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How to test affiliate offers on your blog quickly (keep the winners, ditch the losers)

With this dead-simple affiliate promotion testing process, I've been able to achieve $600 EPMV for some pages on my niche sites. Check this out, it's awesome.

$600 EPMV is NOT a typo. I show you proof below. This is mind-blowing.

The operative word is “could”.

The thing with affiliate marketing is you don’t always know what will sell and what won’t.

It requires trial and error.

I’ve promoted stuff I thought would be a home run and ended up earning crickets.

I’ve promoted stuff I didn’t think would sell and ends up earning tens of thousands of dollars.

In fact, it only takes one or a few decently selling offers to create a sizeable revenue stream on any niche site.

The key is finding them.

Which requires trial and error.

The faster you can sift through the losers to find the winners, the faster you grow your affiliate revenue.

Recently, I’ve come up with a very fast way to test affiliate offers.

I find myself spending more and more time setting up testing every week. It’s kind of fun actually. Finding those winners is very gratifying. The revenue helps of course.

Here’s an example of one merchant that was a surprise success recently using the method I set out below. Here are commissions earned over the last 30 days. Had I not tested this, I would not have earned the $1,200.

Here are the simple steps I’m taking to quickly test affiliate offers on my niche sites:

Step 1: Get Convertbox pop-ups. Right now, you can get a lifetime license for up to 500,000 monthly page views. This piece of software is an absolute goldmine. Pay once, earn forever.

Read my Convertbox review here.

Step 2: Create a pop-up form from any of the templates. The button links to the merchant with your affiliate link. Write short, enticing copy to get the click. Don’t mislead, but also write a strong call to action.

Here are the templates I’ve been using:

Form Type:

Form template:

Example Pop-Up I Created:

TIP: After extensive split testing, I’ve noticed I almost always get way more clicks on the popup when there’s an image as part of the pop-up. Split test for yourself (Convertbox offers split testing), but I do recommend creating one pop-up box version with a large, nice image.

Step 3: Set the pop-up to deploy 5 to 15 seconds after visitors arrive. Create a second exit-intent pop-up. I usually create different designs which further helps split-testing and adds variety.

Step 4: Target the pop-up to display only on relevant categories and/or tags on your site. I target my pop-ups surgically so only the most relevant visitors see them.

Step 5: Run the pop-up for a week or long enough to get a few hundred clicks. If you’re happy with the results, keep it. If not, dump it. If not sure, split test that offer with another offer.

TIP: If you promote the merchant elsewhere on your site, you’ll want to use tracking affiliate links so you know without a doubt whether your Convertbox pop-ups are in fact generating sales (or not generating sales).

FYI, Convertbox also offers one of the best email sign up forms.

It’s that simple.

I have dozens of pop-ups running on multiple categories and tags across several niche sites.

I’m constantly testing offers.

I keep the winners. Ditch the losers and try something else.

Why is this such an effective testing method?

It’s effective because you can test offers on all relevant content within minutes and do so in a way that your visitors simply cannot miss. Those pop-ups are “in their face”. They either like the offer or don’t. The key is ALL relevant visitors see the offer.

Also, these forms literally take a couple minutes to create and deploy. Speed is important.

What do I do when I find a winner?

I keep the pop-up running as-is of course.

I review all the relevant content. If there are more topics to cover, I find them and order content revolving around that topic. I go really long tail and obscure. High-earning affiliate content doesn’t require much traffic to make much money.

To give you an idea of how little traffic can earn huge commissions, here’s the data for the example set out above:

The pop-up forms were viewed only 2,000 times and generated only 117 clicks (although the click rate is really good). Despite not many views, these forms generated a whopping $1,200 in commissions.

That’s $600 per 1,000 visitors ($.60 per visitor). Actually, higher because both forms display for each visit.

Yup, that’s a winner.

For this winning example, I’ve ordered 20 more long-tail articles relevant to that merchant. I’ll tag those articles when published and my pop-up box will pop up on those as well.

If applicable, I’ll insert additional affiliate links in the content and create a buyer quiz for the content as well.

And maybe, just maybe, such revenue could be profitable from paid traffic.

Rinse and repeat.

The best way to get started is…

=> grab this lifetime offer for Convertbox.

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  1. Hey Jon, great write-up and I’m definitely going to give Convertbox a try.

    Quick question though, since you are using the exit intent full page, what do you currently use for the mobile users since this feature only applies to desktop?


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