense earnings steadily rise month-after-month.  It’s a growing asset for my niche site.  Notice the exponentially increasing views in the screenshot above… my channel is really getting some traction in the last three months.  The pay off is happening now.

Best of all, my method for making videos takes only minutes.  I “cheat” by using video-making software.

My Fast and Simple Method for Making Videos in 10 Minutes (Video Demo)

Watch the video on how I make videos for my niche blog:

Click here to try Animoto

Please keep in mind that these slide-show videos work best in visual niches.  The videos are entirely images.  Viewers like them, subscribe, click through to my site and share them.

Bonus: Makes $70+ Per Month

I add YouTube Adsense to about 90% of my videos.  While it doesn’t generate life-changing revenue, it does generate $70 to $80 per month currently (going up a little bit each month).

When you publish a high-traffic niche blog, it’s important to continually work on adding incremental revenue as much as possible without making your niche site ( and associated web properties) too annoying with ads.

How I Drive Traffic from YouTube to my Niche Website

My number one goal with my videos is to drive viewers to my website.

The key to doing this successfully is using YouTube’s annotated link tool.

Annotated links are links you can add that pop up during the video at a time and duration you specify.  You can add multiple annotated links to a video.

YouTube Annotation Click Through Rate

For example:

  • Annotated link #1:  Pops up at 10 seconds and displays for 10 seconds.
  • Annotated link #2:  Pops up at 30 seconds and displays for 10 seconds.

You can insert multiple annotated links to increase the chance a viewer will click through to your site.

Adding annotated links involves verifying your website with your YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to write enticing text as your annotated link text to increase the click-through rate.

The final component is getting a truckload of video views every day…

1000 YouTube Views Per Day

With increasing views each month, I’m now hitting 1,000 view days regularly.  With a near 10% click through rate on annotated links in videos, that’s approximately 100 page views on my site.  Again, not earth-shattering, but it’s free, consistent and growing traffic.

My Method for Truckloads of Video Views

Learn my dead-simple method for truckloads of YouTube video views (without link building and no YouTube SEO) in my Advanced guide to publishing high-traffic, profitable niche blogs.

FYI, my high-volume video view method doesn’t involve paying for YouTube Adwords (although that’s a great way to get a lot of views quickly as well).

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