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Monumetric is an excellent ad network with fast-loading ads, multiple sticky unit options, header bidding and excellent customer service. They’re now my highest earning ad network.

The reporting dashboard is pretty cool and informative but their biggest problem is the reporting delay. Often reporting is behind 1 to 2 days, which is inconvenient.

Nevertheless I think any website monetizing with display ads should try Monumetric to monetize those low-revenue ad locations since it pays on a PPV basis.

Ease-of-Use: It’s easy to place ad tags on your site or let Momumetric place the ad units.

Ad Quality: The ads load fast and perform well. The technology is excellent.

=> Monumetric

Updated January 21, 2019

Here’s the latest update.  I also updated information throughout this entire Monumetric review.

Monumetric is now my highest earning ad network for all niche sites.  In other words, it’s my #1 ad network.  Yes, it earns more than AdSense (a tad more).  Yes, I use both Monumetric ad tags and AdSense ad tags on my sites.

My history with Monumetric

I’ve used Monumetric on and off for several years.  In the beginning, their units were incremental revenue.  I didn’t put them in that many premium placements.  As their technology improved, I ramped up their placements in 2016.  However, that time having multiple Monumetric ads on my sites slowed down my sites.  I removed the ads.

In July 2018, Monumetric reached out to me and told me their ads no longer slowed down sites, that they have some great sticky units and that they were using header bidding technology.  I decided to give them a shot again. I started slowly.  Results were great.  By August 2018 I ramped up their units across my sites and haven’t looked back.  They are now my highest earning ad network.

Here are earnings screenshots for 2 of my niche sites for January 2019:

Site 1

Monumetric ad revenue screenshot niche site
January 2019 ad revenue from Monumetric. RPMs bad first 3 weeks, but they’re growing nicely.

Site 2

Monumetric ad revenue screenshot for niche


Recent Monumetric developments and improvements

  • No longer slowing down websites (this was an issue 2 years ago)
  • In-screen sticky (middle of content) and sidebar sticky ads are very big earning ad units.
  • Monumetric uses header bidding (increased RPMs very nicely).

All-in-all, I’m very happy with Monumetric.  I give their units premium placements across all my niche sites.

Previous Monumetric Update September 1, 2016

On August 11, 2016 Monumetric included me in an Alpha “enhanced” publisher program.  The revenue results were nothing short of spectacular.  Check out the massive bump in revenue:

Enhanced Monumetric Ad Revenue Program Results

Before the revenue bump, I was super happy with Monumetric results.  Now I’m ecstatic.

The best part…

As of August 31, 2016, Monumetric has rolled out its enhanced publisher revenue program to all publishers. Apply here… you’ll be glad you did


What is Monumetric?

It’s an ad network that pays out on a PPV basis.  It used to be The Blogger Network.  They’ve rebranded to Monumetric.

They have video ads, Ed Exchange ads, header bidding and direct relationships with advertisers.  The direct relationships, sticky ad units and header bidding enable them to deliver really good PPV rates for publishers.

One thing that intrigued me immediately was that they paid out on a PPV (pay per view) basis.  What this means publishers earn revenue just from the ads displaying.  Clicks on the ad are not necessary.

Moreover, you don’t have to have an AdSense account to use Monumetric ads.  This is huge if you’ve been banned by AdSense because Monumetric revenue is really good.

What’s so great about PPV based ads?

What I love about PPV ads is that they’re perfect for monetizing areas of a site that don’t typically earn well.  For me, that’s the middle sidebar, below the fold and footer.

Proof of Revenue

Here’s a screenshot of my Monumetric revenue trajectory.  It’s not bad.  The higher it gets, the more excited I get.

Monumetric long term ad revenue screenshot

Again, the revenue above, while not life-changing, is purely incremental.  I don’t have Monumetric ads in premium spots; instead they’re in the middle of my sidebar and footer.

Implementing Monumetric Ads on Your Website

It’s pretty simple.  There are 2 approaches.

1. Manual placement

Once you sign up and are approved, your rep will ask you how many of each ad size you’d like to have.  Your rep will get the tags to you within one to two business days.

Once you have the ad tags it’s simply a matter of placing the ad tag code where you’d like the ads to appear.

2. Let Monumetric do it

You can opt to let Monumetric optimize your ad placements if you like.

I prefer manual placement.

Video Ads Included

I’ve tested some video ads over the last year mostly with disappointing results.

Monumetric is the first ad network that’s offered a great video ad solution for me

Monumetric offers silent video ads in the 300 x 250 px ad units.  Hence I use mostly 300×250 units on my site because the video ads pay out well.

The videos show up quickly and are silent so they don’t scare visitors.  I think you know what I’m talking about when I say scare.

I’ve been to many sites with my computer volume turned up only to have some obnoxious video ad start blaring automatically.  I hate that.  Fortunately Monumetric video ads are silent, yet they still attract visitors’ attention because it’s video.

Update January 2019:  I don’t use Monumetric’s video ad because I use another video ad that I really like.  However, the one I use requires 1 million monthly page views.  Therefore, if you don’t have that many page views, I suggest giving Monumetric’s video ad a shot.

Header Bidding

Monumetric started using header bidding for their ad networks which apparently speeds up bidding and increases competition/revenue for each ad spot.  I used Monumetric before header bidding and have noticed a nice increase in revenue.

Sticky Units

This is my favorite offering because they earn so well.  Monumetric offers an in-screen sticky unit in the middle of the content as well as sticky sidebar ads.  These 2 ads are key to my excellent revenue with Monumetric and I highly recommed you give them a shot.  In fact, these 2 units alone make Monumetric worth joining.

Main Benefits of Monumetric

  • PPV: The ad units pay out on a pay per view basis which makes them perfect for monetizing low revenue ad locations.
  • Sticky units: I really like the in-screen and sidebar sticky units. These units pay very well for me.
  • Use Many Units:  While I restrict the number of ad units to 5 per page, I could have more on my site if I wanted to.
  • Video ads:  The network includes video ads which helps increase revenue.
  • Amazing incremental income: If you are happy with your current ad networks, Monumetric could add some nice incremental ad revenue with some below-the-fold units.  That’s how I started with them and slowly ramped up the number of ad units and placements over time based on their exceptional performance.
  • Outstanding customer service:  My rep gets back to me always within 24 hours (business hours). She’s super friendly and the entire team is very helpful.  They even went so far as to integrate my Unified Ad Marketplace account (Amazon Publishing Services) into my Monumetric ads, which increased demand.
  • Ads.txt file provided and updated:  Monumetric handles the Ads.txt file and keeps it updated.  I’m also able to add custom entries from other ad networks.


Can you use Monumetric ads in addition to AdSense and other ad networks?

Yes, you can. I do.  I use AdSense, Monumetric and a video ad on my sites.  The combination works great.

However, Monumetric offers exclusive arrangements with select publishers.  What this means is if a publisher agrees to only display Monumetric ads, Monumetric may guarantee a minimum RPM.  While I haven’t taken them up on this offer, I think it could be a very good option for some publishers.  Note, you are not obligated to only show Monumetric ads.

Can you manually place the ad units?

Yes.  You can have Monumetric do it or you can do it yourself.  I prefer doing it myself because I’ve tested configurations so extensively (with Ezoic) that I know exactly where to put ads for the best revenue.


I have 1 issue where I think Monumetric could be improved.

1. Reporting delay:  The reporting data is pretty good, but there’s usually a 1 to 3 day delay.  I’d love to have real-time reporting or at the very least reliable next-day reporting.


I’ve tried many ad networks in an effort to squeeze very single nickel from my site.

Most ad networks are a bust.

However, I’m glad I gave Monumetric a shot.  Over the years I’ve done very well with Monumetric and now they’re my number one ad network based solely on performance.

I strongly recommend any website that monetizes with ads to give this ad network a shot.

=> Click here to sign up to Monumetric

62 thoughts on “Monumetric Ad Network Review (Great Ad Revenue Growth)”

  1. Jon,

    Thanks for sharing this Ad network. The fact that they cater for different traffic levels is an added plus! You mention that they are your 3rd highest earning ad network – by any chance do you have a post on your site that lists out ad networks by the amount of revenue they generate for you?

        1. For the TBN ads on the page. It’s several ads together generating $1 to $3 rpm. One site it’s about $1.50 and another site $2 to $3. The thing is this is purely bonus revenue so while it’s not a huge rpm it adds revenue that otherwise wouldn’t be generated.

          1. I’m sure there’s a little cannibalization, but it’s the total revenue that matters and that’s what I shoot for.

  2. Hey Jon! Nice post.

    I recently started a new blog. I thought a lot about ads in the past, but basically decided against it. I don’t understand them very well. And the thought of doing a bad job, wasting money, and driving traffic away scares me.

    This is a nice review though, and has made me think about ads once again. Maybe I’ll have to look at the idea more throughly.

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks for your comment Eli.

      Ads aren’t for all sites. I don’t really use ads on Fat Stacks and my other B2B site and of course not on my local marketing sites. They’re for high traffic general info/viral sites that don’t/can’t really sell anything.

  3. John, one of the problems with loading adnetworks is that the site slows down – if you’re using a waterfall model, it worsens it. But I’ve recently heard TBN by itself is bad… check out this blog


    The largest single site speed issue she was experiencing was the result of using The Blogger Network as an advertising network; they were calling a shit ton of scripts from her code. Removing that single ad network alone dropped her site load time from 20+ seconds down to 7 seconds and dropped the number of requests her site was making to render from 405 down to 175.



    1. Thanks for this Joe. I agree I’ve noticed a site slowdown with TBN. It’s a judgment call. It’s earning me $100 per day which for now is worth it. I also think for publishers who are struggling to monetize, they do a good job on a PPV basis and so the slower load time may be worth the revenue.

    2. Great comment Joe. Site speed is really important, and it’s hard to balance maximizing revenue with site speed. The waterfall tech is indeed slow. Almost all ad networks are good at selling your best inventory, but they fall short at selling ALL of your inventory. In order to make the most from your site, we try to sell all of your inventory across the worlds largest exchanges and buyers.

      In March, we upgraded all of our technology to filter out a lot of the bloat. We’ve seen a 40% site-speed improvement across our network since then and continually work to still be the best at making people the most for their traffic, while also keeping the code and the advertisers to a minimum.

  4. Might be worth mentioning that they only accept sites with a minimum of 10,000 page views per month, at least according to one page I saw when attempting to sign up. If I had known, I wouldn’t have bothered going there… a long ways from 10,000, but hopefully some day…

  5. I’ve been having a further look at the Blogger Network website.

    Are their programs mandatory?

    My website traffic falls into their Propel program which costs $99 to set up!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what revenue TBN can produce from my website but I don’t want to pay $99 for the privilege.

    1. Hey Stewart,

      Sorry, I have no way of predicting how much you’d earn with TBN. You can ask them so you can do a cost/benefit assessment before paying the set up fee.

  6. Hi Jon, what are the payment methods for monumetric? Are there any payment option for international users( except PayPal) and what is the minimum earnings before payment?
    Have a great day!

  7. I didn’t even know you have to pay $99. I half way signed up but then they asked me to give them admin access (adding a new user as an admin) and I felt uncomfortable with it. So I never completed the sign up process.

    1. You don’t have to pay $99 if you have enough traffic. I just signed up a few days ago and I didn’t pay anything. I switched from Sovrn and AdSense to Monumetric. I am seeing a lot of white advertising space when I look at my site on an iPad. I am hoping this is just because I recently switched. We’ll see. I like the idea of not having to do a waterfall. I was told that my revenue would be more than both of those.

      1. You are right Natasha, with my traffic I don’t have to pay. I contacted them again and asked to implement my own ads instead of giving them admin access. They were fine with that so I will be completing my sign up process and giving them a try.

  8. Tried Monumetrics (blogger network). They were terrible. Lots of false promises. Couldn’t deliver. CPMs were a joke.

    1. That’s too bad Dave. I’m still doing very well with Monumetric. Perhaps it’s niche dependent. I know works much better in some niches than others.

  9. these are the guys who charge me to get started, and in return I would get some blogging course (although now, it’s seemingly just called a setup fee). Normally the “business opportunities” that require an upfront payment before you can start earning $$$ is in that sketchy mlm space… if a client can bring the traffic and a mutual beneficial partnership can be created on the back of this, why charge a fee upfront?

  10. Hi Jon
    Nice review. Must try network for me now 🙂

    BTW, haven’t seen your revenue reports since long. These are inspirations for us that the things are still working and we can be optimistic about the work we are doing with your inspiration 🙂

    1. Hey Viju,

      I know, I keep meaning to get the last few income reports published. I often do them 3 months at a time. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Thanks Jon for your honest review
    This ads network looks promising I would have love to give them a try However my blog is way out of their site requirements before approval.

    How can I drive insane traffic to blog?

  12. Don’t waste your time with this ad network. They are not professional at all. When I had an onboarding call with Josh, he didn’t seem to know who he was talking to and asked me many times what my website was. The next day he emailed me and apologized that he wasn’t able to call me and asked to reschedule. I guess he was still confused.
    Now, I’ve been waiting for a month to get approved. I emailed him 3 days ago to see if my website got approved or not and haven’t received a reply.

    1. I got to agree, here. Monumetric might be a high paying ad network, but the customer service is a joke. I applied, got approved but I was never able to even place those ads on my website because the customer service was extremely unhelpful and for every answer they let me wait for 2-4 days.

  13. Hi Jon,

    Registered through your link and wanted to try it on my site which has 100K visitors/month.
    As manager told me, my site was approved with their advertisers (took about 1 week or so) and they are ready to start implementing the ad.

    However, they rejected to send me Ad tags and instead wanted to get an admin access to my site, claiming: “We recently changed our policy and no longer allow sites to implement their own tags.”

    I suggested to give admin access to my stagging site which is 100% copy of LIVE site, so I could know which changes were made and how as I like to control 100% of changes on my site to avoid unpleasant surprises.

    They rejected.

    The only way they can go is: “give us accees and we’ll do everything (hey, what exactly???) ourselves.”

    Very strange policy. Had to pass

    1. Hey Oleg,

      Did you ask them if you could control where ads show up? If you get some control that way, I don’t think it’s bad. However, I can totally see your reluctance. If they want unilateral control on where ads show up, then that’s not good. I recently removed their ads because I now have SSL certs on all my sites and they couldn’t accommodate that, although I think they’re working on that so I may go back shortly.

      1. Hey Jon,

        I tried to get idea from them about the way ads will be injected (I personally use Advanced Ad plugin) before(!) I provide them access to my live site.

        But all I’ve got is something: “we will not make any changes without your permission, but give us admin access.” while they rejected to apply changes in stagging (dev) site. Which sounds contradictory for me.

        I believe that they are too bureaucratic and just have kinda business process, where manager have to get admin access from blog owner before it can go further.

        Maybe at higher traffic ranges like 500K/month they will be more flexible.

        Rerarding SSL cert: I actually had SSL certificate before apply to them and I didn’t get any(!) notification about monumetric can’t work with it. Which is another sign of manager actually doesn’t give a s%it about anything except pushing you to the next stage of their funnel lol

  14. Hi Jon,
    Could you please answer my question? I save all image on Amazon, can I useMonumetric on my site?
    Thank you very much!

  15. Hi Jon,

    I enjoyed reading this detailed review. Great work!

    Did anything change since you wrote this review? Are you still enjoying great complimentary revenue? How is the quality of ads? Thanks!

  16. Jon,

    Great read as always. Quick question. I have a web app that gets about 700k pageviews per month. One 300×250 ad is all the site can accomdate. Can CPM networks like Monumetric earn significant revenue (comparable to AdSense) on mobile sites without a lot of real estate to monetize?

    Would love a non-Google alternative, but don’t want to waste time and effort

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Yes, Monumetric can easily out-earn AdSense. I earn more with Monumetric these days than AdSense (I use both though). I’d also check out Mediavine and AdThrive – I’ve heard really good RPM numbers from both those outfits from friends and colleagues.

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