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Fat Stacks Reader hits 11,000 DAILY visitors

JUNE 29, 2017 - Martin Shkreli leaves federal court on June 29, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York
Martin Shkreli aka “Pharma Bro” leaves federal court on June 29, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York

There’s nothing like reading success stories.

Actually there is. Enjoying our own success story is way better haha.

In lieu of that, we read others’ success stories because we can learn from their success.

A Fat Stacks reader and forum member posted this morning that their biggest niche site hit 11,000 DAILY visitors. That’s 330,000 monthly visitors.

They have another site that hit 3,000 DAILY visitors.

And get this, a good portion of the content is affiliate promotion material which likely earns well.

What’s the secret of their success?

Content, content and more content. Correction. Good content.

The 11K daily visits site has 400 published posts published over 2 years. That’s publishing one article every 1.5 days. That’s 4.5 articles per week.

That’s an average of 825 monthly visitors per article.

Those are some nice numbers. Trounces my average visitor count.

Let’s talk the 2 year number. It’s surely not instant riches.

Nope. If you want instant riches, buy lottery tickets or penny stocks. Slim chance of riches. High probability of throwing your money away.

You pick.

This biz, like most businesses take time.

You can view 2 years as a long time or you could look at it as it only taking 2 years to earn a full time living… FROM SCRATCH.

Don’t forget the insanely high profit margins this business delivers. It’s almost all profit (unless you reinvest in content).

Put into perspective, the highest margin industry is pharmaceuticals (selling drugs… no surprise) with a 20% margin. Yeah, patents are good for the bottom line. Tech companies like Google and Facebook enjoy some sweet margins too.

Yet, publishing niche sites makes 20% look like a pittance.

Okay, I might be overhyping here just because I think it’s such a great business model, but it’s hard to argue it’s better than owning a successful pharmaceutical company… unless you’re pharma bro who is serving a 7-year sentence in the clink.

While we enjoy epic margins, scaling is slower.

Let’s get real. We’d all rather have a business with 3% margins and gross revenue of $500 billion than 80% margin on gross sales of $200K. I’m not that naive.

The point is as you grow, most of the revenue you make goes into your pocket. The gamblers pour the profits into penny stocks.

Back on track.

What about link building?

Glad you asked.

The above soon-to-be niche-site-titan did no link building.

I should say no proactive off-site link building. There’s plenty of internal link building and no doubt the site attracted plenty of links naturally. These are the good links.

In fact this person is a former link builder and got tired of investing in sites only to have them suffer Google penalties.

2 years ago they started a site focusing on publishing good content and targeting low competition keywords.

It’s not instant. It’s not easy. But it works.

This is one account of many.

Success like this is not without new problems. Good problems though.

One such problem is consistently and thoroughly interlinking new content with old content.

Where’s the problem?

The problem is twofold:

(1) Time and (2) remembering which existing articles should link to and from new articles.

When you have 400 published articles, you don’t remember them all for internal linking.

When you’re in the writing grove like this riding the traffic momentum wave, the last thing you want to do is spend more time than necessary building internal links.

Until recently, there weren’t any good software solutions to help with internal linking.

Yes, you could hire a VA to do it but that’s costly. I know because I’ve done it.

However, there is finally a good interlinking plugin that saves a pile of time and helps ensure you interlink thoroughly (as in you don’t miss articles that should be interlinked).

That plugin is Link Whisper by Spencer Haws

It’s been around for a while now.

How does it work?

It works in 2 ways.

First, when in an article in WordPress it suggests articles with text hyperlinked related to the article you’re working on. To create links you click a box and click save. Much better than creating the links yourself.

Second, you can build links to existing articles in the same way. In fact, in the Report area, you can literally build links from related content to existing content lightning-fast by click boxes and save.

In minutes you can properly and thoroughly interlink your article clusters.

Let’s talk clusters

I love article clusters.

If you’re going to jump on the high-content volume, low comp keyword strategy that I and others do, a sound approach is to go deep with your topics (especially the topics that are doing well).

I can’t over-emphasize this enough.

It makes sense too.

If Google likes one or two articles on your site about a certain topic, jump all over that. Publish many more on that topic; as many as you can. Cluster up. Carpet bomb it.

But don’t forget the final critical piece of clustering and that is linking them together. You can link them all together or be selective. You can tie them all together via the cornerstone.

If your cluster is 10 articles, it’s reasonable to interlink them all.

If your cluster is 50, interlinking them all might be a bit much. Interlink the more relevant together (again, this is where Link Whisper helps) but do tie them together with a category page or a cornerstone article.

The key is linking them up in some fashion so Google knows they are related and that you’ve thoroughly covered the topic.

Let’s recap the high volume publishing strategy:

Step 1: Find low competition keywords in your niche. If starting out, hit a variety of topics.

Step 2: Publish great content targeting those keywords. Head down and publish as much as you can.

Step 3: In Google Analytics see which topics Google likes on your site via traffic. In other words, which topics get the most traffic.

Step 4: Carpet bomb the winning topic or topics with as much content as you can publish to exhaust the topic.

Step 5: Interlink your clusters. Save time interlinking with Link Whisper.

Step 6: Rinse and repeat.

=> Get Link Whisper here

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  1. Hi John, thanks for sharing the cache study.
    I have two questions:
    1. What is the search volume (low, average, and high) of keywords?
    2. You mentioned the longest article and shortest, what about the average article length?


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