How much does content cost per word on WriterAccess? How much do I pay?

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SHORT ANSWER: For approximately 80% of my content on WriterAccess, I pay $.04 USD per word.  The remaining 20% varies from $.05 to $.08 per word depending on the complexity of the work.

Over the years I’ve used many content platforms and services always in pursuit of excellent content at a favorable cost.  One mainstay content source over the years for me is WriterAcess.

WriterAccess has excellent writers (thousands of them).  The backend tech is the best I’ve used (it underwent a major upgrade in 2021).  For me and the way I like to work, it’s the easiest way for me to publish a lot of content across many sites every month.

While I do employ several in-house writers, WriterAccess fills in the content gap. If I need 50 articles fast, I can bulk order them and have them ready to publish in 4 to 7 days.  I love that kind of responsiveness.

All of this sounds great.

The million-dollar question is how much do I pay for content on WriterAccess?

I opt to pay for content per word.  It’s the default option.  It works for me. I suspect writers like it as well.  I’ve done flat rate orders for more customized projects but for my bread and butter content, per word works well.

Interestingly, the default per word rate when you start an order is $.10 per word.  Don’t fall for that anchoring bias. You do not need to spend $.10 per word to get good writers.  For ad-supported content sites that rate is not economically viable.

Here’s the default article order pricing.  Do NOT forget to adjust this:

Default Writer Access pricing

Most of my orders are placed with templates I have saved in the system.  When I create a template, I set out the price per word I’m willing to pay.  As stated above, for most content, I pay $.04 per word.

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Will good writers pick up orders for $.04 per word?

$.04 per word is a rate where 3-star writers can pick up work.  Writers are rated on a scale of 2 to 6 stars.  What I love about WriterAccess is I’ve found that more often than not, 4-star and 5-star writers will pick up orders priced at $.04 per word.  Over the years I’ve built up a love list consisting mostly of 4-star and 5-star writers (with a few 6-star writers).  They frequently pick up my $.04 per word orders and do a great job.

Moreover, there are many outstanding 3-star writers on WriterAccess.  The good ones just haven’t had enough time to progress to a higher star rating that reflects their writing ability.  This is why a good chunk of my orders go out to the general pool… this is how I find excellent writers to add to my love list.

What is the per word pricing structure on WriterAccess?

  • 2-star project: $.02 to $.03 per word
  • 3-star project: $.04 to $.05 per word
  • 4-star project: $.06 to $.07 per word
  • 5-star project: $.08 to $.09 per word
  • 6-star project: $.10+

Why would a 5-star writer pick up an order at a rate less than they can command?

Just because a writer achieves a 4-star, 5-star or even 6-star rating doesn’t mean they get full-time amount of work at the highest level of rates they qualify for.  There are probably a lot more content orders in the $.04 to $.05 per word range than the $.08 to $.10 per word range.  Which means if writers want more work, they must take on work with a lower per word rate.  If I were a freelance writer, I would do the same.

Moreover, most of my content order topics are pretty easy to write compared to a sales page, white paper, recipe from scratch etc.  It’s all well and good to accept assignments at $.10 per word, but often those assignments require much more work and time for each word generated.  I write content for my niche sites so I know what’s involved.  I can write short Q&A articles in 45 minutes.  That comes to $35 to $60 USD per hour which isn’t bad.

Another reason could be writers become familiar with clients which saves time.  My default instructions are the same across all orders.  I have writers on WA who have written hundreds of articles for me so they are very familiar with what I’m looking for. They don’t have to waste time going through instructions or a brief. They snag it and can start writing immediately.

Can you pay flat rates for content on WriterAccess?

Yes, you can.  Just switch pricing from per word to per order as follows:

WriterAccess per order pricing

What is the WriterAccess content like at $.02 per word?

I don’t know. I’ve never ordered it but I think I’ll give it a try.  Here’s the thing with per word rates.  I’m sure I could get decent content at $.02 per word… sometimes.  The problem is it would be inconsistent. Inconsistent content quality is a huge waste of time.  At $.04 per word, quality consistency is quite good.  Sure, I send articles here and there back for revision but it’s maybe only 10% of the time.  The thing is, if I paid $.06 per word, I suspect I’d still send orders back for revision 10% of the time. In other words, I wouldn’t get all that much better of a result and it certainly wouldn’t be worth an additional $.02 per word (which is a 50% higher cost than $.04 per word which adds up).

However, I should give $.02 per word a try just to see what it’s like.

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