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I’m happy with crumbs

I’m a dichotomy. I suspect we all are in some ways.

On the one hand, when I find a dish I love at a restaurant, I seldom order anything else each time I go. I stick with the tried and true.

On the other hand, when it comes to working out, I like trying out unusual workouts that buck the norm.

For example, I recently bought a workout program (on Clickbank no less) advocating working out every muscle 5 to 6 times per week. This goes against conventional approaches which is to work out each muscle at most twice per week.

I’ve done the conventional for decades. Men’s Health magazine has not come a’calling.

It’s time to try something different. This new program prescribes full-body workouts 5 to 6 times per week. The workouts are short. No lifts are to failure. It’s novel.

So far I love it.

More importantly, it passes my sniff test. I have no science to back it up, but it makes sense to me that working out each muscle almost every day can get good results.

I make a lot of decisions on whether something passes or fails the sniff test.

Another way to phrase it is “gut instinct”.

The clinical wording is “intuition”.

If you Google “gut instinct for business decisions” you’ll find articles praising gut instinct and articles suggesting it’s not the best approach.

For me, gut instinct is the way to go.

Years ago I took an economics class where we learned how to create and use weighted decision-making trees in Excel.

I tried it.

I didn’t care for it.

I’m a fire, ready, aim type of person.

I’m impatient, impulsive and curious; three traits that foster gut instinct and eschew analytical decision-making.

I’m not suggesting gut instinct or sniff test is the best approach for everyone.

It’s my approach.

Taking novel approaches in blogging serves me well.

Conventional wisdom is to go after high search volume keywords with buyer intent and do whatever it takes to rank it to rake in thousands.

Bucking the trend is going after the millions of keywords nobody wants to waste time going after. They’re the crumbs.

But if you put enough crumbs together you get a crouton.

A crouton is a lot of money.

If Facebook is a loaf. I’m thrilled with a crouton.

My favorite part of a salad is nicely seasoned croutons.

My favorite dish is Weiner schnitzel. While I love pork, it’s the fried crumbs on the pork that make the dish.

Yup, crumbs are great.

I’ll take them.

Another example is monetization.

Conventional wisdom is to sell something; be at the top of the food chain.

Lazier folk opt for affiliate marketing.

Plebs use display ads, the lowest, laziest form of monetization.

Works for me.

I’ll leave all the ad bidding and affiliate keywords to those more in the know and are willing to work harder.

I’ll quietly go about putting up lowly display ads on articles nobody wants to write about and collect pennies. Like crumbs, pennies turn into dollars. Collect enough dollars and you have fat stacks.

Just the other day I hopped on a call with a guy who was curious about what I do. I told him. He was amazed that the lowly display ad could perform so well. He sells stuff. Never in his wildest dreams did he think display ads are a viable monetization strategy.

That’s music to my ears.

We don’t want folks to know about what I believe to be one of the greatest opportunities online – which is mass publishing monetized with ads.

Let them fight for affiliate commissions and sales.

I’m happy dwelling at the bottom of the monetization food chain gobbling up crumbs by the handful.

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