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6 Things I Do Differently Than Other Niche Site Publishers

Discover 6 things I do differently as a blogger and niche site publisher.

​This blog post was originally published as an email newsletter on May 22, 2020.

With this email newsletter I’m penny stupid but pound wise.

At least I think I am. Hope I am.

Here’s how.

Of all the channels that I regurgitate the Fat Stacks content, I take the email newsletter the most seriously.

For example, I’d love to get a lot more views of my YouTube videos and I could do so in a second if I used this newsletter to promote the videos.

All I’d have to do is write a short teaser email and say “click here to watch the video”.

Views and subscribers would skyrocket.

I could do the same with my podcast to get more listens and downloads.

I could drive more traffic to the blog just linking to the content on the blog.

I don’t do any of that.

If I can manage to restrain myself for click the email “send” button until the video/podcast is up, I’ll include links to the video/podcast for those of you who prefer content in those formats but my aim is to include the full message in the email body.

While putting the entire message in the email may be penny stupid, I think it’s pound wise.

Here’s why.

Many of you have told me you like the entire message in the email.

When I started putting entire blog posts in the email, engagement skyrocketed. Folks reply more often. Open rates improved. It clearly is worth it from an objective metric standpoint.

I prefer it as a reader. I don’t like clicking out especially when I read the emails on my phone. In fact, I seldom do unless the teaser has me salivating.

6 Things I Do Differently on My Niche Sites

Going against the norm on many levels is one factor of my moderate online success. Not just with Fat Stacks, but with my niche sites as well.

Or read the list below.

Here are 6 examples:

#1. Finding underserved topics in niches and carpet-bombing them from every angle. These are the keywords with low search volume that other more esteemed publishers are too good to go after.

Not humble little me. It is rare I deem search volume for keywords too low. If it’s searched, I go after it.

#2. Ditching affiliate marketing as primary monetization and embracing the lowly, but mighty display ad.

#3. Not building email lists for every niche site (ironic given I’m telling you this via email newsletter haha).

#4. Not doing any link building whatsoever. I’m sure glad I never went down this road.

#5. Paying high rates to an extraordinary writer to run an op-ed column in a niche that does not have opinion columns. This is turning out to be a big hit while elevating the site. This column isn’t about keyword research, SEO or any of that. It’s purely about publishing thought-provoking, interesting and well-written content.

#6. Ignoring what other bloggers do on Pinterest and figuring out what works for me. I do things differently with Pinterest and results are spectacular (300,000 monthly visitors and climbing).

Pinterest traffic screenshot

Most other bloggers who write about Pinterest get peanuts in traffic anyways. Makes me wonder why I ever read them in the first place.

I’m not the first to do all of the above (except for my killer Pinterest methods).

But you put them all together and I’ve carved out a unique approach to blogging and online publishing.

Which one thing makes the biggest difference for me?

That’s easy. If you overlook the 300K monthly Pinterest visitors (which is great), it’s going after underserved, long-tail, low competition keywords.

Yeah, my Pinterest strategy rocks, but my long-tail keyword strategy nets me OVER 1 MILLION MONTHLY SEARCH VISITORS. That’s a tough one to beat.

What are you doing differently?


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