3 thoughts on “My early theory about the May 2022 Google Broad Core Update”

  1. Thanks for the analysis. This was helpful. Will you update this post when the core update is fully complete?

  2. Looks like google is responding to AI content. AI content can now be produced at a better level than low-quality outsourced writers. The implication of this is that the search engines will be swamped with easy to produce “acceptable” content at low cost. They will have to find a way to filter this, which is hard to do, you may even often need a human to do it – but they will find a way. I feel AI and outsourced (because outsourcers will be using it too) content will need to value added to it by thorough proofreading removing the tell-tale signs of automation, and by adding some unique human content to it. It won’t be able to be used “as is”.

  3. Good analysis. I’ve seen a couple wannabe gurus complaining about losing their featured snippets on YouTube and suggesting there’s a featured snippet ban. I’m convinced content that looks AI-generated is why.

    A lot of these AI sites scrape thousands of featured snippets and People Also Ask questions then spin the existing answer. Some bloggers pretty much do the same thing with or without AI.

    They use the exact question as the H2 and riff on the answer currently displayed. They think that’s how you win featured snippets and PAA blocks.

    If Google is going after AI content, stop writing like a bot. Be better.

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